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And the peculiar thing is this my friends:
the pickup Dime used on that fateful night it didn't actually sound
anything like this pickup!

hahaha sigged
do they make i higher quality pedal EQ though?
so i got a modded DS-1 think its broken going to send it somwhere to get it repaired its a keeley anyone got any thoughts on them
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some boby should just start a " only o/d thread" or somrthin and put a sticky on it???

i did start an od distortion ultimate pedal thread thing its was ok
the 800 2205 is a 2 channel version of the 800 they're awesome i think the 2203 is the single channel model
i disagree entirerly i mean some of the clean sounds slash used werent 100% clean and if your playing no bull**** rock then you dont need them to be plus just add a chorus pedal if you really want and the 800 2205 would have a heaps better resale value

and i dont think your audience will really be able to tell the difference on the cleans
i would go the 800 for sure kicks the 900's ass i mean if your playing gritty hard rock then cleans dont really have to be perfect
hahaha cool man so it would be heaps better as a boost at 18 volts
hey guys just wondering if anyone is running their OCD on 18 volts and if it makes much difference i would try it myself but i dont have a power adapter and mum confiscated all my leads
alnico pro 2 i think is called somehting like that
does the CBFH model have a bill lawrence bridge pickup instead of the dimebucker crap
go for some passives for sure
what do you play
JUBILEE!! or those splawn amps sound awesome
id go for the new amp for sure over any pedals
something new that'll boost the crap out of my preamp and dosent sound mushy
and a pedal that does the opposite so i could have like a clean channel without changing my guitars volume yes i know im being an idiot but i just think it would be cool
what sort of guitar will you be using
the vader cabs are pretty awesome if you've got the dosh
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exactly what i was thinking, i find having the tone at about 5-6 on the guitar sounds alot better than having the tone at 0, infact having the tone at 0 sounds nothing like slash when i play and i have a jubilee

hahah same man good to see what are your settings what you play anyway TS i mean its going to be hard to get his tone he used lots of different guitars aswell i think i remember reading that he used a explorer on the november rain solo but yeah find somthing similar and teak it to make it your own and when you wanna sound like slash its all about the FEEL man
thats probably a bit much you souldnt roll off to much
nice man those riveras kick major (mesa) ass
a link would be awesome yeah i understand clips never do anything real justice
thanks man that gibson of your sounds like one sweet axe what the BC Rich like id love a mocking bird one day
hahahthanks man ill check em out just a question oudy do you understand what i mean when i use words like tight warm full and creamy
well i have a mid gain amp and play everything up to death metal therefor ei need some grunt from my PUPs im looking for a really tight sound in the bridge that has lots of bite and clarity and as for the neck i need somehing that will give me a think full sound thats warm for some smooth runs and also cleans up nicely
yeah they look awesome but by the looks they dont have the pin and yeah i totally agree with the they seem so much more practical
cool will thgat fit right into my dean
ok thanks man youve been heaps of help
ok cool did the air norton have much gain cause i was thinking maybe a D activator X in the neck
ok thanks man i spose an air norton would be better for cleans as well
hey guys wanting new pickups for my dean MLF ive been looking around and think ive settled on a D-sonic in the bridge and an X2N in the neck overall i want a tight biting bridge and a smooth thick creamy neck and im looking at trams cuase the LFR just seems to be of crrapness any suggestions?
if you have no price range then look into the bogner XTC or a framus if you want a mesa go for a mark IV or IIC+
ok thanks man thats a huge help i cant wait to get em replaced
what are your amp settings try adding some midrange what type of tone are you going for
try looking at a tube pedal like the rocktron silver dragon or a modded pedal or stack to pedals together
ok sweet thanks could you rcomend a good modal
if you can get say a 1971 marshall cab that would be good