Dude, this is incredible!
This is a Parody of American Pie... Written by Caleb Mattingly for Honors World History on the events leading up to the Glorious Revolution in England.

G D Em
A not so long time ago,
Am C
In some kingdoms across the sea,
Em G D
A war of religion raged.
G D Em
And Liz thought maybe pirate Raleigh,
Could push and plunder Spain’s mighty Galley’s,
Em C D
And make England the greatest nation ever.
Em Am
But their response it didn’t thrill her.
Em Am
Spain sent assassins to try and kill her,
C G Am
She escaped from that fright,
But fought Spain’s navy with all their might.
G D Em
The Duke of Medina thought he’d win,
Am D
Divine Intervention with no sin,
G D Em
But storms were a force they couldn’t fight,
And thus, Queen Liz, Survived.

G C Em D
Oh My, My, Spanish Armada Die!
Go try it somewhere else because Liz made Phillip cry.
He wanted her hand but she told him bye-bye,
Em Am
Saying we will never ever ally!
Em Am
Because I need an Anglican guy.

G D Em
Did you know about James the First,
Am C
His spending and policies were the worst,
Em G D
And Guy Fawkes almost let him meet his end.
G D Em
Ah, he founded Jamestown in 1607,
Am C
And made Puritans want to go to Heaven.
Em C D
Yeah, he persecuted them pretty heavily.
Em D
Well we know he hated Protestants,
Em D
And Parliament wasn’t happy with him,
C G A7
He tried to set Chuck (Charles) up,
C D7
But the Puritans had enough!
G D Em
Ooo! He was a King that thought it was his right,
Am C
Not by blood but by Gods foresight,
G D Em
The people saw his actions in black and white,

C D7 G C G
Oh yes, his reign was done.

And so we’re singing!
Oh My, My, James the First was too high,
He was close to being killed by a Fawkes of a guy!
His Catholic beliefs made him keep a blind eye,
On the Puritans that helped England fly!

Now we finally get to King Charles the first,
The one with a head so big it could burst,
It made Cromwell so mad that he’d revolt.
They called the Royal army Cavaliers,
Though the Roundheads fought without a fear,
Of what would happen if they’d lose.
You know, there is a lot of talk about clichés and forced rhymes, but Bree, you need to draw the line between how far you'll compromise with your song lyrics and how individual you want to remain. You're writing is your own as long as it comes from your own thoughts so when someone says it's cliché, maybe it is... in THEIR mind. I'm not saying that I wouldn't agree, but I'm also saying that these lyrics are your own and you don't need to conform to what other people think they should be. Obviously you should take constructive criticism, but it's up to you to figure out how far you'll go to please people. You just need to remember that no matter what, you can't make everyone happy.


Kindness is a language the blind can see and the deaf can hear.
-Mark Twain
I enjoyed it. What kind of chord progression do you use?
Well that sounds great man! Not very many people like our type of music here on UG. My email is Let me know where you'd like to start.
I use mixcraft but my equipment is in storage for a couple more months. Do you have any samples of things you've played/made?
Wow. That was amazing. 4.5/5
That would be awesome actually! Do you have any recording equipment?
Hey, I'm Caleb! I'm looking for some guys that are into some softer rock stuff along the lines of: John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Ben Rector, and Jason Mraz (to name a few). After reading all the posts for the past few months, most of the "rock" I've found has tended to be more in the Metal category. So I figured I'd see if anybody's interested in working together through online recording and such to see what we can get together. I write my own songs and I love to cover the artists listed above. Let me know if you're interested! Looking for anybody interested in it.


Kindness is a language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
-Mark Twain
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Hey guys, as the title says, I need someone who can help me with recording some vocals for one of my original acoustic songs. Nothing too fancy or something, I just want to see one of my ideas finished and I would be glad if someone here can help me. If you are interested, PM me or write here and we will discuss the details!

What's the song?
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Not knocking metal at all it still is why I started music. But not what I wanna do.
So looking for any writers, guitarist, singers, anyone who can record and email tracks back and forth. Indie of any styles. Strokes, hot hot heat, kings of Leon. I like anything.
Let me know if interested

Hey there!
I'm Caleb! I'm 16 and I love music! Before I begin, I want you to forget my age until you finish reading because as you've probably told older girls (or older guys have told you ladies) -- age is but a number. I've been a member on UG long enough to see there are people on this site that WANT TO MAKE MUSIC. And they're TALENTED enough to DO IT. I'm looking for some awesome people that want to make awesome music. I'm not really into screamo/rap... Mainly into COUNTRY and CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN music along with CLASSIC/MODERN ROCK. Now, you are probably thinking that I'm JUST ANOTHER poster on UG looking to START an ONLINE BAND. Well you're PARTIALLY RIGHT. I just want some guys that want to play good music and have a chance to GET THE MUSIC TO THE TOP PRODUCERS in these different genres. Anyways, I write songs, play guitar, alittle bass, some drums, piano/keyboard, some violin, alto sax, and harmonica. I like to HAVE FUN with MUSIC, but I'm also SERIOUS ABOUT IT. Hope you are to if you respond, and please, no haters ;P
Thanks for taking the time to read this,
If you want to collaborate and maybe get some songs together that'd be pretty cool. I need to get some for my EP. Maybe you could play keys and record that, then send it to me. We could email the tracks back and forth.. If you're interested, hit me up at: (Very into country and contemporary christian music) Also like clasic/modern rock. We ccan talk more if you send me an email. Thanks.
I live in NJ? I'm 16? Not really proffessional but I take my music seriously! What kind of music are we talking about?
Does a rhythm guitarist work man? I've never tried to do Dance/Hip-Hop before? More into country, blues, and rock... But hey, if there are chords then I can play them!
God Bless,
Well, I mean, if we could chat with each other, that would make everything a LOT easier. I suppose I could make a UG band page? We need a name to the band yet, and I'm pretty sure we still need to get some songs written. Brainstorm some ideas for the name of the band, maybe try to write a song or two, just see what comes to you. If you find anything catchy, jot it down, type it up, ect. and PM it to me, or post it on here. With bands I've been in, the name of the band has been symbolic of something, and had a deeper meaning. I agree whole-heartedly that it should. Hope the drummer's audition goes well.. Any chance you could video it and post it on youtube? Then put it on here? I'd love to hear him play myself, even though I'm not currently there. Btw, a word of WARNING: I am VERY serious/committed to bands adn when I join one, I tend to get a lot of gigs. I now have connections to a couple producing companies. I plan to take the band I'm in to the "big leagues" so I'll need you all to be serious about this. I don't mean I'm ALL practice and no fun. Just that I want to take it a long way. Anyways, I haven't had time to record anything, so just look me up on youtube. (madcaleb165) Just like my UG name. I only have a couple vids up, and my newest one was for a competition. I entered too late, but hey, it was good practice.
Send me a message when you get some ideas!
P.S. - The guitars idea sounds good to me, although I may still play unplugged acoustic.
Not at all, just wondering. Lol sounds fun! I'll do my best!
Sounds awesome man! Can you make a recording of it, and email it to me? ( Thanks!
Interested! When can I see the lyrics? (Obviously with blues you gotta feel it when singing ;P ) haha, I love to sing blues though! Is it fast or slow? And what is the chord progression, for I could play a little to get me on the right track!
Hey, I'm a singer, I love christian music, although I'm more contemporary. I play rhythm guitar and I can hold my own witha ton of other instruments including keyboard. I'll be moving to Winchester, VA this summer, not sure how far that is from Virginia Beach? Sounds cool though, and if anything, I cod record my voice and send it to you?

Facebook: Caleb Harwood Mattingly
Lol this is taking a bit longer then I anticipated. I plan ot have it done by the end of the week? Just trying some different songs, firguring out which ones work and which don't. So who would be the lead guitarist for the group? Drummer? And Bassist? Obviously, I could play rhythm and sing, but I'd love to "meet" the whole group. Maybe a Facebook group I could join? (Caleb Harwood Mattingly is my name and the profile pic is me, holding my blue acoustic guitar.) Thanks man!
I can get it done whenever you need it done by! (Although the more time, the better) I have to learn all the words to the song and melody and such. Would it be ok if I added some harmonies into it that arn't there to begin with? Also, how fast do you want it to be? I can set the metronome? Most likely I'll put a karaoke recording as one of the tracks and just record my voice with that. (I need that to keep me on track lol) Also, who will be hearing this? If you don't mind me asking.
I could do it? Do you want me to have the track playing with it? Would you like me to play guitar and add drums/bass in? How would you like me to do it? I really like the song though! Very upbeat! (I have equipment for recording, I can hit the notes, and I can record both background voices and main vocals).
I'll try to get it recorded and up today. Is it ok if I sing a country song?
Quote by fenderlespaul15
Yea thats where I first heard it too... *Maybe. I dont personally think any of us has any sort of voice, but maybe we'll sound better with instruments blasting. Also, the other guitarists siad he had singing "potential", but im pretty sure he was kidding

Alright, Would you like me to record something and post it on youtube for you to listen to?
OH MY GOSH!!!! I just looked up the song and I DO know it!!!! (Aka. Rock band) I very much like that song and it would be awesome to cover it. Can either of you guys sing harmonies?
Quote by fenderlespaul15
we definitely want to cover "today" and maybe mayonaise and 1 or 2 others just to get ourselves in sync

Lol I'm not familiar with dreamish... Today by...? And I'm mostly into contemporary Christian music along with (modern) country, and rock.. Classic and modern. If you truly needed me to, I could send you my vocals, and you guys can just get the other stuff together until I finally move here. Are you familiar with the James Wood High School?
I enjoyed your vocals! Awesome job! And... Mud.
Well... What instruments are you needing?
Pardon me, I have 5 guitars... A keyboard, a harmonica, and a couple other miscellaneous I instruments
Oops I forgot, I made it sound like I don't have a guitar lol. I have 5.. 1 classical, 2 acoustics, and 2 electrics... Although the electrics and one of the acoustics need fixed... hope that helps!
Quote by fenderlespaul15
Winchesters kind of a drive but if your interested we can probably make it work. We finally found a drummer, but we still need a bassist and a singer (not sure where you can get ur hands on a bass though) Were all freshmen, but we can all play pretty well (I have a year on the guitar, but i can pretty much shred short solos and do whatever, the other guitarist has 6 years and hes good, havent auditioned the drummer yet but he says he has 2 years)

Singer - I'm your guy! Actually, I'm literally in PA right t this moment on the way to winchester to look at land with the family lol. We move here around July... How far exact would I be from you all? Also, if you got solos, and the other guy could ply rhythm, or the other way around then I may be able to play some piano/keyboard! I have a ton of original songs I've been working on... Not sure what style/genre you want though so.... I suppose I could send them to you guys for criticism.
I'm a singer, pretty darn good actually (military brat so when i lived in Europe I was the 13th best tenor in all of Europe *DODDs high schools*). I've been playing guitar for a year and a half and I've picked up on it very quickly. I can also play piano, harmonica, alto sax, some rusty violin (lol), bass, and drums (although I lack all but the harmonica and piano). I have my own recording equipment (mixcraft and an Audiobox VSL). I've been in 3 bands so far and I'm a sophomore in High School (in the USA now). Thanks for the time.
P.S. I am moving to Winchester, VA in the summer... Not sure how close that is to Prince William? I am also 16 years old. Tenor/Bari/Bass (All guy range vocalist).
I'm a singer, pretty darn good actually (military brat so when i lived in Europe I was the 13th best tenor in all of Europe *DODDs high schools*). I've been playing guitar for a year and a half and I've picked up on it very quickly. I can also play piano, harmonica, alto sax, some rusty violin (lol), bass, and drums (although I lack all but the harmonica and piano). I have my own recording equipment (mixcraft and an Audiobox VSL). I've been in 3 bands so far and I'm a sophomore in High School (in the USA now). Thanks for the time.
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not sure if its going to be the chorus or not. as for changing "but aint it pretty" to "and it aint pretty" flips the whole dynamic of what im trying to get across i think, i'm trying to say that, at least for me personally, faking emotions and putting up a wall is how i deal with myself in the social strata.

and yea im unsure about the "days smoking weed" im trying to think of better metaphors for i guess laziness and general lack of drive. but also it is the reason as to why im lazy ahah

I see your point, although the phrase is... awkward, if you know what I mean? Sidenote: "But" contradicts what you say. "And" continues it... If you're stating that when you smile it isn't pretty then... Lol I suppose that's a matter of the person seeing it. At the beginning you make it seem like you want to start a Revolution with yourself, is this against what you want the 'chorus' to portray? Truthfully, the 2 verses beforehand sound as if they might be from a different song than the first. You should take out the chorus (from my point of view) and make it into something like standiing up against your lazy ways, turning away from faking emotion and fitting in with the crowd... Just my opinion though.
Quote by chud123
ive buried myself today
burned my flag to ashes
cast me upon the waves
ive read about but never seen
got lost in the dreams
of the men i know ill never be
but aint dreamin fun
when you spend your days smokin weed

and no im not alright
and no im not just fine
yes this smile is fake
but aint it pretty

just need a little criticism on what ive written so far, hoping it will kinda of point me in the right direction to finish it. c4c

I love it up till the "When you spend your days smoking weed". You should continue along with the theme. It's very good and reminds me, for some reason, of "Politicians" by Switchfoot. Also, yes this smile is fake, but it aint pretty it should be *and it aint pretty* & do you plan to keep that as the chorus?
Me and all my friends,
Were talking ‘bout the cycle.
How the nucleus has to condense,
And how all the phases are vital.
Now we know,
All the processes it must go through,
Before it can go through cytokinesis.
The longest is the interphase,
And from there the time decreases.
That’s why we’re waiting, (waiting)
Waiting on the cell to split.
We keep on waiting (waiting)
Waiting on the cell to split.
It doesn’t happen by osmosis,
Just a process called mitosis.
So we’re waiting (waiting)
Waiting on the cell to split.

Now if DNA had the power,
To package info on their own,
There would never be a prophase,
No more need for chromosome.
And when you trust the nucleoli,
To do their jobs all by themselves,
Be prepared to be let down some,
Because they need a little help.

We’re waiting, (waiting)
Waiting on the cell to split.
We keep on waiting (waiting)
Waiting on the cell to split.
It doesn’t happen by osmosis,
Just a process called mitosis.
So we’re waiting (waiting)
Waiting on the cell to split.

After we’re all done,
We find that the cell has split just once.
But if it’s just a sex cell,
The dividing’s not yet done.
It’s a process called meiosis,
And it’s similar to mitosis.
But that’s a story for another day,
Now the cells go their separate ways.

Gve me your thoughts
This is excellent! The rhyme scheme really works and this would definitely be a cool rock song! Any ideas as to the chords it might go by? (The cursing could be switched with other words though) But besides that, great start to a song!
[Verse 1]

Everyday it gets harder without you,
Without that someone who's there by your side.
Is it wrong that I haven't met you?
Or if I have you're the reason for this song.

[Verse 2]

I need someone that I know I can lean on,
a girl, that I can make smile anyday.
I'll hold her up, when she feels like fall-ing-down,
and she'll make me smile just with a wink of an eye.


Because one day
I'll find you out there,
A grain of sand,
On a beach that's a mile long.
I'll see you smile,
In the middle of the crowd,
And I'll know,
know you're the one for me