I've had a pretty shit day/night, but this thread has completely made up for it. Gold Pit-dwellers, gold!
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Do we have to use our name from UG or can it be different?

Only if you want everybody to know who you are!
20B banging on a two-step limiter. Starting up a top doorslammer. Even something like a 4AGE @ 10000rpm is music to my ears.
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That is RAMPAGE!

One of the most awesome games ever. EVER.

Holy ****, yes. I still remember playing that followed by a few rounds of Clayfighter 63 1/3.
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^ i get what your saying but the problem is not that i want it to be meaningful, i just dont want to be bored for a week and if i learn something interesting then thats good too.

btw i live in the eastern suburbs but i wouldnt mind catching a bus to anywhere moderately far away.

Chances are you won't find a placing with music places as I can only assume they are fairly popular. I ended up doing mine with a landcare agency and it ****ing ruled - half the day we were out fishing, driving the boat around, etc; I got offered a job straight up at the end of it.
Do something totally different to what you think your field of work is going to be as you might find out you like it more than what you have in mind.
What combination of pickups, pots and switches does it have?
See if you can just get some experience working in a studio before you consider doing anything. I ended up getting a job helping out a local band while they were recording (decked out one of their outdoor rooms with about $20k in recording gear), and it totally wasn't what I expected it to be.
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why dont you just do a conversion to manual, it wouldnt take you no more than a day, 2 max

Manual Ecotech boxes are expensive (Alloytec? I think the VZ was the first Alloytech) as they are so rare. They aren't as easy as just dropping the box out and changing it over, you need to consider throwout bearing, tailshaft, pedal box, new interior trims (to fit shifter, won't fit with auto trim), etc.
We only really have on "rock" bar, it's more alternative, indie-kid though. We have plenty of clubs that specifically cater for the metal/alternative scene though.
I can drive both a column shift, floor shift and auto's. Auto's are really only good for cruising cars, manual for everything else.
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manuals for the win!

on a side note how long do you guys usually wait to shift from 1st to 2nd? From what my dad says and i've learned, 1st gear is only to get the car moving. I usually gas it until around 2k rpm or under and let it drop to 1.5k or .5k, i can't remember atm, so it shifts smoothly. I also find it shifts smoothly at 2.5k rpm, which is my cars sweet spot for shifting other gears, but i have to gas it while releasing the clutch which i imagine burns the clutch faster? THanks sorry for the long post. Its my first car. I just want it to last.

You should be shifting at halfway to your engines redline for optimal performance and fuel economy.
Holy crap, out of all you spam*****s, I only know three people in this thread. What happened to the '07 crew?
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Also nobody like Kensai anymore...

Bull****, it's physically impossible for anybody not like that lovable Swede-fag.
I was drunk, at a "mixed sexes" party (it's a big thing when you've got strict-as-hell parents and you're 16) and playing spin the bottle. I somehow ended up with this chick I sort of had a thing for, she ended up laughing, biting my lip and making me bleed
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I now rule the world.

Hmm, an '08er. I wouldn't expect much more stupidity from YOU lot.


God, I love no longer being a newbie.
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i have worked with a few and experience is teh greatest qualification you can get.

Plus its usually only the colleges not universities that teach it so it can be rather expensive.

I was looking at an SAE course in Aus for two years and it was gonna cost Aud$30000

$30k? I went for an interview with them, along with tours of the Sydney and Byron "campuses" and was told it would be around $15k all up.
In the end, it comes down to where you're located. People giving you advice for courses and whatnot in Australia is a bit stupid if you're located in the UK.
I've been away from UG for quite some time (apart from some drunken and completely pointless threads) and was wondering if anything interesting has gone on here? No more getting pwnt by Cas? No more Logz and Scourge marrying?
Fill me in, guys
I have an awesome job, an awesome income and an awesome car, but I wish I had a bit more money so I could do all the things I want to do.
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According to Wiki: "with an amalgamation of different styles of music, including black metal, death metal, progressive metal, melodic heavy metal, European Classical music, opera, medieval music, gypsy music, electro, ambient, noise, circus music, and jazz."

Which translates to: MUST LISTEN TO!!!!!111

I see. I don't really feel like anything genre-bending at the moment, I listened to some "BEHOLD... THE ARCTOPUS" or whatever the fuck they are called and it basically ruined any faith I had in modern experimental bands.
I've taken a few dumps that were more musical.
I've read pretty compelling evidence that a Nuclear Winter is not possible. Sure a full blown nuclear war would kill a lot of people, but it wouldn't be the end of the world.
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Don't know Pendulum, but I just got done listening to UneXpect's Utopia, and I suggest you do the same.

Genre? I'm guessing D&B, but I could definitely be wrong.
I got a free CD by some white kid rapper the other day, but I don't think I'm drunk enough to listen to it yet. At the moment I've got MOS Sessions 5 on, it's providing the tunes until I get bored of it.
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Ok. *reported*

Wow, you've become more of a cumbucket than you used to be. What happened to the lulz in this place?
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I think the point of the film was to show the world that Brad Pitt has washboard abs that are so perfect, you could just use him instead of your washing machine.

And you could sneak naked frames on him into a film and a lot of people won't notice.
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Yeah, and I recall you having a tiny penis.

Oh touché good sir, tou-****ing-che.
Anyway, need more entertainment. Make me smile and you'll get an e-cookie.
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Things have changed around here. For a start, mods have black names now, and users have coloured ones. So delete this thread, or I'll show you what real pain is.

Hey, I recall you being a little whingey bitch on chat, I'm sure I've got the logs of it somewhere. Something about wanting to take Frenchy....
So guys, I mark my return to UG with a drunken spam thread. Anything interesting happened here in the last 10 months?
BTW, need moar music to listen to, new Pendulum album is a bit of a let down.
Don't get it unless it's running 100V+ - those 12V-based tubes pedal sound alright, but not exactly "tube"-toney.
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I've heard nothing but bad things, not to mention they have zero cleans, if you can try one do, but I definitely wouldn't order one blind.

The tones you're looking for come from high gain heads and those head are usually 50 or 100 watts.

Way too big for what I need. Most of my distortion is coming from pedals, I just mainly want something tube for warming up my cleans plus the overdriven neck.
Ok, cut out amps that are super high gain. Let's say a medium gain and good cleans, and must take to effects well.
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You probably can't get a hold of anything Mesa down there can you? I think a used mark or even a dc or f series mesa would suit you very well.

Other than that, a classic 30 might suit you, maybe the b-52 at112, give them a try at least. Also, I'm not sure on the conversion, so those amps might not even be in your price range.

Can, but nowhere near my price range. All Mesa stuff is basically $2k+. Had a look at the B-52's the other day, not sure if it's overkill for what I need.
Anybody know about the Windsor Studio? It seems to fit my needs, but I can't find one in Australia >.<
Neck Overdriven (maybe a touch more compression needed)
Bridge Distortion #1
Bridge Distortion #2
I know the two bridge clips have vastly different tones, but a pickup that could do those two would be excellent.

I'm going for a fairly minimalistic rig - guitar > one or two pedals > amp. I want less of better quality gear than more of stuff I'll end up selling in two weeks, if you get what I mean.
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Just trying to help you out, only one person has responded for a reason.

Also, being a dick isn't gonna help either.

Screw the pups for now, what's your total budget?

BTW Santana did most of his early stuff with a Mark I if I'm not mistaken, a very american sounding amp if there ever was one.

I wasn't being a dick, just couldn't see the logic in your post. Budget doesn't matter for pickups, for the amp I'd rather it be under $1000AUD.
Maybe British is the wrong term for it although it was the first thing to come to my mind; I'm going through my entire music collection trying to find the perfect example of what I want.
It's not really that amazing, basically just a clean pre-amp minus the tone controls and with a buttload of signal gain available.
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I can't be bothered to sort through that, care to add some paragraphs?

And yet you can be bothered to reply? I added a line spacing between the paragraphs THAT WERE ALREADY THERE, just in case all the words hurt your little head.
Hi Haven't been on here in quite some time, cars took over my life for a while. I was about to sell my Schecter, but realised that I love the guitar and it needs some TLC.
First up is a pickup change - the guitar is basswood with twin HB's. In the neck, I want something that will do awesome cleans (The Butterfly Effect is a perfect example of the clean tone I want) with a decent amount of articulation, but can also get nice "creamy"/warm distortion through an overdriven tube amp (more of a vintage British tone than anything). Think of earlier Santana.

In the bridge, I want something that can go reasonably heavy without turning to mush and isn't too bright. Best I can describe it is a combination of Parkway Drive and newer Metallica.

Next up is my amp - I sold what I had, so now I'm looking for a 10-30w tube combo. I was waiting for the Peavey Windsor Studio to come out in AUS, but it still hasn't been released from what I can find. Anybody know of an ETA? Apart from that, what else do you think would suit me?
Item: Schecter 006 Deluxe in Vampire Red Satin with a hardcase

Location: Regents Park/Slacks Creek, QLD. Will drop it off if you're close-ish.

Item Condition: Pretty good. It has two small dents in the upper bout. I'll try and get in a new set of strings, a setup and a good clean before I sell it - it still plays magnificently.

Reason for Selling: Guitar is no longer a huge priority of mine and I need the money for other things. It's a real shame as I love this guitar so much.

Price and Payment Conditions: Looking for about $380 with the case and a couple of picks.

Extra Info: Schecter have a reputation for making some really excellent guitars and this is definitely one of them. It's going to be sad to let her go.

Contact Details: Call me on 0430290810
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Hi redkomodo, your a faggot

Hi execete, you've been reported.
Now go play in traffic somewhere.
Resistors and some caps aren't polarised - if you're using electrolytics (you shouldn't for the mod) they generally have the positive and negative lead marked.
From memory, you can lift the switch up and the battery lead will slide out through the hole that's left. You will have to desolder the switch though - it's a pretty hardy little sucker so you probably won't damage it even if you desolder quite slowly.
Hmm, 150 down a highway in my parents Corolla with 5 people in the car, certain illicit substances, buying alcohol underage, supplying alcohol to underage people (quite a few times), driving without P plates or a rego sticker (I lost it, it gets renewed in a few weeks), shoplifting (only small stuff though), selling burnt CD's and DVD's and thousands worth of illegal CD's and DVD's (helps when you used to work in a rental store).
I'm not that badass
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Oh, yeah. Equilibrium is pretty good, too.

Best sci-fi movie I've seen in an incredibly long time. It totally pwnt the Matrix, in my opinion.