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Also, take screengrabs of the conversation, so we can laugh at it.

hehe, sure will do

though it probs will be a disappointment, since it will likely just be my message and the word 'seen'
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Worst case you have fun at the festival
best case threesome

you sound like a huge chode who just wants the internet to know that he has a chance of getting some poon

thanks i guess
not heard 'chode' used since 2011, made my day

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As long as you aren't weird about it it won't be weird

One of facebooks uses is for getting in touch with people you only vaguely know or knew anyways

Yeah, i suppose

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nah thats not creepy at all IMO. Just be like 'hey! This is [whoever] from the festival site. I messaged you there but I don't think you're checking it anymore (I wasn't, obviously) [chortle, self-depricating]. But, coincidentally, I realized we went to school together! [yada yada...] so anyway sorry for the late reply, if you're still looking for... [yada yada]'

Alright, thanks for your advice
The new plan might be creepy to you guys (since i told you about it) but it would work, and how would she ever know?

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oh is that why you're doing this nah thats creepy leave her alone

The guy asked if she was hot. She is, but the most important thing here is we're looking for others to camp with

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if you extend a polite offer ala rockinggamer2, she just won't respond if she somehow finds it creepy.

but since she's so hot or whatever and your new plan is so god awful, i anticipate you will someone turn a polite offer into an excuse to hit on her prematurely and badly. good luck

You overestimate my confidence mr. eastwinn

Yeah, I'll probably just go with the polite inbox plan, though to me it seems quite creepy (sure, my plan is even more weird but if pulled off correctly she would never find out..)
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Ah forgot you were in school. I see your entire reputation as a non creepo is at risk for the whole school as this girl will obviously be so freaked out that you found her on Facebook even though she left her entire name on that forum, that she will tell all of her friends you're a creep and then everyone will grab pitchforks and burn you on a stake for creeping.

I understand OP, it's ok, we're here for you.

ok good, now you understand my thinking process

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she was first to contact you about she cute?

ofc.. why would i go through all this trouble if she wasn't?
her friend is also hot..

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But then you still looked her up on Facebook and that makes you a double weirdo.

Not if she doesn't find out about it

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ffs, if she finds out about that she's even less likely to ever want to know about you again. Just be truthful about it, tell her you forgot and that the offer still stands if needed. stop trying to create an elaborate lie which is far weirder than just being truthful about it.

This sounds like good advice.. I should probably just get over myself and take my chances. Hell, I've never even spoken to her/seen her so I guess the worst scenario is that she turns down the offer. So what?

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Whatever u do just make sure she doesn't find out that u asked a forum of strangers for advice on the matter

This is probably also sound advice
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Obviously you don't mention that part.

Its not like I'll need to, since it will be so obvious anyway

I guess I could just message her with a different FB account, pretending to be another guy from the forums (who was also looking for people to camp with), causing her to check the forums and reply to me. She would be none the wiser, and of course she'd rather camp with the relatively normal guy than the weirdo who looked her up on FB..
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Not sure why any of this is weird.

All you got to do is say you noticed you went to the same school so thought you'd contact her again to see if she is still imterested because you need to know before you get ready. Since she replied you need a certain answer. Simples.


By, you know, searching her username on FB and creeping on her profile.
The community seems divided on this issue..
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Introduce yourself as the guy from the website. Say you forgot about the website and apologize for not replying. Then say that you thought you recognized her name and on a whim decided to see if she went to your school. Ask if she decided on other plans, and given that the festival is happening soon, she'll probably have other plans, but you're extending a regrettably late offer.

Hit send. Don't give a fuck about what she thinks. You haven't even seen her in person anyway.

EDIT: Damn, I forgot how to get around the censor.

Hmm, thanks.
Just a shame I already replied on the post and via PM, now I'll be hitting cosmic levels of desperation
Buuuut I might do it anyway
She doesn't check the festival site anymore, idk about her Facebook.
Strong 8/10 on a good day, though my profile pic is 3 years old

Any actual advice?
So, I can be quite socially ******ed sometimes. (Which you'll have probably gathered by the end of this post)
There's this festival in a couple of weeks time to which me and my mate are going. As it was only the 2 of us, well, we thought why not try and camp with some other people that are also going. So I made an account on the festival forum and asked this very question.

A day or so after this girl replied, saying her and her friend were originally going in a big group but now it's just them two, and they wouldn't mind finding some other guys to camp with.
However, me being me I completely forgot I even registered on that site and only saw it like 2 weeks after they replied. I pmd the girl, but to no avail (she's not been on the site). Then I looked at her username, it was a full name and looked sorta familiar...
Bam. Turns out we go to the same school (Ive never spoken to her or even seen her). Yes, I found her on Facebook.

Now.. It's nearing the date of the festival and it seems she doesn't check the site anymore. On a scale of 1-10 how weird/creepy would it be to inbox her?
I'm making music using logic. I have a few questions to ask..
I've been listening to The Smiths a lot lately. Other than gated drums, what are some other ways to get that 'older' sound? Whenever I record something it sounds too modern and polished...

What I'm trying to describe is the sort of sound on this album:

(great and completely underrated band btw, if you like that you should definitely check out the other albums too).

Plenty of reverb the answer? Also, how do I get that 'clean' synth sound that the songs on the album have? I've tried messing about with the ES-2 synth and Sculpture on Logic but I can't get anywhere close to that sound. The presets are all either electronic lead synths or come with tons of added effects which are a bit pointless imo.

Any help is appreciated.. I only actually record guitar and vocals, whereas synth, bass and drums all software within logic. If you have any tips on making any of those instruments sound 'older' and more like on the album above please do chip in, I'll try anything to get those sounds.
and Bill Hicks.
Cool. Can see a lot of effort went into this track.
No no, its good! Different each time, but is always really powerful. Obviously mix it up a little, but it doesn't get boring or repetitive or anything
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Wow, thanks. Well, at the moment I'm in talks with someone to make a 4 song E.P and a release, with other people, on a vinyl compilation. Hope it will actually materialize into something, and not only false hope.

Thanks for the feedback, I went and gave you on your thread also. Cool song.
Well, I don't really think I know how to describe my songs other than Electronica, Ambiental or Experimental. I have been using Ableton Live 9 for about a year now, and it has changed my life. The endless posibilites, the effects, the everything is just mindblowing. I'm saving up money to buy an audio interface, a microphone and a midi controller. Hopefully I'll be able to buy them all till mid 2015. Anyway, I highly recommend you to use it also. There are 2 subreddits for ableton that I recommend you to read if you decide to use this DAW.


You sound like me a about 6 months ago haha, I was saving up for all that stuff too. Definitely worth it! A lot of fun if you have the time. I actually think I bought them in that order as well..

If you're going to be recording guitar, bass and vocals let me recommend the focusrite Scarlett interface and for the mic the SE X1. Couldn't be happier with these purchases, really good value for money as well.

I actually use logic x because when I started messing about with recording and whatnot I thought I'd be composing and recording alt rock/indie sorta stuff, but that's changed. I heard ableton is a lot better for electronic music but I'm only really getting to know logic well now, so I'd rather make music than start learning a new software. What's the learning curve for ableton like anyway?
Thanks for your reviews everyone, the feedback is really helpful.

@aaron yeah, the main struggle I have is song structure and what one section should follow through to. This is why I said this is my first finished piece, I have around 5 'half songs' where I don't know what should happen next.

@andreicristian dont worry, I'm going to get a proper sc account soon, I only made this one so I could put the song up for others to listen to and give me feedback. As for it sounding like qotsa, just a shame I can't sing like Josh homme
I do agree that the last part sounds out of place, I just didn't know where to go with it next.

Thanks for replying Herby, when you talk about the last part are you referring to where the vocal loop is being repeated?

@mike, guess I call it electronic because the guitar was the only thing I actually recorded for that song. My ordinary style? I try and listen to a variety of music, basically if it sounds good I'll listen to it, not bothered the genre. I play guitar in a band but its nothing serious, I've been really wanting to start making music just by myself since that way only have to rely on me and no one else. Been learning to sing too, but that's coming along slowly. Like I said I'd like to make massive attack/triphop style but with my own twist. This track was probably mostly inspired by mezzanine (their 'darker' album) but in the end I don't think it came out very triphop-like. Its not a very popular genre either, and I have no idea how many of the sounds I hear in the songs are created, so its kinda discouraging as I can't find anywhere where I can learn that stuff. Oh, I've been listening to some UNKLE recently as well (if youve not heard of them check out 'be there' and 'burn my shadow').
Kwisatz haderach - really clean, nice sounding beat. The melodic layers which work around it are really nice too, and fit together perfectly. Altogether the layers create a very relaxing, yet interesting atmosphere.. Sorry I've not got much to say on this, but it's just that I don't have anything to criticise! Also, the production is great, everything sounds so polished.

Arcadia - once again, great song (although I preferred the first one :P). Same sort of capturing atmosphere. All the layers work together perfectly, absolutely nothing that clashes.

How would you describe the style of these songs? Downtempo? What program do you use if you don't mind me asking?

Great stuff. c4c? ---->
Love planet progression. Just a unique, refreshing song. Especially like the beginning, an array of interesting sounds creates a cool atmosphere. The vocals stand out (in a positive way), but as someone already said could use some compression. Cool synths and guitar sounds just blend in with all the other sounds. Would be nice to hear the drums/percussion pop out a little more. Would definitely make this song longer though, maybe a longer 'chorus' part at the end?

If you now want: pretty chilled rock track. Good guitar work and nice solo, but I'd definitely not put as much effects on the vocals. You seem to have a really good voice, would be cool to hear it cleaner, or maybe mix it up a bit with sometimes cleaner vocals and sometimes layered with effects like echo etc. Once again I'd probably like the drums to be more prominent in the mix. Altogether nice work though, I'll definitely check out some of your other songs!

Got a sound cloud?

Also, C4C if you don't mind?
Interesting beat that comes in at around 30 seconds, really grabs attention. I think I like this song the best out of all the ones I've listened to. A recurring theme in your songs is a really powerful outro, and I think this is the best of them all yet!
Awesome beat that comes in, I've been trying to do something of that sort myself but can't get it to sound right. Also, the really low bass (synth?) sound is cool. Mind sharing how you got that?
I would have put some reverb on the piano at the beginning to emulate it being played in some sort of big room, think that would have been nice. Also, the kick in the part before the outro could have been louder for me (i notice someone said it should be quieter, just shows its all personal preference :P). Second one of your tracks I've listened to, and Im really liking it so far. The ending was awesome again!
I like this song. You build up the atmosphere through the whole track, and just unleash it all in the outro part (my favourite part). There's a whole lot going on at the same time in this song, i like how the layers sit on top of each other. Only thing I would have done differently is perhaps have the drums a bit louder in the middle part when you first introduce them. The quiet part, followed by the outro is REALLY powerful, i like the contrast.
Quote by herby190
Intro really grabs attention, the way the background layers fade in and out over the bassline is great.

I liked the placement of the vocals, and all the guitars going on during that section fit perfectly. I think the quiet after that section was a little awkward; you should keep a background layer going.

I think this was pretty cool for a first attempt.

C4C? Links are in my sig.

Hey, thanks for the reply. Gonna go check those links out now

What do you mean a background layer? Like something which appears both before the quiet section and also in it? So that the change isn't quite as 'abrupt'?
And what about the sound of the mix as well? I presume you listened to it on some decent monitors/headphones, how did it sound? Any clashing frequencies or parts too quiet/loud?

Anyone else care to share some thoughts?
My first finished electronic song. Initially I thought it could be somewhat massive attack/triphop inspired but it ended up.. I don't quite know what.

Give it a listen, all criticism is appreciated. Tell me how I can improve, bear in mind i mixed this on £30 headphones

Also, at the beginning and about 2 minutes in there is some crackling sounds, and I have no idea why they are there. None of the tracks were clipping :/
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sorry to hear that
Who how when what

How did it end ? </3
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Scar-H with heartbeat sensor and ACOG scope
hey guys

ages ago i used to play a game called medieval total war II on my crappy PC. I remember being really into it. Whats the best strategy war game out now, which would be sort of similar to that game? I heard civilisation 5 is supposed to be good.
Am I better off without her anyway?

Share luv stories that sadly ended. Xxxx
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Eye-Opening. . . This Is Sooooo True Ppl Wake UP! ! !
^Sorry, yeah I meant build, not buy. Looking to spend as little money as possible

EDIT: btw, I've decided to go with the SE x1, as I have a very good deal on a brand new bundle with a pop filter, shock mount, cable and a reflexion booth (i know the last one is not great, but I'm basically getting it for free). The mixed reviews about the nt-1a just put me off, it seems it's either love it or absolutely hate it.
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I had an NT-1. Not the NT-1A, but the original NT-1, made in Australia. It was a decent mic and served me well for a few years. I did eventually out-grow it though, but would certainly recommend it as an entry-level mic. (can't comment on the NT-1A or any of the other Chinese models....)

Here is a blog post I did about acoustics and soundproofing. I tried to make it pretty simple and general, but useful and easy to understand.

Included within is a link to how I made my own acoustic panels, and some links to some further reading.


Thanks, that's useful.

I actually posted this on gearslutz too, and Ethan Winer linked me to his website which explains it in quite a lot of detail. However I think that for now I will just get a decent large condenser mic (within the budget that I've got anyway) and buy some corner bass traps. I'll experiment with duvets and whatnot, and if I want to take it further and achieve a better sound I'll look at some panels to put up on the walls.

Thanks to everyone who posted in the thread, I learned quite a lot
I don't have the money to treat the room, so apart from doing stuff like hanging blankets around and whatnot there's not much else I can do. Now, does this mean I should get an SM57, as it would pick up less of the room? I've heard that the sm57 is an all round good mic, and many people also use them for vocals.
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You can definitely try - as long as you're not looking for professional results, as long as it's dead enough, it could work.

Honestly, it depends more on what mic you're using and what kind of music you're recording. Plenty of professionally released metal albums were recorded with a hand-held microphone in a corner with blankets all around them

Haha, yeah fair enough. And I'll be recording just some standard male and female vocals, as well as some 'rap' (think Massive Attack style?). And acoustic guitar too.

I'm thinking of getting an SE Magneto - it looks/sounds good enough. Would that mic be suitable for both that sort of rapping and standard vocals? (once again, i just like to make music in my bedroom, not a pro producer )