The Swirlies.

You can download most of their releases from their website here:
Also keep in my mind what sized venues you'd be playing, even at some of the bigger venues I've played at, you won't need a 100 watt tube amp. Granted I don't play metal, I get by with a Peavey Classic 50 and haven't had to go past 4 (out of 12) on the master volume.

This is the only place that sells them as far as I know. They're out of stock.... but The Shoe Gazer has a Torn's Peaker on the left side as well.

There's an older E13 version on ebay:
I use my left. Call me crazy but I'm regular footed when riding skateboard so I have better balance on my right foot, so I step with my left.

I've been keen to use both though. I use my right foot for wah stuff.....
Look into Devi Ever fx or Dwarfcraft Devices.
Hahahaha, they are quite similar. Good ear.
If you start your own band you could play guitar or bass?
I'd get a russian one or tone wicker. The USA version might be too similar. But for me personally the big muff beats the mt-2 very easily.
Good bands are made by members of different influences.
My simple answer: Noise party.

If I felt the vibe was too dangerous I'd pack up and leave.
Reason for Jag's and mustangs: Kurt Cobain.

You can pick up the soda Meiser here. Very good site and a nice dude runs it, I highly recommend them.
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He uses a Fuzz Factory.

Devi Ever Bit: Legend of Fuzz
WMD Geiger Counter
FX Doctor 8 bit fuzz
Mid-Fi electronics glitch computer
MI Audio Pollyanna
MXR Blue Box

take your pick.
It's called star power...

Sorry, I had to say it.
Flight of the conchords.
When people don't laugh.
I use a lot of whacky fuzzes and rolling the volume knob down really changes how they sound and react to my playing. It truly opens up a whole new world of sonic possibilities.
My friend has a washburn that is similar; binded neck, single cut away acoustic electric. It's top notch, I love playing it myself. I'd recommend a washburn to anybody.
too lazy to help on the tab but thought i'd say:

It's good to know that even slash freezes up and says "idk what to play" when someone asks him too.
I'd buy it.....without the plaid.
It kind of comes with time, especially if you play in a certain key a lot. I can fiddle around in E pentatonic or E mixolydian pretty easily without looking. i never specifically practiced it, like above it has to do with muscle memory and just being used to playing it often. Chords are a bit easier especially when you're doing basic open chords which I use quite often when I have to sing a song.
do long as it checks out okay when you see it.
$150 shipped Money Order or Paypal is fine. I'll get pics up asap.

There's a book that answers this question, among many others. Use google.
Speaking of this did anyone see the new south park episode last night?
I agree with GuitaringMike the skin toughens up so that it doesn't bother you anymore.
I played "Soma" by the smashing pumpkins and two employees complimented me.
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I've seen used Gibson SG's go for less than 425 dude. I seriously doubt your going to sell this used epiphone for that much. I bought my Gibson SG for $400 flat.

These SG Prophecy's are $650 new. Get off his back. If I played harder rock/metal I'd go for it.

30 watts should be fine as stated above. I'm getting a 50 watt and I'm scared to play it.
You're not going to listen to this- Band you don't give a **** about.
No ebay links, read rules before posting...
This is what life is all about.
Actually music teachers get payed a butt load of money especially if you work at a college. when I was in my music theory class the teacher told us if you get a degree in music theory you won't have to work for less than 32 dollars an hour for the rest of your life. (due to you could give lessons, if anything).