the old models are quite good in my opion they sound pretty good i own one
check out gabels marshall thread
sweet and how do the boss pedals fair cause they usually suck in my experience
so whats the boss chorus ensemble like
if you like dimes tone get a bill lawrence XL-500 because thats the actual pickup he used not this "dimebucker" bull-shiit
so a good 4,10 miced up would do well for heaps of slap pop
thanks man and cabs what speaker size?
marshall jubilee or dual channel JCM 800
so are ampeg good for tube warmth
thousands of austalian dollars not quite sure he wont tell me but hes been saving up for years
joe satrianis tone on until we say goodbye live in san fransisco is awesome
ok sweet could you suggest 2 amps
cool are they tube or SS and i know tube and SS are a huge issue in the world of guitar how about in bass i always figured tube bass amps would be really warm and wouldnt suit an in ya face funk rock sound but i dont know jack about bass so if someone could enlighten me that would be awesome
sweet and soo any other suggestions on brands as money isnt an issue
well guitar wise thats 100 watts tube miced up as well
ok sweet is there a particular type of GK you had in mind also what are mark bass like and david eden i think that what they are called
oh and i forgot to mention he is play large gigs and competeing with 2 100 watt half stacks
ok so im asking this on behalf of my bro he needs to upgrades from a 100 watt roland cube
he plays a warwick double buck and plays heaps of slap stuff funk and rock from Flea to Victor Wooten he has a very up front role in his band creating most of melodies with tapping and what not so if any one could help that would rock
hey how do you guys rate the marshall 1965A cab 4 by 10
can you give the guy a break he just wants to know what a good wireless system is and all you guys are giving him **** about it do you even know what sort of music he plays i mean i dont like emo music but i know a few people that play in emo bands and the have a great ear for tone so lets not be all high and mighty because you think you know soo much about guitar and tone and give the guys some positive answers or fahck off
come on shumez just get a floyd you know you want to just make sure its licenced

floyd = cool sonds to enhance proggyness of songs
hey how do you guys rate the marshall 1965A cab 4 by 10
thats awesome well im a bumbling idiot so i think it would take me reasonably longer
thats awesome how long did it take to put together
oh and if anyone can give me advice on weather an OCD or a maxon 808 would be better to boost my marshall into metal
nah man if it adds gain you can post it mass produced or not man
^cool i saw some of those on ebay what sorta tone are you getting out of it?
hey guys what the ocd like as a gain booster to get my jubilee into metal
i think the dual channel 800 sounds rad listen to that i think thats an awesome tone
geez comr on i thought everyone in the states was obbsessed with them
ok there, pretty self explanetory (misspelled) i know me got not good grammer and spelling so any way lets see your dean

plus i heard someone say they had a custom 79mlf (i really wanna see that)