jorecazu003 I will soon; the top is sanded down and what is left it to seal and finish it in light tint then gloss clearcoat. I took off the tuners to clean and polish them and Yamaha Japan is on the back of each. The G255S was a solid top spruce guitar near the top of the Yamaha line. Rosewood sides and back and real ebony fretboard .... mine has no fret wear. Mine will look quite nice when ready. in a few weeks if you still have an interest and it will be in eBay, most likely. The G255S is getting harder to find and beat most any of the Cordobas (I played a C9 and owned the Studio Negra flamenco crossover and had a C7 a while).
greasemnky I have owned most everything over 30 years, except Martin. They are good for folk and bluegrass and are priced too high (because people will pay it for a poorly set up guitar with micarta saddle and nut) ... My vote at best value is surprising. At about $500-700, the Breedloves shine. Good electronics and tuner and very nice acoustically and handsome guitars. For straight acoustic, sit down... Fender has a mahogany dreadnaught with no electronics for $200 list at SamAsh. I played 3 of them and they are so good I was tempted. Good looks, sound remarkable, and the setup was plenty good enough. Adjustment is needed for any guitar and best left to a setup guy unless you have developed skills like me (I can deepen not slots, adjust HB polepieces, rewire to a 4-way Tele or add an 'on-demand' neck toggle for a Strat, set the action on any guitar (not Bigsby).
necroscience13 ... I agree. Tuners that are smooth and positive will not wear out for a very long time ! And pickups may be 'good enough' for a lot less than big names. I live in Lindy's town and my pals are his friends. So they can get pickups at dealer cost. But the rule is : spend the $ on a good amp, specifically a good speaker for it. An ordinary guitar with pretty good pups (like GFS, Dragonfire, etc.) into a good Fender tube amp (mine is a '73 Princeton Reverb with a nice Celestion in it) makes a big difference and shows you just how pickups sound.