Tequila ninja - squirt the lemon/lime in your eye. down the shot. snort the salt.

Yeah you wont want to do too many of those...
Bummer. If you ever make it vaguely towards Wales and still want to get rid of the guitar then give me a bell.

Hmm woud you be able to post it? I doubt I'd be able to make it to your part of the world anytime soon. If not don't worry.
Yeah I realise that, I came across your post in the GB&C forum in which you mentioned it was pretty worse for wear. But that's alright, I need a summer project to work on! And if it works then what else could you ask for :P
Seems reasonable. Yeah I got your message but mine obviously aren't coming through. Where abouts do you live? I live in Mid Wales which makes getting places rather difficult :P Could that £50 include postage?
I'll post here as well just in case my second message doesn't come through either...

How much for the RGX?
dammit there goes my evening
I would like to bring to your attention this facebook group

basically it's the easter equivalent of the "get rage to xmas no. 1" thing but with History Maker by Delirious?. Apparently its at 6th in the official chart, just thought you guys might like to help give it that little extra push before sunday!

Yes it is a christian with it
hmm could i see some pics of the bass? i may be interested but it would have to be happy to pay whatever that would cost on top
+ 1 for Friji - great service, prompt postage and excellent packaging :P
if you pm your bank account number and sort code i can wire the £160 into your account today or tomorrow
ah cheers my comps just being slow in telling me haha
ok i need some help troubleshooting...

I recently got a Big muff (NYC) and decided to change the power jack to something i could actually use (can anyone even tell me what it was originally? id never seen anything like it before!) soooo.... i unsoldered the original jack and changed it to a standard negative tip DC jobby and changed the LED whilst i had the soldering iron out.

I plugged it all in sound it bypasses fine but when i turn it on the LED lights up but there is no sound.....ive checked all the wiring and it seems to be correct. i dont think ive got the LED round the wrong way cos otherwise it wouldnt light up...

any ideas? i dont see why it shouldnt work, it worked fine before and ill ive done is changed the power jack....
Ok my friend has asked me to choose a laptop for her and she's being slightly awkward in that she wants a coloured one (preferably red or orange). sooo my question is what brands other than dell do laptops that come in funky colours? all the dell ones that satisfy her requirements are a bit too expensive :/

anyone have any suggestions as to how i could dress up as a zombie? i wanna look awesome :P
Here's a selection of photos from my holiday in Spain. All taken with a Fujifilm S8100 and currently un-edited.

yay, but sometimes they're not soo good...
You're gonna need a bigger gay community.

It's a Sicilian message. It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the gay community.

Killing me won't bring back your gay community.

Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the gay community.

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I don't understand why so many people make a big deal out of true bypass - Is it not as simple as wiring the output across a switch, with one end going straight to the output and one going through the pedal, like this?

no, no it isnt......
golden syrup cake with humus!! is niiiiice!!
ok so heres the deal:
My dad thought it would be a good idea to buy my uncle, whos just started learning to play guitar, a guitar DVD tutor thingy. so does anybody have any experience with such DVDs? any recomendations? any to avoid? i'm a bit sceptical of these things but meh its just an xmas pressie.
thanx v much! =D <<very very cool site that may help u in your search
how much for the teisco guitar and amp?? or each individually?
ok so i want to use the basic box of my old 15w MG and then put in a home-made amp thing. i've read in various places that amps can b leathal cos of built up voltages or sumthing. just like 2 no things that i could do that would mean i dont kill myself in the process that dont involve anything 2 complicated.

1) dont say "dont do it" thats just not helpful!

2) dont say "take it 2 a professional" cos thats nt possible where i live unfortunately. ]

so yeah any help on keeping me alive would much appreciated
thats a shame, hope u find more people. try and avertise in a local shop window or similar, that may wrk.
I live in llandrindod in powys so probs nt near enough i must admit its damn hard finding people to jam with in this annoyingly rural country!! lol where abouts r u in north wales?
Student, paperboy (nt 4 much longer yay!) and a Catering Assisstant
google kisekae virtual guitar
sixwingmortal - 8.325
u cant compare them reli cos they are in two different events. but you must admit that being the fastest runner in the world deserves sum credit!
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Well done Pat


Edit: congrats to every1 else as well
6 A*'s and 4 A's I AM SOOO HAPPY!!! and its all thanx 2 u guys well i did spend more time on UG than i did revising!! :P