2 x Paramore at the Manchester Apollo.

3 x My Bloody Valentine at the Apollo again.
My friend with his face right next to mine with an expression like 0_0.

It was one of the scariest moments in my life.
Less Than Zero - Bret Easton Ellis
The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath
The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things - JT LeRoy (aka Laura Albert)
Choke - Chuck Palahniuk

All great reads.
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I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning by Bright Eyes. ****ing masterpiece

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Pfft, why is everyone suggesting Fight Club as a Chuck Palahniuk book to do the report on? Go for "Haunted" instead.

He wants a short book. Hauted is about 400 pages long. I would have suggested Lullaby or Invisible Monsters over Fight Club if lengh was not an issue. Fight Club is just shorter.
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on a side note is the fight club book anything like the movie? i might just put that on my personal reading list and pick it up

It's a lot better than the film in my opinion. Same story just some differences in events.

EDIT: Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis is amazing too. Palahniuk and Ellis are quite similar writers.
Animal Farm is a good one. Chuck Palaniuk has some good shortish ones, Fight Club and Choke are quite short.
'While my mother waters plants
My father loads his guns
He says death will give us back to God
Just like this setting sun is returned to this lonesome ocean'

At The Bottom of Everything - Bright Eyes

The whole song is pretty much amazing.
Mushrooms. They are so gross.
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One question.

Why? There are so many pretty piercings... why would you want a metal mole?

Well, it's the only piercing that I like. I was considering snakebites but they weren't what I truly wanted. I like the look of them and it suits me.
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Wtf is monroe piercing ?

That's not my face btw.
I got a Monroe last Thursday and the swelling has gone down now, so my bar is too big for me.

The thing is, is it better to leave my current bar in for another week or so or should I get a smaller one today?

I've looked on various sites but they haven't helped me much. If anyone has had this kind of piercing could you help me out.

It's pretty funny listening to people sleep talking.

My friend once shouted "Arr, fucking bitch! Die!"

All I ever say is "I wasn't even there", according to my friends.
I love Shaant Hacikyan's voice.
And Forrest Kline's is quite similar, so I like that too.
I was at my grandma's house with my boyfriend and it was pretty cold so I was wearing my his jacket, which was made by Head so it had "Head" and the logo on it.

As we leave my grandma says "Hmm, it seems you like head since meeting Jack."

I died inside.
So far tonight I went on a 1/2 mile run in the park and Ive drank about 4 glasses of water. I'm going to run more and drink more water and have smaller meals (I was thinking quite a large breakfast small lunch and very small tea).
Hopefully I will see results in the next few weeks.
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How many pounds in a stone?

14 I think.
Yeah, 9 stone.
So far I'm going to be running up the stairs, skipping, step ups and such. I supose drinking lots of water will help too.
Thanks alot.
I'm not fat by any means, I just noticed my legs are getting slightly chubby and I wanted to know the quickest way to lose weight on my legs in 5 weeks (I'm going on holiday then).
I'm a girl, 9st and about 5"7.
Odd. I used to fall asleep all the time in secondary school. I only got caught once and my teacher asked me if I was okay.
Jus say you felt ill so you put your head on the desk and the next thing you knew you were asleep.
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American History in the 1800s and early 1900s.

Oldham/Saddlworth area.
From ages 14 - 16, male or female, only basic skill needed. Must be dedicated.
Influences mainly pop-punk, alternative and 90's rock.
Contact at or
Preparing for tour next year.
I'm the same. I have 3 best friends and we are always together. One is moving away. So soon I'll only have 2 friends. It doesn't really matter though. As long as you are happy with the few friends you have everything is okay.
Two years ago (I was 14), I thought I'd never like pop-punk.
These are my favourite bands now:
Panic! At The Disco,
Cute Is What We Aim For,
Head Automatica.

I NEVER thought I'd like those band. I wasn't a fan of poppy, electronic music. It show you how things change. I still like alot of punk and alyernative but I'd definatly say power pop/electronica pop.
I-Doser is crap, it doesn't even work.
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Ah, musicrivals that's the one I was looking for, thanks!

No problem.
I think life is what we make of it but I think that we can judge how our lives will turn out to a certain extent.

One of my favourite short stories is about that. A guy's girlfriend is dying and he leaves her. When his friend asks him why he left he replies "I don't want to stick around because I know how the movie (his girlfriend's life) is going to end."
Fizzy Vimto.
I've been playing guitar for about 4 years with one year of classical training. I spent about 3 and a half years perfecting rhythm which I think I am very good about. Now I'm trying to perfect lead and improvisation. I'm terrible at lead.

People say I'm a hell of a guitarist but I strongly disagree. The only thing I agree with is that I can "play the shit out of chords."
I never had a bottle or a dummy as a baby, which is the reason my teeth are perfect. I've never been to McDonalds either.
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4/5 King Crimson owns

Teet-The Melvins
Imitation of Life-REM
The ballad of Johnny Burma-Mission of Burma
I am trying to break your heart-Wilco
Not in rivers, but in drops-Isis


Star Power - Sonic Youth
Rude Boys Outa Jail - The Specials
Cut-Out - John Frusciante
Vamos - Pixies
Under The Bridge - RHCP
Alice in Chains
Cure, the
Don McLean
Eric's Trip
Frank Zappa
Green Day
John Frusciante
Killers, the
Lou Reed
Smashing Pumpkins
Towers of London
Velvet Underground
White Stripes, the
X-Ray Spex
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Smirnoff isn't exactly expensive stuff either

Obviously, but I'm talking about the £3 stuff that burns your taste buds off.
Vodka, not the cheap stuff. Smirnoff usually.

Russian politics now sponsored by Smirnoff!
Marlboro Lights oder Richmond.
It's easy for me to get alcohol. I'm 16 and if I want anything I just get this guy I know, who is 19, to get it for me and my friends. It's so easy to get away with it. A few weeks ago I got absolutly smashed on vodka at an outdoor party, passed out on a bench and woke up in some house, didn't have a clue where I was, and my mum never found out.

I don't get drunk very often, but I had finished school that night, so I was celebrating.
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help with Mad Dog mission! i get like two seconds before he jumps, and no, it is not downloaded

That's a glich in some games. No way to beat that mission, you'll have to start a new game.
More than a line:

"The more you change the less you feel,
Believe, believe in me, believe,
That life can change, that you're not stuck in vain,
We're not the same, we're different tonight."

Tonight, Tonight - Smashing Pumpkins.
I like Marlboro Lights when I have the moeny, which is not often. I buy Richmond Superkings usually. If I really am rich I'll buy Lucky Strikes.