but shaprie i do feel sorry for you and your ovation
hey man it was a stupid thing to do but fair enough we are here to help but maybe if we rag on him he will learn his lesson plus as if any one can top what you suggested
i got shuemz back
hey just a question about OD boosting what amount of gain should you use on your amp like as much as you want and im guessing that the amount of amp gain or OD gain mix alter tone or am i thinking about it to much
thanks guys awesome
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Laney GS412!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! dont worry havent got my heart set on anything yet
hold on but when you copy and pastse you get the whole rig is there individual picture of each item on the site
ok so i know where to get the pictures but how do you pick individual pictures like say you see someones set up they have the same pedal how do you just grab that pedal
hey guys im looking at getting anouther cab and i was woundering what would be the best celestions for like a kinda half way between salsh and zakk wlyde sound
how much are the proco RAT's worth
i dont mind there being more then 1 umm profile of a particular pedal cause like all things it helps to have more than 1 opinon

well the jubilee ROCKS i dont get to play it often as its at my dads house and im only there every 2nd weekend but im a huge Gunner's fan and I get a great overdrive that is really creamy when you crank it and it does all the hendrix type blues sounds beautifully and not to mention a very underated guitarsist John Frusciante but from excellent cleans to creamy blues to a monster overdrive with balls im still yet to put the amp in Zakk Wylde type distortion yet as I am shopping for OD's thats why i made this thread and thats why I bumped it before (sorry to those offended)
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ladies and gentlemen, the porn:

p.s. if you already haven't, applications for the les paul owners club are still available (look in my sig)

what marshall is that
how does the TS9DX tubescreamer sound compare to the others and tubescreamer clones
awesome lol i still havent got a od yet as in in debt for the jubilee but i want the best i can get
can you get like a really ultra smooth distortion with a od boost
What amp does vinnie vincent use?
i dont suppose there is anyone on here boosting a Marshall Jubilee
awesome stuff guy and yeah any treble booster or clen boost is welcome keep em coming
oh yeah and the pictures are great awesome idea
awesome this is going great and ask for requests at will as it bumps up the thread

sorry i didnt see the one in accessories
awesome great stuff guys thanks
thanks i hope we can get some more input
ok i think we need less threads wit little info and yes i have started a few but i want one that if anyone is looking at buying a new OD/Distortion they can just check out this thread so please fill out the following

Type: (overdrive or distortion)


Amp: (whatever your running it into)

Process: (wheather your running it as a boost for a yube amp or not)

Other: ( other pedal you are using to manipulate your pedals sound)

Style: (style of music you play)

and if anyone wants to ask a question about related topics that is all cool

thanks man ill check them out

dare i ask what is the best tubescreamer type pedal
oh and is the maxon OD9+ worth the extra cash
silver jubilee your a slash fan i got one man i cant play it much cause eveytime i crank it i cream myself
^what sort of sound do you get out of it
we need like an ultimate OD thread
well i play rock covers and metal covers so i need a fair bit so maybe about the same amount as Zakk Wylde

and whats this i hear about the OCD only suiting dark sounding amps
woul the OCD suite my marshall as a booster for more gain because along with tons of great reviews there has been a fair few bad reviews as well
hey guys just asking what would be the best floyd rose for my dean

^^ so do you think it would suit a silver jubilee
thanks man it was looking pretty bleak for a while