Hendrix and Duane Allmand man, if they would have survived, the mainstream music scene in the 70's and 80's would have been completely different (probobly a whole lot better) than it turned out being.
I've played a couple Hamer les paul copies which were pretty good but about the same price as the Epi Les Paul Standard any overall they seem to make low priced copies of Gibsons. You know musiciansfriend carries some of their stuff
You gotta love hendrix for all along the watchtower
Hey man, what I did was listened to alot of hendrix and clapton and then got the main riff for the song online and tried to play the solo out by ear. After about 6 months of doing that I can do passable solos without having to think about what scale to use all the time. Oh and try this trick, don't look at the fingerboard. Play it by ear cause otherwise you put too much thought into the technicalities and not into the music intime it'll come naturally. Oh one more thing if your soloing tap your foot to keep the rythym. as basic as that sounds nothing will turn a kickass solo into a steaming pile of **** faster than going way off tempo.
You just need a wah with fuzz and if you got single coils you should be good to go
Okay man, check out for the cap (the cap is only for looks anyway) and to take off the knobs put masking tape on the end of a flathead screwdriver (so you don't scratch the guitar) and pry off the buttons. Don't be afraid it isn't going to snap anything it'll just pop the knob right off. Oh for more info on stuff like that go to
What's wrong with ebay?
Does anybody Know how the fretwork is on theese though? I've owned some cheap imports that nearly cut my fingers off the frets were so rough
Okay, check your local newspaper section classifieds (got a sweet deal on a Peavy amp from there) or else just go to your local gibson dealer see snd what **** they got
Have you looked at getting a used standard gibson SG?
Yeah, I heard about this guitar company called agile(that was mentioned on this site) that makes copies of American guitars for cheap. Checked out the web site looked at reviews and I saw a guitar that interested me, the AL-2000 (Les Paul Copy) I checked out all the features and the price was only $150 something. Now this seems kind just a little shady to me. I checked out all the online reviews for it and they seem good but I was wondering if you guys had any experiance with this or other Agile stuff. Oh and if you know about any better Les Paul copies in the $200 let me Know too.
Alright, I probobly wouldn't be writing this thread if I wasn't so frustrated I could almost tear my hair out. Okay heres a bit of a backstory, I am a guitarist who switched over from bass a year ago who is starting a blues/rock band. I could NOT find a bass player anywhere in my town who was not already in a band. So I decided to have my friend (who's a guitarist) use my old bass rig for the band. So everything is fine and good and we've been going at this for like a month now practicing and all that fun stuff and getting pretty good. Now we need a singer, well can't find that so I guess I have to sing and were gonna be a power trio. Next we need a drummer. THERE ARE NO AVAILABLE DRUMMERS IN MY TOWN OF 150,000 PEOPLE! I'll say one thing, drummers are damn good hiders. Been checking newspapers, local music stores, venues and **** and there is no one advertising who is still in high school. Checked all over my school of 3,000 people, still no one. SO PLEASE any suggestions on finding a drummer I mean ANY. Oh, thanks for putting up with my rant.
Yeah but is the SZ320 really a blues guitar? I just checked it out and it looks like its meant more for metal
I just Bought a Behringer 120watt V-ampire combo modeling amp for the same price as a 30 watt Vox valvetronix. Dosen't sound quite as good but dosen't sound that much different that you should have that much less power. Really the main thing is the cabinet simulations on the Behinger don't match up to the Vox but it's wah-wah is one of the best I've heard.
Thanks for the advice man but Solid Bodies are what I'm looking for (already gots an acoustic)
Yeah, I'm looking at making an upgrade in terms of guitars and I am only willing to spend about $400. I play mostly blues and hard rock through a 50's tube amp. I've alredy got a custum fat strat and an Epi Les Paul 100 and am looking for a better clean tone.
Okay first off Germany is on OUR side (America)(Really I've got reletives who live in Germany) and Russia really doesn't care what happens to Iran so that just leaves China. And without us who would buy their crappy plastic stuff and Epiphones?
What's up. I'm new (obviously) and I wanted to throw a question out there. I am the lead guitarist/singer/frontman in a blues and hardrock band. Somewhat advanced guitar player having switched over from 4 year bass stint 6 months ago. Now you see I have a kind of Custum Fat strat that I use for shows and I have two decent amps and I want a second opinion on what I should use Live. I've tried both and can't decide. On one hand I have a brand new 120 watt Behringer V-ampire modeling on the pther I have a Vintage Bogen 60 watt all Tube. V-ampire has all the 30 some effects and simulations but the tube has way better sustain and clean. They're both about the same volume and projection so that's not an issue. Thanks for actually reading this.