It's kind of ska, with a bit of punk, white people ska. With a dub section at about 1 minute. If you enjoyed the song you posted I would recommend you the history lesson of this song from the 60s & 70s Jamaica.

I hope you enjoy
Have a spare guitar, if you break a string, or two, it's not good to keep the audience waiting for however long while you replace it, especially if your role is vital.
I'd rather see them giving people bibles, letting them read it and think for themselves, than feed them dodgey interpretations at their church.
A while ago I came across a Jen Crybaby super, it came without a power supply, so i used my adjustable one, set it to 9V DC, plugged in guitar and amp, and it ran straight through, which I think means that the power was going through, but it wasn't adjusting the sound with the pedal, so there must be something wrong with the circuit.

I don't have the power supply any more, so i guess the first step would be to buy new battery/power supply, but knowing anything else i might need to buy would be helpful so i can go once, and know how much it will cost.

I know there's a long thread on modding wahs, but i'm a newbie in this field and i just would like to get it to work before modding.

thanks in advance
I find this to be accurate. On the really fast part you gotta play both down and up with the pick . its tricky, but really feels good when you get it right
possibly £10-15 per head, maybe higher or lower. Maybe even just a small cut of the entrance fee (say 10% of the door, £10 entrance, you get £1 for every person who shows up, divided amongst all the members)
sup everybody, this is my first post here, i have added a few tabs in my time, i been trying to work out this one tune for along time now. i think the record has been detuned a bit so i find it hard to work out what key, which is how i usually work out songs

the song is "bonnie and shyne" by Shyne, and its got an acoustic guitar on there, the part doesnt sound too complex, but its a bit subtle

thanks to anyone who can help me