i have a LFR and its i still love it but i really am considering putting in an OFR does anyone know if i would be a significant inprovment
i would go for the maxon they are heaps better
check out their website they hace sound samples
posssibly 2nd hand boss DD-3 or 6 i hear the new mxr carbon copy is awesome but i have no idea how much it costs
the problem with marshall cabs well the newer ones that includes jcm 900 i think is that they are made out of particle board and i think im probably wrong but becuase particle board has a slightly more spongy quality it doesnt project as well where as the orange has 18 birch ply mmmmm that said the marshall mode four cab is really good construction wise its birch ply i think and slightly taller so it has more bass response but the mode four head is shiit
i have the 2555 and i'm not sure i got it 2nd hand and i know the previous owner didnt put in new tubes
put the cab up on a bench i have the same issue with my orange cab becuase its quite short and isnt angled i lose a fair bit of high fequencies becuase it is aimed at my face
hey was thinking about re-tubing my jubilee i was wondering if a particular tube could give me more gain and tighter sound
oh crap sorry got mixed up you wanted the wah not the OD my bad
i heard the zakk wylde OD is really noisey and .. well shiit id look into something else im in aus and i just just kept checking ebay for OD's in aus and i picked up a keeley modded tubescreamer for $90
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Bogner Ecstacy.

+1 they are so farking awesome a mark 4 would kick ass too
well i spose compared to them yeah but actually vai has heaps of tones really i spose well if you like powermetal i was think like along the line of cellador and stuff

edit actually cellador isnt that smooth
i think your better off with passives
the D-sonic's look amazing im thinking about getting them myself what sort of shred tone you want like ultra smooth and thick and rich or like a biting steve vai type tone oh and what amp do you play
yeah i rekon go with the engl they are great amps
ok in your face helps but could you like compare it to any ones elses tone do you want it fats and thick or chainsaw-ish
what sort of high gain tone are you looking for
well theres some screamers on ebay now they are heavy
man im with its bullshiit we pay some much for gear in australia
hey man go for some of the engls for sale on ebay save a bit more its worth it trust me ebay is your friend
i love my 79mlf but i think i need a PUP change probably D-sonic in the bridge and not sure what for the neck and an original floyd would be awesome
cool what sort of tone you getting can you compare it to anything
ok thats mate youve actually helped me alot on UG hahaha ok will do what are your settings? is yours keeley
i didnt know weather to put this here or in GG&A so sorry if its in the wrong place but i just pulled apart my monte allums modded DS-1 becasue for a pedal that gets great reviews and one that ive seen great videos on youtube it sounds kinda terrible

i think this is the tri mod or somthing not to sure but it has a 3 way toggle swicth installed so i opened it up and im an electronics noob so i just searched for anything that was broken snapped or loose etc. everything seemd fine so i plugged a patch lead into the input and the battery check LED lit up but there are 2 LED's attached to the toggle switch one was dull but then got brighter as i flicked the switch so im guessing that ones in perfect working order but the 2nd LED failed to come on at any position of the toggle

its a big ask but if anyone can offer some insight that would be great, thanks
marshall or maybe orange just keep ebay-ing it man thats what i did
what pcikup does Petrucci use in the neck
hahah cool so the bad monkey kicks the tumescreamers ass as a boost for metal?
so do i just email him through the site
cool yeah my keeley tubscreamer is a bit the same do different colour LED effect sound or am i going crazy yes im a noob at electronics
thanks man ill check em out when im on neck it aint shred really unless im doing like a fast run but i usually will be playing slow and trying to pour my heart and soul into all the notes lol oh and make stupid wanker faces (unintentional)
ok thanks i think its down to the D-sonic and the miracle mans now but have no idea as what to put in the neck any suggestions
wow the D-sonic sound awesome but are they any good in the neck

the breed sounds good maybe not as tight?
so far i think i love the Miracle Man by BKP but i dont know weather it would down well in the neck basically for the neck i want a ultra smooth tone heaps of body and warmth
hahahah cool what sort of amp you useing
kool ill look into the D-sonic what sort of styles you play with it can you compare it to anyone elses tone
awesome thanks anyone got any advice on rockfield they look alright
so the 59/JB set sounds pretty good what about bare nuckle any suggestions or rockfield yeah i never liked the dimebucker anyone had experience with the bill lawrence XL-500
hey guys just was thinking about changing my PUP's iwant a really tight sound fairly high out put i cant really describe what tone i want really thick but not muddy and i spose a fair bit of upper mids and lows
hey guys just interested in the types of modded pedals people owned out there just to try and improve my knowledge of mod companies so just write the name of the pedal and how its sounds and what you like about it and use it for

simple but i like