make sure its in the mic socket not the headphone or speakers.... or it might just be recording realy quiet, in which case use amplify and or the gain slider.
ever heard of django reindhardt he only had 2 fretting fingers! and he played some realy great stuff, often pretty fast too.
the easiest way would probly be scribble down the bass tab with a bit of indication of timeing some how, when you come to play it again they will probly remember the drums for it
stanley clarke
damn thats perdy...
id like to confirm my entry but wouldnt save time for us both if you downloaded it from the site? i dont mind, jus wondering. ps thanks madclowndiesese! my band, the recordings are just me and the singer though, there is a hysteria cover we did very quickly. it isnt much like the origional. its downloadable. have a listen to our other stuff maby join up its a cool site.
ok... first up do you have to set the open tuning to the key you want to play in?
or can you play say slide in open g to a song in b?
second question, possibly even dumber than number one is how do you find the key of something you played in slide/open tuning?
thats it.

i think. your help would be much apreciated
buffalo elroy igaboybot and greg! i ****ing worship these guys!
!!!! yay! ok so there not realy rock but if you like good music you should like them
they make me happy
white stripes! good, kickass, simple riffs.
there is a pickup its inside the guitar, and then the signal from that gets digitaly messed with.
hey yeh mine died for no reason as well! do digitech recomend there own pedals to sell more because they are **** in the first place, or is there a good reason for buying a digitech supply rather than a cheap one?
please tell me!
since when? try listening to a few of there songs. search for radiohead, educate yourself.
hello there. its probly whammy?