Oh no you dont have to worry its not cold davedoom's pedelstal has climate control and everything man not to hot not to cold, just right
orange have a tone of low end and the JCM 800 would be awesome with a overdrive im pretty sure death and nile use marshalls im guess scopians used em being an 80's band and maiden use em look into the dual channel model 2205 pretty sweet and by the way the gain isnt where the balls comes from on the 800's its the power amp section
a mark IV would cover the lamb of god easy and i her the are pretty versitile other wise you could always save up and get two amps and run them in stereo
serious oh shit thats lame as ohwell to late now changed names some many time couldnt be bothered any more but thats pretty funny
could always grab an eq pedal for it doesnt adam jones use diezel VH4s with marshall super bass heads or something
new song up just a muck around but cool none the less check it out
so does anyone have a good idea what they sound like cuase id love a splawn nitro type sound but thats hard in australia
id look into the JCM 800 2205 dual channel that would be awesome thats what i really wanted when i was lookinmg for amps
and lets face it a combo isnt going to look very 80's now is it
it would sound better in front of a tube amp
trying its not an option it ends in like 2 hours its at $350 AUS american is roughly double
is the edge III crrap?
why the super distortions? ill check them out
yeah it does but it's a LFR and I kinda ruined the pins it still works but its not nice
howdy guys
i have a dean 79MLF
im thinking of putting in
a dimarzio D-sonic in the bridge and either a PAF pro or Air Northon in the neck (any advice)
and a schaller floyd rose system

this will be for 80's rock to metal in the likes of Lamb of God
i wouldnt ruin a gibson explorer with EMGs
i would look into the ecstasy theres an amp that you will never sell no matter how much your musical taste changes
try giving the amp some mids if you want it to be warmer when ever i try a new amp i dont just use settings i know work on other amps cause they are all different what you need to do is sit down set everything to 12 o'clock a tweek to taste worst case scenario is your tone deaf
dont check out the dimebucker
that V looks fukking sick i would play that any day hell id buy one how do you save pictures of custom guitars you design from jcfonline
hey guys just wondering how this amp would go for hard rock metal tones
i have something very similar and i usually run them both with volume on full and little to no drive and i get a heaps thick creamy smooth tone but i can tweak it so its really gritty to its great for me what are you running them into
yeah vintage modern and a jubilee i would go with the laney if i were you why dont you just go into your locl gc and try one out
valid point and ill probably try that when i need a new pedal but im just asking what peoples opinions on different mods out there
for example take the boss DS-1 a few different companies mod them but which one in others opinions does a better job
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i agree just chill out mate
yeah true but im thinking about although the though that goes into a mod and how well the mod improves the pedal
i know its all a matter of opinion but thats exactly what i want
what pedal have you got modded and how is it and who did it even if it was you im interested to find out
dude you can run what ever head into whatever cab as long as the ohms are the same and basson cabs get 2 and buy to different types of heads i agree using 2 different amps usually thickens up the sound cause one amp might fill out other frequencies better and if your ever recording you have more tone options also it like each guitar will have more of a character or personality
i always thought the lower output humbuckers were better for really high gain amps
more definition but i havent had much experienced
the warhead would be a good buy because i think they are out of production now
ive heard that VHT's are quite dry so maybe not so great for some shred tones although i spose paul gilberts tone is quite dry
i dont think 150watts solid state would be loud enough for a band situation but im no expert so i could be wrong
ok when it comes down to it i hate boss pedal but just out of interest whats their wah like anyone?

opps someone already asked sorry
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