It's sick. It's hybrid, but it still has awesome cleans and pretty decent crunch. It's loud as hell too, plenty of headroom. And only $337 on ebay.
Hey, I haven't posted in this thread (or on UG) for a while, but I thought you guys would appreciate my new amp. Roland Bolt 100. Sorry for the shitty cell phone picture.

Well, the Tone Wicker is just a Little Big Muff plus some switches, so if you have the money for the Tone Wicker, go for it.
The demo sounds pretty good, although it could be the amp. Try and find one to try out at your local music store or something, I know Carl Martin for making good products, but haven't heard much of this pedal. It'd probably be good, it's just more a matter if it's the sound that you're looking for.
Seriously, only one suggestion for a used DL4? it sounds perfect for this. If you can't find a DL4 for that cheap, you could still get an Echo Park at least.
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Yeah man that's gotta hurt like hell, the worst that ever happened to me was I dropped my amp, a peavey TNT-100(which ways about 200 lbs), on my foot and broke my toe lol...
@ boboguitar, that's cool cause ill be useing it for stuff where I need a varying sound cause I'm gonna be using it for my normal punk and grunge (mostly soundgarden and nirvana), and chili peppers stuff, and then all the instrumental/experimental/noise sh*t I've been getting into lately.
Oh and also you didn't answer about the frets, do they need any work done out of the box.

I didn't do any work on my frets, I think they feel fine. The neck isn't the smoothest, but I'm fine with it. If you really don't like it, I still think it'd be worth the price to get a new neck for it over buying a more expensive guitar.
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If your talking bout the one with the jazzmaster trem then yes...
Also I've been reading bout it and it says the fret work is bad with over hangs and frets that aren't totally smooth, is it really as bad as they make it out to be?
Cause I've had a bad case of GAS for either that or the new GFS jazzmaster copies.
I think ill go with the sx though....
Also how are the pups I've heard they either don't adjust propperly (hight wise) and that the bridge aint as loud as the neck. thanx.

Yea, that's the one. I haven't tried adjusting the pickups, but it's not that the bridge pickup isn't as loud as the neck for me, but there is a HUGE difference in sound when you switch pickups. I personally like the versatility, but it's not for everyone.
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No its model name is sx sjm-60
Its got a weird shape that looks like the bastardized love child of a jazzmaster and a rhoads V if that makes sense to you

If you mean the SJM-62, I have one and it's great. Plays really nicely, sounds great. Definitely go for it, you can't go wrong for that price.
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That small clone looks right in my range, i will have to test all those out at my next visit to GC, might also be getting a tubescreamer/boost of some sort, if youd all be willing help me out with that perhaps?

I heard just a regular tubescreamer, like the ts808 will had some nice bite and clarity to my lead channel, im really just looking to tighten the tone up as well, keep that nice bottom end, will the 808 do that? or are their cheaper options for a pretty good tone? (not looking for the highest end professional stuff, not gigging for the world afterall)

If you're just looking for something to tighten up your tone and to be used as a boost, you could probably just get a Bad Monkey. Although it tends to get muddy if you use it for OD.
JCMs don't really fit the sound you were describing. Marshalls are very british voiced, while Dream Theater sounds way more modern. But if you like the sound of the Marshall, it's up to you.
Used Mark IV would probably be your best bet.
Multi effect --> modeling amp probably won't sound good. What's the Zoom even have that you want so much that the Valvetronix doesn't?
You could get a T-rex Tonebug reverb for $150
Line 6 M13. You can set up the synth as a harmonizer with the right settings.
Also, a TC Electronics G-Major has a harmonizer if you're ok with using a rack.
Do you want crazy sounds or just a subtle flange?

For crazy, you could go an Ibanez AF-2
For subtle, either an Ibanez FL9 (the reissue) or an Electric Mistress.
Line 6 M9 is $400 USD new. If I were you, that's what I'd go for. It's one of the best sound multi-effects I've heard. I know you said you'd want to get an ME-70, but everything still will be right there with the M9.
Just get a 6505 1x12 combo. I doubt you really need "epic" cleans. The cleans aren't good on it, but it has good metal drive and that's probably more what you want.
Line 6 M9/M13? They're the best multi-effects around in my opinion. They're more expensive than most other multi-effects though, but well worth it compared to how much you'd spend on all that they have built into them. Their models are a lot better than most modelers.
They both should be able to get somewhat close to Electric Wizard tone. The Aenima is a heavier, more all-out fuzz, while the Hyperion is somewhat tamer (don't worry, it can still get heavy). It's more personal preference.
The new MGs are a lot better than the older models, but you could still do better with a Vypyr or a Valvetronix.
You should put all your pedals BEFORE the Jamman. Everything should sound better that way.
The Harmony Man would give you the most options, so you'd probably like it the best, even if it is expensive. You could also try and find an old Boss HR-2 for cheap, it's designed especially for harmonizing. If you want something new, though, you could probably get a Boss PS-5, it has pitch shifting too, and one harmonizer mode.
Maxon OD808
Tube Screamer
Fulltone OCD
Definitely the Small Clone.
Actually, it's probably better for classic rock and hard rock from the 80's. For more modern higher-gain stuff, you'll probably need an OD to boost it. What exactly do you mean by "modern music"?
Amp distortion + OD would sound the most organic.
Digitech JamMan Looper. It has 99 slots to save pre-made loops into.
I know he uses a Keeley modded DS-1 for distortion. You could probably get close with MXR distortion + EQ?
Supposedly the reliability issues have been fixed in the newer Bugeras, but I haven't had any personal experience with them.
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The purple pedal, what is it?

Lovepedal Pickle Vibe

Also, what a great deal on that amp. HNAD.
Those pedals for $120 each? Probably a Barber Dirty Bomb for distortion. Honestly, I've never heard a good sounding acoustic simulation pedal. For wah, go an Ibanez WH10V2.