paradise city and welcome to the jungle
ya i have a small slap guitar riff.

You have to be EXTREMELY good. All i can think besidas CA is NY.
Ilove that song. There is no way you can finger pick it. Justpractice with a pick until your fingers bleed.
You and your friend can back-up sings the really high parts or low parts.
rite now. and it's kool if u play cover songs, but i woudln't make a cd out of them. People would know those songs too well and would judge you unless you play them really well.
he was great. Their is guys out there who are clearly better, but he changed the face of music and influenced all the greats now.

His style of play was amazing.
r u good??

did u evetually get the hang of playin like that?
slow and soft??? naw thats definetly not what i heard. Except for wet sand... but wet sand was so good its liek one of my favorite songs now.

stadium arcadium and hey love are also pretty good.
god would use a quadruple neck les paul strat made by gibder.

has anyone ever heard of them before???

They're amazing.

tell me what you think.
he's pretty kool and all. but jimmy page is better.

i nvr really knew how ppl could b so handy and smart to make guitars by themselves.....
ur lucky u have that much 2 spend if ur just beginning.

i would just spend good money on an amp and then buy a pretty cheap electric until you get really good..
if he's a great guitarist... then let him b the lead guitarist and find some1 2 sing

if he's way better at singin..... then find another lead guitarist.
go 2 bed at like 10 30.
hm.......... sorta........ but most music these days isn't too amazing enyways..
know ur scales son.
you can play the version of under the bride by rhcp that uses a capo.

also landslide by fleetwoodmac
ready made...... i think its on their newest album but i downloaded it...

its amazingly beast.......

best bass i've heard from any of their songs.
bummer ......

i was kinda hopin some1 would sig my last comment......

**starts thinkin bout next opportunity**
epiphone makers: damn we lost another one to agile.
hm........ toughie.

i give michael angelo batio his props for being amazing.. but i dont really liek the way his music sounds......

i would say.... paul gilbert..... or...... steve vai..... or ..... jimmy page.....

eh... who knows.
red hot chili peppers - californication , scar tissue, can't stop, stadium arcadium, under the bridge, otherside

blue october- hate me, 45, do you ever wonder

santana- enythin really

steve vai- enythin by him

just look at myspaces from unknown bands.... it really builds ur own style and u can find bands that are pretty awesome yet no1 knows bout.
blue october.
red hot chili peppers.
Schecter S-1 Elite
Where it was made, brand name, pick-ups, wood, wiring, and all the materials used for it.

All that yet i can't see why so many guitars are so overpriced.
wait..... that comment was meant for demonic fishie but the other one applies too
ha i love smart commnets like that one ^^^^
i solo like 60% of my guitar playin..... nd ppl think im good cus of that..
im not so great.

solos are a really important part of a song but only some bands can pull off the 40 seconds and more solos... (led zep, steve vai, GNR. ya,...)
lead adds a little somethin to ur music. altho bass and rhytim are just as important.
my band just broke up and i want to start recordin bymyself.

what's the cheapest easiest way to get a good quality recording?? (guitars, vocals, bass mayb even drums if possible)
grrrr rich ppl with all their super kool gear that they barely use/know how 2 use.

my parents dont support me that much.

so ibanez - 220
amp- 140
a/e crap- 200

total- 560

thats 2 xmas and bdays nd liek 150 of my own money.....
Cold July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its perfect.

btw ... if ur the screamo type of emo.... then ur pretty gay.. if ur just the depressed emo band that has some kool tunes w/o extreme screamin ... then yeay for u
its just a bit harder to get up really high while playin standin up..

nd the necks are fatter

but its fine it feels the same after a couple of minutes
i do.... pretty awesome.....
only heard save me and 45m and simple man

the only thing that sucks is how they