but anyway TS I strongly suggest the ecstacy its an awesome ampilfier and versitle
oh i see sorry man what a hilarious misunderstanding sorry mate
and better than most randalls
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Uh, is that your listing?
If so, why does it state that you're in Sydney on UG; but on ebay the item location is in Melbourne?

i never said the amp was mine i was just suggesting that he should by it think next time
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Oh god, the English skills in that..

im minimalistic and have shiity spelling skills
but the reason they are blues rock or metal or jazz is due to your gain isnt it im probably wrong i just thought it was gain in a sense that some good pick ups can do blues and metal and so on maybe if you want a totally new sound your should try midi pick up by boss or somthing
i think moollon pedals are sexy as
yeah singing needs more work that was the first take should have more songs up soon there all quite different which is cool
hey guys band name is XERO we are metal melodic thrash hardcore progressive i want like a sci fi feel thanks
so this is the band i play in we juct recorded our first song its pretty ruff and needs a solo and bass but id love some feedback
awesome an aussie but sorrry man i dont know i price iv only seen them on ebay check ebay and if there isnt any i know theres a store on ebay that just sells pedals and their stuuf dosnt always seem to be listed so check that aswell
I'm not saying that the amp is bad but im saying mag reviews are more often then not shiit
yeah ive heard good things about the timefactor but for modulations i think it would be better, easier and more convienent to have individual pedals
the eventide delay pedal looks awesome
hahah yeah its pretty sick kinda limited on sounds though
hahah yeah im not a big fan of the colour haha man i should play more blues i wonder if thers a blues dude on here with a metal rig
well maxon od808 stock is better then the ibanez TS9 and 808 stock
best morley for thick metal leads?
haha thanks man yeah the deans not that bad for blues actually the pups are quite tame but its right handed i feel so sorry for lefties guitar avalability and price wise it must suck
so i was bored as hell and decided to ask that if you had my rig what would you do with it example: add a particular effect or sell it or throw it off a cliff
and also what would you play on it
DO NOT GET A RECTO mark III or IIV or a bogner but ENGL is hard to beat
ok cool sorry ill edit next time
sorry dude i wasnt thinking i didnt offend you in away did i
or anyone else who has it whats it sound like
id say some high output passive humbukers maybe bare nuckle
oh and reildeal so what sort of sound did you get out of it like did it remind you of any particular amp or guitarist?
ok thanks guys so im not to good with eletronic so what would be the best plan of action should i send it to a GC or is it possibly for me to do it myself like i dont have any instructions and yeah i EQd heaps cause i didnt want it to be **** lol
hahah no sorry i ment thats what it sounds like my amps in my sig
Ok sorry about punctuation. I'm 16, I'm not a big fan of it. Anyway it just seems to be muddy, theres no clarity and the overall sound is just like someone plugged 2 MT-2's into a line 6 and i was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them and how they sound.

Oh and is my punctuation ok sir?
hey uys i recently aquired a 2nd hand monte allums modded boss DS-1 and well it sounds worse then a mates stock DS-1 and last time i check i thought i had a good ear for tone any advice im not good with electronic have no idea what everything does yeah i know i will learn one day
well i run my modded tube screamer and then stomp on my OCD for leads and its farcking amazing but you dont want leads so i would suggest modded tube screamer or maxon which is heaps better then any stock ibanez
sheumack your selling me that pedal
orange have great low end nice and tight and lots of it but it is bright orange
hahahahaha yeah sure do its awesome man
does anyone know how much the mxr hums