thanks for all your help guys
looks like he will be getting the thumb
he is leaning towards the warwick
what would they be worth 2nd hand good condition
in aus dollar
cool thanks guys
so the G&L is going to be very versatile
and the thumb? like a big brother to the $$
is the thumb bass versatile?
oh and what would compliment his rig better cause i dont think he would be buying a new amp for quite some time
yeah well that why he was thinking (as am I) that the G&L might be a good idea
is there much tonal difference between the thumb and the double buck
does body contour change how the sound resonates? (nooby question sorry)
hahaha yeah i think he is leaning towards the warwick but the G&L sounds pretty good
anyone played a L-2500
yeah he loves his double buck
no im not too sure about a model number i guess it would a 2006 - 2007 model

if that helps at all
hey guys my brother was looking at some 5 string basses and one of his mates offered to sell him one of his
one is a warwick bolt-on 5 sting thumb
and the other is a G&L L-2500
he plays heaps of different stuff funk jazz pop some progressive stuff and metal (huge Wooten and flea fan)
he plays a warwick double buck at the moment through a gallien krueger 700RB
anyway i was just wondering if you guys had any opinions on these basses as to which would be better or even just any experience with either that would help
does anyone have any experience with the high output rockmonkeys the beefbucker? i think it is sounds good but it might be to much output for me
cool thanks
well i dont really have a buget id rather spend more now then spending less and buying another bridge pup down the track
I'm not really that set on dimarzios there just the only pickups ive reserched im happy to play which ever brand but it is hard to get a hold of some things down here in australia
is there a site for rockmonkey
hey guys i was just wondering if i could get some opinions on a few pickups i was considering to put in my dean
the dean is mahogany neck and body rosewood fret-board
i'm playing through a Marshall Jubilee
i play alot of different stuff but mostly heavy music lamb of god, machine head that kinda thing
im trying to get a tighter sound out of my guitar but i still want it to sound huge
at the moment my rig is probably a bit on the dark sounding side i wouldnt mind brightening it up a bit and i still would like a decent rock sound and be able to roll of the volume for some nice bluesy tones
the pickups ive been looking at are

Crunch Lab
hey guys i spoke with my mate and he said that it had sh-2 duncans in it was just wondering if anyone had any experience with these pickups
why is that
the feel or the sound
i don't know if i'd trade the schecter for it
i dont think ive ever seen a red studio without gold hardware i have a mate with a red gibson studio with gold hardware
yeah ill have to find out what models they are
I've played the guitar once but it was at a gig and i was so amped up i didn't really pay attention to the guitar sound neck seemed small but i could be remembering it wrong
yeah Ive been trying to convince myself plus i don't really have a backup guitar right now and when your main has a Floyd string breakage scares the **** out of you
but maybe the dean will demoted to back up
oh yeah and any opinions on the explorer would it shiit all over my dean?
any thoughts or experiences on it would be greatly appreciated
cool cheers guys ill put it to him see how it goes
got any Gibson explorer related tips for haggling him down ?
because I'm not to clued up on explorers
he sort of hinted at wanting $1000 for it but i don't want to get ripped off, and i don't really wanna rip him off
oh and would not having the original PUPs lower the price?
I'm not sure what the exchange rate is for AUSD to USD i think the AUSD is a little more than half
well actually he bought it 2nd hand for about $1200 Australian
i have a mate selling a 1998 Gibson explorer.
the condition is reasonable there's a few marks and scratches, it has Seymour Duncans not sure what model though.
anyway he asked me how much I would pay for it and i have to idea so im asking you guys
oh and in Australian dollars would be handy
why do people always have to be anal with the search bar so what if there is more than one thread on a topic, forums are supposed to be social places if we just all searched barred everything there would be liitle to no interaction between members
couldnt you get that tone straight out of the mark IV with out the screamer
hey guys just wondering if any australians on here know any good places to buy 7 string guitars from?
JCM 800 plus good overdrive pedal
oh cool is the 800 a back up is it modded so does using both pick ups cut a bit of the fizzyness yeah i saw em at metro sydney and big day out

sorry for hijacking the thread

i just really love karnivool
Quote by IncubusMan999
If you want versatility, I wouldn't look at an Orange AD30, something that wil do Coldplay and brOOtalz would be something like an ENGL or, as a stretch, an Orange Rockerverb 50 (i get metal sounds out of mine if I need to). With the 5150, you need to EQ it very carefully, as it can be quite fizzy, but when used with the right guitar, it can really sound quite good. A band that I teched for, Karnivool, use PRS guitars with 5150 amplifiers and their toen is really fat, especially with how meticulously I EQed the amp. And additionally, don't go for a POD if you have a tube combo already, you will be drastically disappointed.


i love karnivool great tone when i saw them one dude was running a 5150 the other had a XXX and what looked like a modded JCM 800 and do they use both pickups all the time
yeah I agree i love my dean hate the company and the way they represent themselves does anyone know if they are going to relase a 7 string ml
ok thanks heaps guys what other option are there 7 string wise other than ibbys and schecters
ok cool but hows it compare i dont know much of 7 strings and there quality would it be worth looking at other guitars or buying new

id love a 7 string dean ML NOT THE RAZORBACK just the standard ML but i dont think theres a production model

but what im looking for in a 7 string is a nice heavy guitar i hate light guitars I hear how good the S series is but i hate the thin bodies so im thinking maybe a shecter might be the way to go what do you guys think i dont care what brand it is as long as its a quality gig record worthy amp
your amp could be descenter like bogner ecstasy descenter or splawn nitro descenter