ibanez gsa 60.

best 1st guitar ever nd its kinda cheap now.
option number 2. I've never played option number one but i wouldn't go for it b/c it has 2 humbuckers.... 2 neck humbuckers are always terrible.. plus the gsa has 2 single coil pick-ups that are awesome for clean sounds and then the bridge pick-up that takes care of all the distorted parts......its a good quality guitar except my tone control is messed up....

u will save up if u get the gsa 60.... its pretty sweet nd its really easy 2 play...... the neck action is amazing
What's the big difference between them besides the bridge and mayb the pickups??

Is it really worth 160 dollars more??

Please answer if you own or have played these guitars.
ya i've played many LP's b4 nd the weight isnt really an issue enymore.
wut amps do u recommend for what i have? (arond 200 dollars but i had 600 dollars for a guitar)
y an amp???
So i went into the guitar store today so I could buy my Epi Les Paul Custom....

They didn't have it so iI tried the Standard and then the SG G-400...... i was amazed by how good the sg was even tho it was 100 dollars cheaper! it was even better than the standard.

well my point is....

what's the best guitar u can get wit 600 dollars?

can my 130 dollar amp bring out its true sound?
get it and if it sounds better than a epi les paul custom then please pm me .

Paul Gilbert = Must listen
Ya i can't do that because the closest good guitar shop around here is like 45 minutes away and I'm planning to get it online.
I was planning to get the epi LP Custom but I just heard about this PRS.

Which one is better??
ya buckethead is pretty crazy at shreddin but his sound isn't exacly breath-taking.

go to and search "guitar trips" for video. Click on the one with a guy with long hair playing the guitar.... probably the 1st one..

that, my friend, is Paul Gilbert.

Paul Gilbert = Freakishly amazing

btw. he has wayyyyy faster stuff that i've heard from his cd
i like the intro.......

its extremely repetetive...... the 1st transition was good the rest were okay... i was impressed since its only one guitar.

It's too long. It pretty great though.

btw. its a pretty hard tempo and sound to sing too. (who knows might change with w/e else you add)
Get a Boss Pedal Board........its also like a Pre-Amp..... best thing that I have ever played with (as in like pedals and effects).

Around 400 dollars though.
Everyone has strats. The MIA are extremely overpriced and overated.
i think the bc sounds a hell of a-lot better that the gibson

there if you think it sounds better then there you go, no buts.

but then again it depends on what your playing.
woah sorry about the wrong forum .
this might be a stupid question but can you put open coil humbuckers on a epiphone les paul custom??

Would it mix well with the other pickup?
Will musician's friend replace the item if its not of good quality?
Ya also alot of reviews just trash the quality of the black beauty.

Besides the physical parts, which guitar would be a better sounds match for me??

(I play pretty much anything..... but I want a GNR sound or just 80's hard rock.)
I've been doing my research and all but which guitar would you say would be better???

I've been readin reviews that say the third humbucker on the black beauty is bad so i would probably wnna get the custom with gold hardware.

Also is it reliable to buy onlinne nd not get a lemon??

Where can i find the cheapest one??