Nothing constructive to add, but I love this thread. I've been a little out of the loop, musically speaking, since about '08 and was just going to come on here and ask a similar question.
Anyone know of any good jazz influenced stuff? I looked on the first page, but didn't see anything related to that.
If they don't have a semester system, then what do they have?

I have two on my b-day. :/
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Stage divers are almost always completely obnoxious.... ESPECIALLY when they do it more than twice.

Seriously... Do you really need to crowd surf 5 times during a show? Just stop. Nobody likes you.

I hate them. If I can manage to make enough space to drop them, I usually do.
Last day of classes. Just wish I didn't have to go through exams.
Eh. I could think of better tours. It would certainly be fun though.
I'm just starting a collection.

Spidey Sessions 7" - Redemption 87
The Shit Split 12" - Blatz/Filth
Live the Chaos 7" - Filth
^ Good lord. I don't even lock my car where I live.
You know, I originally liked Crash Love more than DU when it first came out. Now I'm not so sure. I still enjoy it, I guess. But at the same time it seems to me like a good portion of the record is them sucking Simon Le Bon's phallus.
They did Totalimmortal as a closer when I saw them in '06.

And I definitely agree about Torch Song vs. Medicate. I'm so tired of that song.
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it's called third wave ska.

It's up for debate. I've heard several people discuss Streetlight as 4th wave.
I'm thinking firing Craig might be career suicide.

We'll see.
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Can you blame him? With ridiculous fans like those you were talking about stalking him like some kinda of demi-God. **** I would make sure to stay the hell away from them too. It's damn nice of him to even come out with the way things are. I always respect artists with crazy fans like those if they still try to show themselves and if they don't, it's their life.

I hear he's sick now too, which might have been part of it. They cancelled their show tonight because Davey isn't feeling well.
Davey and Claudio Sanchez are my top two that I draw inspiration from.
I talked to Adam and Hunter. They're such nice guys.

Had to leave before Davey came out though. It was the three hour drive back home. And I noticed those fans. They pissed me the hell off.
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The Lantern in blacksburg used to give the bands free food, free beers and a cut of both door and bar money. It was pretty sweet.

Too bad those guys sucked at running a music venue and were c*nts about trying to play shows there.

Did it go out of business?
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That's ridiculous!
Why wouldn't they let you mosh?
Sh*t's messed...

The security is crazy tight. I don't know why the don't let people mosh, but they're really strict about it. The whole show, there were like...two or three guys (maybe more) that I saw (big giant ones) just standing in the crowd, keeping people from doing it.
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Really? That was probably the tamest show I've ever seen. AFI was good, but security wouldn't let anyone move around at all. That venue is now on my shitlist with the Norva.

I was sort of let down by the set list, but Love is a Many Splendored Thing and Days of the Phoenix were highlights for me. I was hoping to hear No Poetic Device.

Yeah, I know they weren't letting people mosh. It's more my ribs than anything. I was up at the barrier an had my ribs crushed pretty much the whole time.

I really wanted No Poetic Device too. I was happy with Love is a Many Splendored Thing though.
I just got back from the Richmond show.

I hurt.
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Correct on both accounts
Do you ever say anything that isn't 100% inarguable?

That's the one the play is based on right?

Yes. I have no idea how to interpret the ending though.
I'm watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Freaking bizarre movie, but good.

It's about a tranny glam rocker.
Dying part of my hair green.
I can't explain it, but those fans just infuriate me. Like, I'd consider myself a nice person, but they all make me want to beat the ever loving sh*t out of them.
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I was on the despair faction section of AFI's OMB and there was a buncha like kids whining that they didn't like AFI picking Gallows because they thought it was very irresponsible that they did because "Gallows is too heavy and get the pits going too hard. It was really scary they shoulda had Ally and AJ open for or someone like that." I was shocked at how much of a ****ing pussy people can be. AFI was a HARDCORE PUNK band for Christ sakes. Hell I still overall consider them a punk band. You complaining about mosh pits at a punk show...

Dumb ****s. I was ecstatic that something like Gallows was there. It's more fun if the pit is better. I will personally make it my mission to start a pit anywhere I see a fan like that. >:[
I'm actually really looking forward to Gallows. I hadn't heard of them before I knew they were opening, but I looked them up. And yes...the singer can beat the **** out of anyone. It's fairly impressive.
They seem really good this tour. I have a friend who's been to a couple shows already and she says it's better than last tour.
Afi on Monday! Psyched.
I think it's sad that so much of the movement has turned into bashing people who think differently.
Drummers are the ****.

I prefer male ones though.
Daddy Warbux - Anti-Flag
I love Hoboken. And Bad Town. And The Crowd. And Unity. Hell, I love pretty much the entire Engery reissue.
Dynamics crushes my soul. :[
I drove six or seven once. I usually have to drive at least four hours to go to just about any of the larger bands.
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Nah I haven't been there before. From what I've heard though it sounds a lot like the Norva, so I'm not particularly excited about the venue.

I've been there once. The crowd was pretty small. Probably 300 people, tops. I haven't been to the Norva when it was that small, but I've heard security are jerks there when it's that small. Security at the National weren't jerks when I was there. Although maybe they'll turn into jerks with a bigger crowd. Who knows.
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I'll be there also.

Have you been to the National before? What do you think of it?
I saw them during the DU tour. It was pretty good, although the common consensus so far is that they're much better this time around.
A Single Second - Afi
I think I would be unhappy to have poo thrown on me. :/
I'm seeing them on the 19th. I'm so excited. Gonna be screwed for school the next day because it's a four hour drive though. I've seen the gold pants too. They look terrible.

I hope like hell they do Nyquil, Don't Make Me Ill, or No Poetic Device.