yeah i know its a bass cab my bass player was thinking about buying it
sorry missunderstanding
hey guys i saw this marshall cab on ebay and ive never played or heard one and was just woundering if anyone has had any experience with them

i heard a good demo of the jekyll and hyde on the visual sounds site but it wasnt really metal but great sound none the less
im still decideing what would be better and maxon 808 or a fulltone ocd for boosting of course
get the dunlop mxr 10 band and run it through your effects loop
i own one its a great sounding amp nice and ballsy
TSL isnt exactly an awesome amp well not enough to been calling other people fags
what are peoples thoughts on the maxon OD-9 vs the maxon 808 (i think thats right) model
whats the sd-1 stock like compared to the maxon range
i use slash brand shampoo to get my hair just right
oh yeah i belive you but i mean like when you look at reviews about marshall MG's and some noob guitarist is saying how its the best amp they've ever heard
well maxon and marshall both get great review but i spose with every review people tell you its the best thing ever even if its ****
how do the marshall OD's compared to say the maxon
^ is that the pedal that former line 6 employees built it has a tube in it doesnt it
i wonder which big muff will win the space race
so is there like an american and a russian version of the big muff?
^80's hair metal? i must find this original transformers was mad i thought it would have be better though if they played IRON MAN like in one of the fight scenes
^omg as soon as i start to think i know a resonable amount about OD's
ok if any one could give me a rating out of 1 to 10 for the jekyll and hyde
that would be rad
hahahaha how did you go for break up with them cause im running a jubilee head which hasnt got a huge amount of gain
vintage 30's for metal?
so harder than the standard 1960A celestions i think they are like 75 watts each arent they the V30's are only 60 arent they
does running say an mxr EQ with a od offer alot more flexabilty
awesome thanks
are you really jim marshall posing as a small boy?

oh and i would get more break up with the V30's wouldnt I?
oh ok thanks its a marshall cab
need extra cab for jubilee 1960A or 1960AV?
i saw a 4 by 10 cab with celetion golds in it would that be a worth while cab
yeah the guy that sold it to me said it was 100 watts he also said he had another 50 watt head as well
still not sure
im a little confused with the output tubes i have 4 i thought that only 100 watters ran 4 and they say 25/50 on most models i havent seen a model that says 50/100 yet and good to see you on the gears forum shuemz
but the 100 watt channel sounds better i think
im looking at getting another cab what marsahll would be best for break up well speaker that is
i might be wrong but i played my jubilee head through my mates 1960A and when i was running stereo i thought i noticed more specker break up as his TSL was running though the 2 right speakers and my jubilee though the 2 left I could be completely wrong but the idea is stuck in my head
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Hey, I'm looking for a distortion pedal to go with my orange rocker 30. Some people here seem to have the amp. What would you recommend? I play allot of metal as well as blues. The amp doesn't quite give the punch that I need for things like tool. Thanks allot. Oh and sorry to but in on the thread!

yeah man its fine as along as it involves OD/Distortion any question is welcome although i dont have the answer too yours sorry
my god if only some company understood how much money they would make if they produced a affordable transparent versitile quality OD
ask questions questions are good
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it depends on how much gain you want and how much you crank your amp before it's too loud for whatever reasons.

for a better boost, crank your amp as much as you can, eq it and set it's gain as much as you want. then for an additional boost, you probably won't need much gain on the pedal, but the biggest difference is in how much you turn up the output on the pedal. that'll make it louder of course, so you might have to back off the volume on the amp.

if you need more gain, then adjust the gain on the OD accordingly.

thanks man oh and that OCD is sexy any one know how much that would cost in austraila
+1 for the maxon
look at the overdrives on that
and yes i no im promoting my own thread but its my thread and i like it