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isn't it going to depend on what size it is ? I'm no expert but that seems logical to me!

Its the time it takes that depends on size.
I played my guitar before drunk. And recorded it!!!!! I was brilliant at the time and I maintain that someone switched the tapes cso whe I listened while sober it was Synphony of Dying Cats.
I am over protective of all my female friends. I mean if one of them ever gets hurt by any lad they know to call me. I will literally kick the **** out of the guy.

Done it twice before
when a lad actually hit a friend. I beat him until he bled enough that I decided to stop.
Another guy called a friend a wh*re so I just slapped him around a bit. no blood/
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Just get a teabag, such as Tetley or any other brand that can be found quite easily.

1. Get a kettle (preferably electric for easiness, though if you want to go old school, a kettle for a gas cooker is acceptable), and place under a water tap or other water source.

2. Turn on the tap and fill up the kettle until a preferred amount of water in. This amount depends on the capacity of kettle and how many people the tea is for.

3. Turn the tap off at desired volume and place the kettle back on stand.

4. Switch on the kettle at the plug and hit the switch on the kettle, or if using gas cooker switch on the gas cooker and place kettle ontop of it.

5. Wait until the water is boiling. This will be shown by smoke plumes, and in most modern electric kettles the kettle will switch off.

Now for the tea making part...

6. Put some boiling water (1/2 a cup is sufficient) into a teapot (this is preferred choice for company, when alone can take a lazier option but this doesn't apply to you). Swish this water about and let sit for a minute.

7. Pour out this water and place teabags of choice into the teapot (usually 2-3 are sufficient, depending on the size of the teapot some more may be required but this should be fine for 3 people).

8. Pour in the boiling water into the teapot, and then using a spoon stir the water for a short period of 30-60 seconds.

9. Remove the teabag from the teapot and place in a 'garbage can' (which you will call a 'bin' infront of your British guest - make her feel at home).

10. Take the teapot and a tea cup (with a saucer) to your guest, and begin to slowly pour the tea into the cup when the guest is there so she can inform you how much she wants.

11. Offer her milk (in a small jug if got a small ceramic jug - I mean small ie 100ml or thereabouts) and sugar (in a small sugar bowl if possible). If she accepts, then also let her see the milk and sugar go in so she can tell you when to stop.

12. Now sit down and entertain your guest.

Side notes: Digestive biscuits and Baternberg cake are suitable for along with the tea, as are scones of any type - with butter of course and depending on the scone, jams may be a good idea - don't go overboard on the selection, just strawberry, raspberry and maybe some other jam - not marmalade anyway.

That sounds simple enough.

That is perfect. Except for taking out the Teabags. You may as well leave them in. She is Old and from wales. The Stronger the Better.
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I am just wondering because I have 2gigs already. So, in theory, I could buy a single 2gig stick and have 3 gigs. I was wondering if that was possible. For some reason I keep wanting to remember someone telling me laptop RAM has to be paired.

I am a computer science student, albeit not a very good one, but as far as I remember even two paired one gig sticks would work as well as mismatched 3 gig sticks.
For optimised results get the 2. Its not THAT expensive.
If you want to get them on then

and then transfer them on.
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Wonder how I could tell my parents without them brutally murdering me.

Thats easy. "Mom, you know how you always wanted grandchildren after I grew up?"

"Well I did one better"

Then preceed to sherade it out.
A mate of mine (who has no musical ability at all) Lectures me everytime I mention something about my guitar. He has never seen me play in all my 2 years of playing but he still insists that I am not good enough. I mean his remarks come out of nowhere. He is training to be a "drector" which he will never do professionally because of his lack of vision for any other arts.
Yet he insists he is right about the abilities I have that he will never see.
I don't see how that is a hard question but to each his own.

Whenever someone asks me am I a virgin I find it difficult to tell the truth.
Poop does not kill you will sirvive now go drink lots of exlax you want it out as fast as possible.
well if it stopped after you switched settings on YOUR AMP then the problem is likely to be with YOUR AMP.

And is this really the right forum for this???
Just start using krav maga(easier said than done) and remember to give NO QUARTER
Ok UG, How are ye??? Ah, I hope ye are well. Anyway I might as well get on point.

This summer I plan to travel around continental Europe for 6 weeks. I want to go to all the cool places and all the little known places.

The thing is I want to do this on <= €1700.

I want to go to as many major cities as possible.

My questions.

What are the cities to go to?

If you have been there and stayed in a youth hostel (or other very cheap accomodation) Whats it called and is there a website?

What should I see while there?

Another thing is I want to travel exclusively by bus, train and possibly Bike.

I realise hiw badly formed the questions are and I am sorry but I am ****e at my first language.

N.B. I am from Ireland so I dont want Irish places mentioned please.

Thanks very much.
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Step 1: Decide who you want to go see.
Step 2: Find their website.
Step 3: Find out if they're coming to Seattle (If not repeat steps 1 and 2)
Step 4: Obtain tickets (I'm not sure if Ticketmaster is there in Seattle if not look on the website or go to where they will be showing)

It appears to me that he wants to see some local bands. Not Huge bands.

My advice just talk to people who fit the "style" (e.g. college students) and ask them where a good place would be.
Its fake pressed aluminium Airsoft pistol. Bad Quality too.
It does seem like advertising to me. What you should do is PM a mod and then post to an appropriate forum.
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I cant play mandolins, the frets are tiny and my fingers go over two or three of the higher up the neck. Make sure you can play one before you buy it.

When I got my dad his one first of all I couldnt play it now I can. Its more about just learning the correct way to do it. Hard to leanr but when you do its fantastic!!!

I advise going with the non flat top non electric one that was linked. The electronics in mandolins are kind of pointless unless you will be performing soon. Also the quality of the standard ones (generally) is not fantastic.
Its not an 80's song but near the end you must play

1985 - Bowling for soup. Its just the right thing to do!!!
For your sanity may I ask whats the story with um... night time relief???? Can you still do it??? If I couldnt then I would not sleep so whats the story there???
Jimmy Eat World - Hear You Me


Hold on Hope - Guided by Voices


Elliott Smith - Angeles/Sweet Adeleline/Say Yes/Between the Bars/Color Bars/(you get where this is going)


Damien Rice - Older Chests/Dogs/Sleep, Dont Weep/Rootless Tree/Cannonball/The Professor/Cheers Darlin'/(you see where this is going)


Bright Eyes - Road to Joy (and More)


Dashboard Confessional - Dusk and Summer/Hands Down


Foo Fighters - In Your Honor/Everlong


James Taylor - Fire and Rain


Josh Ritter - Wolves/In The Dark


Joshua Radin - Winter/closer


Howie Day - Collide


Led Zep - Going to California


Libertines - Dont look Back into the Sun


Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird


Morrissey - First of the Gang to DIe.


Pink Floyd - Dark side of the moon/Comfortably Numb


The Postal Service - Such Great Heights/Sleeping in


Rory Gallagher - Calling Card/A million Miles Away/Overnight Bag/The Last of THe Independants


The Shins - New Slang


Simon and Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence


Terra Naomi - Say its Possible/The Vidcodin SOng

I would want every one of these songs played!!! It is my life soundtrack!!!

There are more but I dont want to type anymore.
I'm getting a Wii
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Worship your new lord and master.

Who cna legally have sex in the uk!

YAY i love UK laws

I can legally do that and drink and get into clubs.

You are noones lord and Master.
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can anybody resize this photo for me?

i would like it to be 50 pixels tall, and then kept in proportion for the width.

i looked on google, and couldn't find anything that could do what i wanted. maybe one of you guys could help me.

Download the GIMP

I cant do it right now cos my PC sucks so if noone does it by later I will.
Go in angry and swinging as if you are gonna enjoy it. If that doesnt scare him off you are fvcked but it might work!!
My Advice to you Americans is to find your local "Pro-Constitution" militia and take up arms against your government because they are going a bit too far on this one.
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To be fair, I'm not far behind at being you.

I'm gonna go practice.

Ah but the reason I am the best at being me is because when people try to be me they tend to die under mysterious circumstances so you better stop that practice and go play the guitar.

But, anyway being the best is a matter of opinion unless it is under very stringent regulations that cover everything.
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Womans choice.

Its in her body its her choice. Nobody elses.

This is the point of this Thread. For that 9 months it is not JUST her body. She is playing host to a visitor. and this is a very vulnerable guest. 9 months without drink will not kill the mother but 9 months with drink could kill the baby.
Noone is better at being me than I am.

I feel good about that.
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thats "technicly" unfair tho if people decide to click on mature content once they get there isnt that thier choice?

Thats my thoughts too but I am not sure what the mods thoughts on it are though!!!
I hate to be an aswipe but you may want to contemplate removing the link to Newgrounds because it is technically indirectly linking to mature content.

Cool yoke though.
Its anyone who considers themselves "responsible" obligation to do whatever is necessary to stop a woman drinking more than two glasses of wine a day while pregnant
He could have a program that records keystroke???
Who cares about who goes first!!! In world War three we are all Fvcked anyway!!!!!!
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What happens in school stays in school.

Thats what my principal used to say???

I am not in school anymore!!! I am however in Uni!!! and yes I am always on UG in Uni cos It it covered in wireless networks.

THat did get me banned yesterday though!!! A girl messed around on her account and since we are both in the same college I got banned as well!!! (same IP) thanks to frenchy I was unbanned!!!!!!
Paranormal!!!! But not the Ring or Blair Witch!!!!!
THats not hard core and Its not a street fight!!!
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I think Irony would work here!!!

you told him how to do it. but to do it he needs to do it!!!
Mama's got the Magic of Hypocrisy.
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because i love being high?
have you ever smoked sir?
im not starting up again, i just wanna get high tonight and then not again until my next test is over

So you want to celebrate passing a drug test, with drugs???
Rock On!!!

I know a few cops who did that after passing out of the training school!!!

I am not pro drugs but I am not anti-pot.