Who would you guys say are the strongest ADCs currently?

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Your elf probably gets along with Sera too right?

I loooooooooove the elfy shit in DA, fell in love with my second warden who was also a dalish

My Inquisitor is having a crisis of faith right no, throughout the game so far I've gone from "Nah the maker isn't real" to "Maybe Andraste IS real" back to "Nah the maker definitely isn't real".

Your character looks like an Elven Eminem.
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Solas is awesome. One of my favourite companions. Really cool.

Sera is awful.

You hate on her so much.

She's not my favorite, but she's still pretty likable to me. I take her with me every third mission or so.

I think Vivienne might be my least favorite party member, though once I got her skill tree, she really started doing work in combat.
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Going to roll with solus, iron bull and cole this time, barely talked to them first time through to keep them fresh.

I'm warming up on Solas. Didn't much care for him at first, but he's actually a pretty cool dude and is a breath of fresh air with his level-headedness after dealing with all the emotional stuff from the rest of your team.
Am I the only one that thought Iron Bull's VA was a little underwhelming?

He's this huge dude and he just sounds like some dude from the office Christmas party.

I freaking loved the Arishok's voice in DA2.
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Might grab GTAV tomorrow since I'm not in a hurry to power through inquisition any more.

Just rolled a Qunari mage, I wanted to play a character all badass and Sten-like, but there's no dialogue that fits. Hopefully that's just the tutorial.

That's wild. The Qunari always seemed like big brute warrior types. I can't imagine one whipping a staff around.
Does the game start giving you more boss fights at all? That's one thing I wish it had more of. So far it's just fade rifts and like 3 different demon types and that's it.
DA2 had that feeling of being over several times before it actually ended, but that's because of the 3 separate acts, I think.

I would normally power through the main story myself, but they have that bit in the game about needing so much Power in order to progress so it forces you to do the menial tasks. If it were up to me, I'd just do the main story missions and any party member/loyalty missions. I'm not one for collecting and completion at all.
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Seriously I was at Skyhold by 12 hours, how are you moving so slow?

It's entirely possible that I'm reading the timer wrong. Every time I go to save, it shows the timer at about 24:00.

I edited my original post, 30 seems too much.

I also fell asleep with the game on for like 5 hours the other day so that type of faffery always seems to pad my game times.
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Decided to try and finish Inquisition today.

It just keeps on going wtf

I'm like 24 hours in and

have just gotten to Skyhold.

I've owned it since release. I am never going to finish the game at this rate.

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Finally finished Inquisition.

****ing good game m8s, seriously. I want another DA game now, but I guess a new playthrough will have to do

Not doing everything on the first run seems like a good idea, if anything. Now there's still plenty of surprises.

Oh damn, how many hours did it take?
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Cassandra has a nice arse but I think I'm getting further with Josie.

Cassandra always dies really quick in combat for me, Blackwall is my go to tank, he is so strong.

I haven't used Blackwall much. What's the difference between him and Cassandra?

Like, normally each party member fills a particular role (tank, DPS mage, healer, melee rogue, ranged, etc). I thought Cassandra was the tank. What's Blackwall?
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Can't stop playing Dragon Age.

It's too good.


I think I'm dating Josie, she's so cute.

I think I'm going to be boring and go with Cassandra. All the ladies are just bleh.

At least Cassandra is a goddamn beast in combat and saves my ass miraculously at least every other fight.
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i just started dmc 3

man this game is fkn spicy yo

The dog isn't great in combat. Alistair is a much better tank and a great character overall. He never left my party.

My party was pretty much always Me (mage), Alistair, Leliana, and Wynne (because she was necessary as the healer, otherwise she'd be outta there).

Speaking of...

What's the deal with Alistair showing up for like 2 seconds at the end of the first mage mission in Inquisition? He just shows up, is like, "hey what's up I'm the king", then immediately buggers off. What the heck? I wanna bro it up! At least talk for a while...
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Nooo I just project myself onto my character. It's a role playing game after all...

My understanding was that you (the summoner) chose the champ and they entered the arena on your behalf. Then the summoner controlled them like puppets with some type of mind link.

It could also be that the summoner is making suggestions via mind link and the champ responds immediately, rather than full-on possession.
Sooo in Inquisition, who are your guys romancing?

In terms of female party members, I currently have Cassandra, Sera, and Vivienne. Are there any more? Please tell me there are more. I need someone to romance, and all 3 are pretty undesirable.

And no, I will not have my male character romance Iron Bull.
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If Hawke sides with the mages he's fighting on Orsino's side but Orsino does some blood magic to become the Harvester just so they could have 2 boss fights in the game. It however makes no sense if you're siding with the mages, he has no reason to do it. I liked being able to call out Varric on that, was just the Bioware writers poking fun at themselves i guess.

Oooh I gotcha. Yeah, I suppose that part really did bug me.

I sided with the mages in 2. Probably will do so in Inquisition as well unless some character can change my mind.
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I love the DA2 in joke they put in about Orsino's character making no sense at all

Why didn't his character make sense? I mean...any less sense than any of the other characters, anyway.
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The game almost becomes trivial when you get Wynn though.

They always seem to make the most undesirable character the one that you need to have with you alllll the time.

DAO: Wynne
DA2: Aveline
DAI: Solas
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Don't speak so soon, you'll see.

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Inquisition is so awesome. The combat is like the best things from DA2 and Origins put together

I agree, but I thought the skill trees would be a lot more fleshed out like they were in DAO. They're actually even more basic than they were in DA2. At least in DA2, every character had their own unique skill tree which was really cool.
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Seriously? No theres not. Why would you want to go back? Material design is soooo nice.

So serious.

I don't know exactly what material design means. I just hate the opaque white Google bar, the white menu background, the simple 2-color "Windows 8" look, the apps being on top of each other in the running apps list, everythingggg.

I had a really great dark theme going and now there's these happy white blocks everywhere.
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I won't argue.

Quote by Trowzaa this real??

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have they improved the crafting system

really though I'm not sure anything can beat MAKE IT BURN DEM

That was the greatest moment in FC3.
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didnt care much about dragon age hype until i learned leliana is back also egoraptor did voice work for some dwarves

Leliana is back but they dressed her in a horrible outfit and she's not an actual party member so you can't change her armor or sex her up.

Egoraptor is a great VA so this is good news. Can't imagine him as a dwarf though.

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Yeah, I stumbled upon some level 12s by accident, being level 5 made it a very one-sided affair.

I've got more party members now, seems like every party member in this game is really well written. Solas is the only one I'm not going out of my way to talk to at every opportunity and it's actually hard to pick who I want in my party. Noone seems ineffective or boring in combat, I hate how good everyone is

So far, the best character imo is actually your own character. He's not completely dim and expressionless, and his VA (I chose the less deep voice) is great.

I can't say I'm in love with any of the new party members yet, except Sera who I instantly loved. Cassandra is also pretty great, but her voice is just uuuuuuugh. Love having her in battle though, she saves my squishy mage ass all day long.

And Varric is solid of course, but I already know him. So far, he hasn't become any deeper, and just serves as the "hey remember that time in DA2" guy.

I should say I'm only at level 8 or so, so things could easily change.
Just got Android 5 today.

Someone please tell me there's a way to revert the UI.

I got quad shot on Az once and that was enough to blast through the game while barely paying attention. That 8-point shot is nuts.
Canti, you really should change your Location, it messes up the page a lot of the time.
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Isn't it the thing at the top left of the screen that's the main quest?

I actually don't know, I've been pretty happy just wandering round in the time I've played.

In the top right? That's just your active quest, which can be anything.

Good to know someone else is as lost as I am.
I have no idea what I'm doing in Inquisition. It seems like you just fast travel to an area and do a metric ****ton of sidequests to get influence. I can't find where to go for the main story for the life of me. I can only travel to 3 locations atm.
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but how good of a job does ME3 do at clueing you in on the plot? should i read summaries of ME2 endings or something?

ME3 is pretty self-contained, plot wise. The majority of ME2 was spent assembling your team, gaining their loyalty, and defeating the Collectors. Only like, 2 of your team members from 2 are on your team in 3, and the Collectors do not appear in 3 at all, so you don't miss out on a whole lot. It's pretty easy to clue into the overall story in 3, and there's always a very detailed Codex to help you out.

That being said, you should absolutely finish 2 because it's the best in the series. 3 is very good, though.
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Whoever was responsible for making the sound effects for warrior abilities in Inquisition deserves a ****ing medal. The grappling hook you get plus the extra ability that lets you kick to stun as they reach you sounds brutal. Just had a mage teleport away from me, the resulting "ca-chunk" followed by an "aaaaaahh" and then a "crunch" as boot hits face at 100mph is probably my favourite thing about this game so far.

I've only played Inquisition for about an hour but so far, my favorite thing is the sound effects. Upgraded Winter's Grasp sounds so wicked.

I picked Mage because Mage was fun in Origins, and I went Warrior in DA2 and it was pretty meh. What's the most fun class in DA3?
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I really wish Bethedsa would hire some of the modders on Nexusmods.

Seriously. With the vast improvements in game quality offered by some of these mods, it would really behoove Bethesda to look into acquiring some fresh new talent to improve their next project.

My guess is there's probably too much BS industry politics or corporate faffery in the way, otherwise it seems like a no-brainer.
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Is there any news on a new fallout or uncharted?

Uncharted 4 confirmed for a while now.

No news on new fallout.
Anyone going to be playing Inquisition on PS4?