no but woulndt it sound like...weird??
Iron maiden is a true metal band that rules and will rule for days to come especially with their new album out... solos are like worthy of rock hall of fame dont u think??
uhh grow mild facial hair and get 5 members and make a boy band?
I got a great solution...Wait till u get the cash and buy a new cheap one or just play without an amp sounds like an acoustic with steel strings and thats aight to me so...problem solved more or less.
Bullet For My valentine should but it might be U2 who knows
BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE DEFINETLY 100% Disturbed, Atreyu, and A7X come close.
P.s whats with the whole tool thing? their songs are way too long no offense
Ex's and Oh's - Atreyu
Blurry - Puddle of Mudd
Blow Me Away - Breakin Benjamin
Definetly Blink 182 I mean that was one of the most mood lifting bands out there like serusly
Joey 100 i think the song by nirvana ur thinking of is called Depressed and ya that is a pretty sad song but the saddest song is like a tie between 3 : Curses or The end by Bullet For My Valentine or Lonely Day by System Of a Down