yeah i was reading that because they are taller they have more low end do they have V30's in them?
hahah yeah fair enough yeah and the MF heads are **** too lol
and does anyone know what speakers there loaded with i know celestion but what type
hmm if you go for the DSL get the combo apparently it sounds better but im not sure there are used amps in some guitar centers maybe peavy do you live near cherrybrook?
would it suit my silver jubilee ? im still not sure on what kinda tone im going for but i want to be able to play like motley crue gunners but also stuff like satriani and vai and some metal
so how do they compare to say the 1960A cabs
arent they bigger than 1960a's?
mesa ? it depends on what kinda thrash cause there are many sounds are we talking early sound like megadeths mechanix's or later stuff
no i mean the MF cabinet
hey guys just wondering if anyone had some infomation on these cabs and how they compare to the rest on the marshall range and yes i already know that the head is crap
get a dual channel JCM800 they rock
well i would say the jubilee for obvious reasons but the 2205 JCM800 (dual channel) is pretty sweet
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hell yeah the jubilee and the 30th anniversery and the jcm800 2205 model (2 channel)
i was reading and noticed you didnt think about the fact the if you ever sold you guitars and amps you would bee able to sell the 1960AV for alot more money than the MG
i am taking the mod idea into consideration but out of the 3 cab what would you suggest
hahahaha i spose i could do you have to break in new speakers
yeah but i aint to good with that stuff and wouldnt wanna fark it up
i would say mark IV or fireball but there are heaps out there
in the sig jubilee head and marshall beacuse im buying second hand and there isnt much else on offer over here but if you can suggest a good cab preferable with celestions that would be helpful
i would suggest the maxon OD 808 or 820 they are way better than the ibanez range and they are cheaper
when your trying guitars
see if you can get somthing with hot passive i mean ive heard some pretty insane tones out of passives and i find they have a bit more character to them EMG's sound the same in most guitars to me with exceptions but i spose its cause people get EMG's and use so much gain theres no character
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^Mhmm My fulltone OCD is has so much volume you can plug earphones into the output and hear it pretty well. If that doesn't blow my pedal, I'd doubt the FX loop would break it.

Lots of fx loops have send and return knobs as well, to reduce clipping.

hows that sound?
maxon its better and cheaper than the ibanez
i play a 79MLF and its a great guitar with great tone and great for just about any style
and just try the amp youll know whether you really like it or not
so anyway i think if its an all yube amp it should be quite capable and may be boost it for some of the GNR i havent had any experience so i cant really help you
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well they actually mean the same thing

but put into the easiest terms

the pedal has two features, wah, and distortion

but you can use one without the other

making it really ****ing stupid.

you can use the wah with or with out the distortion and you cant use the distortion by itself oh well i doubt he or any one really wants to use the distortion other than as a boost anyway so its not fuking stupid you are
or would one dominate due to wattage
yeah my wallet screams feed me

would 2 V 30's and 2 greenbacks go together well
how would greenbacks handle the cleans
well im talking about marshall cabs and whether the standard 300 watt cab with 4 75watt celestions, the AV cab with vintage 30's or the AX with green backs would be better for hard rock/ metal
it also depends on the acoustics of the room like if you have a small room with thick carpets and curtins you'll get a better more full (bassyer) sound
the maxon OD820 is awesome like the OD808 which is like the original tubescreamers but the 820 is like if the kept on developing the 808 but of course with quailty parts and not sacrificing tone for money
does anyone use an EQ with an OD/Dis ?
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I'm sick of these threads...
There's two a day.
"Which Od????" "Which distortion?" AHH!!

I think someone should make an "Official 'Which OD/Dist' Thread" that explains the common genres and uses for all popular or requested OD and Distortion pedals.

Who's with me?

I DID !!!