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r u guys talkin bout dark souls :x

Yes, sorry. I'm done for tonight.
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Everything is viable. Just try out every weapon you pick up.

I generally prefer to do this, but in souls games you have to plan out your build from the start to ensure that you have the right stats for the weapon you want.
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Adaptability won't really help your movement speed, especially if you're decently high in weight.

Adaptability simply increases your agility stat, which gives you more invincibility frames on your roll and backstep and lets lets you use consumables slightly faster.
It's ESSENTIAL if you aren't just going to turtle up behind a shield and tank everything.

Nah, I didn't mean movement speed. Mainly just Estus and attack animations seemed sluggish. I switched to a sword that seems to have a bit of a faster moveset, so that's helped.

I'm definitely not going for a tanky character. After gitting gud at Bloodborne, I feel like I can reliably dodge most stuff. I dropped my shield completely in DS1 after playing through BB.

Any rec's on weapons in DS2? In DS1 I really liked the Chaos Blade and in BB I liked the katana, twin daggers, and the scythe. I generally like a balanced bladed weapon, not a hulking greatsword, but not a weenie rapier either.
Summon Solaire AND a player phantom. That's really the easiest way. You need to split them up at first and take one out ASAP. Then you can all 3 take on the remaining one.
That's actually very helpful, thanks. All my movements feel slow and sluggish, Estus especially.
Dark Souls 2 is pretty decent so far. Haven't gone too far because I was apparently going to the wrong area first with my starting gear and was just getting pancaked. Finally found the right area but by that time it was 5:15am and getting to the point where the sun is coming up and you're still playing games and that's just depressing.

Will play again tonight. And every night for the rest of the week. Would anyone be interested if I streamed? I ask because I need to go through a whole setup in order to stream proper and don't want to if I don't need to. I'm only on in the wee hours of the night anyway.

Oh, and any advice for the game would be appreciated. I am gud at DS1 and BB so I'm not a newb to the series. I just don't know the meta for DS2 specifically.
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vanilla or scholar version


I always held off on DS2 because of the general opinions of it. Seems like it was worth doing, since I got the new version, all the DLC and everything for $24.
Just bought Dark Souls II in Steam sale last night.

Will begin playing late tonight.
Should have replaced talk of the poo poo Destiny expansion with talk of the Bloodborne expansion.
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blops3 multi looks ****ing awesome

It's not a genuine portrayal.

There's no one blasting rap and yelling at their girlfriend over open mic. And the player didn't die immediately upon spawning.
I'm pretty hype about all the Sony stuff, but I can definitely see myself losing most of it, since there's really only been 1.5 actually new and unique new things announced.
If I hear the word "exclusive" one more time I am going to bleed out of the ears.
Sony conference just started. Hype?

I absolutely cannot stand the Sony presenter CEO dude. Don't know his name but he looks like a giant baby in a suit.
What was that game that they showed that looks like third-person Chivalry?

Looked pretty kewl.
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I concur, hence why I like Dota 2's model. All the heroes are free to play (along with the game) and all items are unlocked so the game is 100% balanced for every player. However if you wanna splash out the cash, you can get some different announcer (Pyrion Flax, Bastion, GLADOS), some cool HUD skins and items and alternate skins for the characters without affecting how the game plays.

It could do with some toning down of the paid stuff imo.

Seriously, during tournament season (now), the big event is "pay us $10 so you can enter yourself into a challenge in which you see how much money you can give us".
Finally played Ground Zeroes because it's free now.

I definitely was not ready for that ending bit. I had to look away a few times, and I am not easily bothered by games/movies. Almost lost my lunch.

The game's intense though. I can't wait for TPP.
It's been a long time since I played FO3 or New Vegas, but I do distinctly remember having a melee based build, and I ended up with this power hammer weapon that would one-shot nearly anything. Without VATS.

There was a particularly memorable moment where a human enemy charged at me. One swing of the mighty hammer KO'd him immediately and popped him up in the air. I took the next swing anyway, and absolutely blasted his body in half at the abdomen, sending both of his halves flying in opposite directions and guts everywhere.

The way over the top gore in those games is one of the best features.
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also holy shit uchigatana is so ****ing op how am i just now finding it

In DS1?

It's a great weapon and I ended up turning it into the Chaos Blade which I used for my first playthrough, but I never found it particularly OP...
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Guys pls tell me you've played the PS3 short game Journey.

I've really wanted to but it still isn't available on PS4.
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Metro, resident evil, and dmc are pretty rad

DmC is a fantastic game.
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I'm thinking it'll a serious of generally positive-sounding but non-committal and mostly irrelevant statements about how everyone at Microsoft is totally in to PC gaming (EA really pushed forward the E3 meta with that one) before they talk about Xbox some more. Maybe they announce one game getting a delayed port or something.

Possibly Windows 10 stuff too.
^ Dead link.

I found this:

All you have to do to find cringey and sometimes hilarious Sonic stuff is do a Google image search for "____ the Hedgehog", where the "____" is your name (or any name).
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I mean, i don't want to be rude here but how about you PM each other with all the juicy details or better yet, use spoiler tags, instead of posting in free form about what happens next, who goes where, who thinks what, what choices to make ahead, i mean I appreciate you trying to help me finish the game but I'd rather play it and see for myself

Agree. I've more or less avoided this thread because of all the un-tagged TW3 talk.
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what else is on PS+ on the GZ month >_>

Nothing of note, really. Google it if you really want the list, but I can't even remember the names of them.
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I took a look at my Adventurer's log on RuneScape just before I quit and the hours came to about 6850 hours.

That is about 286 days. You spent the better part of a year of your life on Runescape.

Let that sink in.
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that's because amd games are weaksauce in terms of graphics and nvidia is so OP

But they aren't. They look great.
Idk why, but I randomly thought of this today. The games that run the best on my laptop (DmC is the first that comes to mind) all start with the AMD "gaming evolved" splash screen. But my computer has an Nvidia card.

Also, this:

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Actually the nicknames were just a thing between myself and my two other friends, Ball Tickler and Knob Squeezer.

And the lesser-known Penis Peeper.
Yeah most are pretty uninteresting. I'll download them and just look at them in my library and I can never bring myself to press X to open it because I could just be playing awesome BB instead.

Every once in a while you get a real gem like Guacamelee or Transistor though. And now GZ, which is pretty sweet. I think last year they gave away the Tomb Raider reboot while it was less than a year old at that point, which is pretty sweet.
It's something I have a general use for and have probably already gotten about $50 worth in quality games, only including the ones I played and enjoyed. Most months have one good game and 5 or 6 that are meh and best and awful at worst.

But yeah if you don't need it then don't get it.
My plan originally was to rent GZ from a Redbox (dunno if UK has those) and beat it within a night or two. Would cost $4 max.

But free works. :3
Dude, Ground Zeroes free on PS+ in June!

My patience (laziness) has been rewarded!
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yeah i have the STCE on Wii U.

thanks Nintendo and Humble Bundle.

I got STCE on PSN.

Awesome game, but short. I beat it in 2 days, about 6 hours total. Chicken suit is crazy OP.

Love the humor and art style of the game though. And the soundtrack. <3
So, it just funny because he's a crazy person cracking up at his own mundane story?
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Ok, so couldn't resist starting TW3 before going to Berlin. To summarise...

What are you playing on?