the dunlop 95Q is shiit i have one dont buy it
i bet the mark IV kicks the ass outta your old recto
or quite possibly a small cat
ive never seen the baber and its just that ive had such bad experiences with boss and i dont want it sucking tone to much
It's stereo amp, and I don't think it's tube. However, for a stereo amp, it is very good. Don't plug guitar into it; just use it as hi-fi if it works.

this is wrong on so many levels this is actually what is believed to be remnats of an alien invasion and i believe that its a nuclear reactor, not a ray gun fuel cell, you could probably microwave noddles or destroy the world with it dont plug your guitar in unless its a squire rather rest it on your head and wait for the aliens to return and take you away to a mystical planet were there alchol rivers, guitar strings that never rust, tube amps that never need retubing, where someone know the truth behind Bugera amps, where orange and marshall combine forces to destory mesa boogie and the greatest wonder of this planet, a spectical that is truely boner inspiring you can plug your guitar into shiitty stereos found in ones shed
i cant believe im even considering boss but its on the cheap and was wondering how it compared to the mxr this is boss 10 band double pedal thing
well both OD's are
in the sig its awesome
hendriko calm down man the thread starter is allowed to post what he wants with in reson so what if people dont wanna use your thread get over it its no big deal plus its not like its always up on the first page and i remeber reading somewhere about not bringing up old threads (maybe from a different forum)
have you looked at the TT series laneys
orange cabs are awesome
man if i was you id have a real hard think about weather you want to buy an amp like that cuase if your tastes change its going to be a bitch you could maybe look at an amp that can get close to randys sound and that is versitile so you can always change tone cause when it comes down to it youll find what you want isnt the same as his tone you might want a tighter low end or more compressed sound or more gain
why would you sell the mark III there awesome your probebly better off with the GH50 so you can crank it more
funny side note the behringer factory in austraila burnt down i thought that was funny oh and the other guitarist in my band works at a local GC and behringer holds the record for most returned products and repiars
it might even go up in price
MAXON over any stock tubescreamer but i would suggest the keeley ts9 flexi 4x2 awesome pedal
yeah i agree just swicth your OD off and roll off volume easy as and the 800 kills the DSL
haha thanks have you had any experience with them?
hey guys im looking at buying one of these cabs to go with my marshall jubilee head and was wondering if any one had so helpful opinions i would be play a dean 79 MLF through it with and OCD and somtimes a Keeley modded tubescreamer
aww no OD's but thats how i get my fat metal tone
i would suggest the 79MLF in not a big fan of all the razorbacks and dime sig ml's especially when that put the "dimebucker" piece of krap in i mean why counldnt they just use the bill lawrence pick up
the jcm will have more than enough gain just get a 50watt model and run an OD if you need more gain
id take the JCM 900 any day
yeah ive heard they are good i actually own a monte allums modded DS-1 that sounds like **** maybe mine is dodgy all though i havent tried it through my marshall silver jubilee only through a line 6 but it sounded like mush
yeah i would take a maxon anyday stock that is but this one is cheap steve vai uses the same one but im thinking maybe that steves might have been built better and is of higher quality
at all ? please some one say somthing fark !!!
come on this forum is usually a slut for opinions

i was thinking about buying the keeley TS9DX FLEXI-4X2 tubescreamer and was wondering what peoples opinions were on it and if they have had any experince with the pedal

umm i have a question i was looking at buying a keeley modded tubescreamer the flexi 2x4 and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it
so in summery 1960a or MF280 for hard heavy rock somtimes drop tunnings but guners motley as well
KK as in kerry king?
can anyone offer anymore info cause im serioulsy considering buying this cab
i got some think black leather an made my own its about 4 inchs thick makes les pauls lights as hell
hahaha true although the VS series sounds ok
hold on i check its got G12H's but i dont know whether thats the heritage series or the classic series does anyone know what they are made of like solid wood or like particle board?