I'd really like to play The Witcher 3, but I have not yet for the following reasons:

1. I'd prefer to play it on PC, however my PC played TW2 at about 20 fps. I'm sure it would shit itself on TW3, and I'm not interested in lowering the graphics to Nintendo 64 levels.

2. I could play it on PS4, but I've heard the PS4 version has weird framerate drops and it probably doesn't look all that great to begin with.

3. I hear the game suffers from glitches in general, and the combat hasn't significantly improved from previous titles.

4. TW2 was 7/10 at best for me.
Yo I picked up Guacamelee on PSN and it's actually a great game.
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he kciks you into a pit in BB too?

funny, i found him, spoke to him and snuck up behind him later and surprised him too but i never found the pit trap

Where is he in DS1?
There wasn't as much room for cheeky messages in BB, but I did get one in the Forbidden Woods, after you fall down the trap hole, someone left a message that said "Nothing but failure here".
It's worth trying just to see what it's like. Some people really like it, so you might, who knows. I platinum'd the game without touching PvP so there's plenty of other stuff to do.

As with all the other souls games, jolly co-operation is where it's really at.
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How do you do PvP in Bloodborne?

Purchase the Sinister Resonant Bell from the messengers in the Insight fountain in the dream (the one right next to the side door of the workshop, above the normal messenger fountain).

Ring it whenever you want to appear in someone's world as an invader. If someone in the same area as you in their game is open to PvP, you'll invade them. It doesn't cost anything to ring the bell, and I think you get insight and/or souls if you kill them. If you die, I don't think you lose anything, but they get a pretty good amount of souls for killing you.

You are open to invasion when you see a message about a woman in your world ringing a sinister bell. This message always appears for me when I summon a cooperator or am summoned as a cooperator in someone else's game. The bell lady spawns in a certain spot in each area of the game, and if you find and kill her, you close yourself off to being invaded. Popular areas for PvP are Nightmare Frontier and Mergo's Loft (middle). I think Bergenwyrth might also be one for lower level folks.

This is mostly moot, however, since PvP in Bloodborne is almost completely rubbish. There's a very significant delay between when you hit someone and when they lose health/stagger, so it's difficult to combo or feel like you're not fighting with a pair of trousers on your head. That, and there's a certain amount of people who use cheese strategies to kill you, such as running through tough enemies (who ignore the invader and try to kill you) or forcing you to fight them in poison lakes, or using something crazy like the Rifle Spear build (can 1-2 shot anyone).

Quote by institutions
I really like Dark Souls 2 PVP but Bloodborne PVP is just... meh.
It's not really the kind of PVP that looks to be fun to actually do on purpose. Fighting off invaders while you're doing PVE, sure. There's hardly any variety at all tho. Everyone looks basically the same and there's like six weapons. Dashing around the whole fight, doing some gun spam to try and get the lucky random parry, hiding behind geometry to heal.

Also this, partly. There's very little depth to player vs player combat since armor is 90% cosmetic, and there's 15 total weapons in the game, with some being similar to others. There's still different ways to build, but for the most part it's just dashing around each other waiting for an opening or gun spamming.

Don't get me wrong, BB is still easily GOTY for me despite all those gripes. PvP is just better in the Souls series.
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****ing HYPEEEE
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Went to Giordano's last night. It's right next to our hotel. Was amazing.
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And damn, I've like completed half of the chalice dungeons (doing rank 5 ones now) in Bloodborne, and it's getting seriously ****ing hard. Stuck at Loran Darkbeast, and I'm dreading the last dungeon with the queen. Also just checked the trophy list, and looks like I'm gonna have to complete the game again if I want a plat ffs.

Defiled Pthumeru is by far the most difficult. The final chalice with the queen is pretty easy.

You can back up a saved game to cloud storage (PS+) or USB thumb drive right before you go to the last boss fight(s), then reload the save and choose a different ending for each of the 3 ending trophies. Just make sure to back up the save before you eat the umbilical cords.
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yeah nightmare frontier

i've died so.many.times

In the Lecture Hall, there's a door at the end of the first floor, and a door at the end of the second floor. Each door leads to a different nightmare area. Nightmare of Mensis is necessary to progress, Nightmare Frontier is not. Nightmare Frontier is also one of the more pain in the ass sections, but he's right, the boss at the end is fun and not too hard.

The brain enemies are literally the worst though.
Woooo Platinum'd Bloodborne!

First Platinum trophy I've ever bothered getting.
Fallout 4 rumored to be announced at E3 according to a German website. Based on invites that have been sent out.
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See my list above, those are the big chains. If you're in town, you could add Pizano's (near the loop). There are plenty of smaller pizza places that will have good stuff too, just depends on what area you're in.

I'm gonna be right by OHare for a week this month and I want to get ALL THE PIZZA.
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The way NV pushes you towards the Strip.... then it's such a friggin' let down.

Agree. The strip was so lame.

Fallout 3 will always win for me because of the mission at the end where you storm the Jefferson Memorial with the giant robot that thinks it's killing communists. Easily one of the best moments in gaming for me. Hilarious and awesome.
Yo, as long as this thread is here, lemme ask a question.

What's a great place to get pizza in Chicago?
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Spoony it is to my understanding that you are free today ya?

Lol crap, I was when you posted this...
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Which one was he? I can't remember.

Either way, he's still not as cool as that awesome mother****er Bekowski was.

I dunno, I never played either game myself.

He was also on Parks and Rec. He was the congressman that Ben and April worked for in DC who talked and acted like a robot.
Fun fact: The actor that voices Detective Roy Earle in LA Noire and Tyson Latchford in Battlefield Hardline just called into my work.
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and lmao no not tonight some people are coming over, and im building my pc as all my shit came in today anyway. im 100% confirmed good tomorrow night a little after 8 pm tho mark your calendar

Tonight is my only free night till Friday.
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im glad i live in a world where silent hills gets cancelled, but five nights at freddys gets 18 sequels in four months

The people have spoken.

You playin BB tonight m8?
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UIs are all the same with all those sort of crap games though

Yeah, they just look like standard MMO UIs to me.

I hear the original Dragon's Dogma is good though, I still need to play it.
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I only have one person on my ignore list because he's probably the dumbest person on UG.

Wait...are ignore lists working again?? Please tell me they are.
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Speaking of bloodborne, SPOONY (or anyone else) I get out of work in an hour if anyone wants to co op

Ill probs end up being drunk but if i can s rank devil may cry on dmd mode drunk im sure i can handle bb

Can't tonight.
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are you still on? i just got home from work. i was gonna clean but i would gladly not do that so i can drink and play bb

Had to stop for a bit. May be back on in a few hours tho.
That's too bad, I'm in your range.

Cooping bosses is the best though.
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had a great co-op moment in Bloodborne just now. This guy Lucius was showing me around, keeping me safe until I was devoured, had 60 000+ blood echoes DAMMIIIIT

now i'll never see him again ;_;

DW what lvl are you mate, I'll coop with you. I'm on right now.
Yo Soundgarden, I'm on BB for the next few hours if you're around. We can try chalice dungeons but the thing is there's so many different ones and they all require a shit ton of materials so idk how we're going to be able to have the same ones. :/
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Kansas actually, but close enough.


At least it's not Missouri.
Quote by soundgarden1986
what lvl are you

or at the very least do you have the other character still. i want to do the chalice dungeons co op. apparently some of the later ones are downright ****ing brutal

Hey, yeah I have 2 characters. One is lvl 60 or so, the other is probably close to 90. I haven't gotten too far along in chalice dungeons yet, since the boss that I got locked out of gave you one of them, but that glitch is evidently fixed in the latest patch, so that's nice. I'll be playing a lot starting on Friday so I'll see if you're on.

I was playing last night when the patch went live, so I got booted from the game and then it updated. Load times are still slightly long but very noticeably shorter, and it scrolls random item descriptions instead of just showing the Bloodborne logo, so they feel even shorter. Loading into hunter's dream takes about 8 seconds. Loading into the world is a bit longer, but it's maybe 20 seconds as opposed to the 40 or so that it used to take.

Seriously though, a patch that fixes (or at least lessens) nearly every major bug or complaint with the game within the first month of its release? That's awesome. FromSoft is doing it right. I've never purchased DLC for a game, but if they end up releasing some for BB, I'll gladly partake.
Quote by jakesmellspoo
there was no solution for that bug on Xbox and the patches didn't fix anything if you'd already encountered the bug.

yeah, yeah, console scrub/pleb blah blah PC master race.

There was a bug like that in Bloodborne as well. Got locked out of a boss permanently. It was an optional boss so I could still beat the game, but I wanted to beat every boss and I couldn't do it.

I have a new game started up now...
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I just started a new char a few days ago. Going for a Rogue type. Speech/Sneak/Alchemy/Block/Archery/Smithing/Light Armor.

I'm all for this, and stealth in the series is pretty fun, but it always seemed silly to me to roll a rogue in Skyrim since, lore-wise, your whole purpose is to kill dragons...the one enemy who (iirc) you can't sneak up on.
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yeah GOAT GT

Oh man, I don't think I was around for the GT2.

I could really use an HD remaster for current gen.
Quote by iro-bot31
I ended up killing the final boss in Bloodborne first try, but I was probably slightly overlevelled by playing the Chalice Dungeons. I've got to reload my save from PS+ and try for the true ending now.

That's impressive man. That dude rekt me over and over.

I beat the final final boss on my own though. He's a bit easier.
Quote by BelowTheSun
Hope it's not too late to respond to this

SkyUI, Immersive HUD, Climates Of Tamriel, Realistic Lighting Overhaul or Enhanced Lights and FX (take a look at them both, see which you like the look of more), Pure Waters, and Immersive Armors/Weapons (maybe JaySuS Swords too, if you want even more weapons) are what I'd call 'essential' for any playthrough.

I think you might be thinking of the Interesting NPCs mod? Adds a crazy amount of fully-voiced NPCs with unique dialogue, almost two dozen new quests, it's a great mod.

I was actually working on this currently, so you're just in time. Thanks for the list mate.

I installed an ENB and it completely killed my performance while only making it look a little bit better, so my hopes of being able to run modded Skyrim have been pretty shaken, sadly.
Quote by Jon777
yup. it's been pretty good to me early game at least.

i've sort of arbitrarily decided that i'm going to go with a skill build. i have no idea what i'm doing but that's okay. i'm a big ol' masochist so i'm trying to do my first playthrough without consulting the wiki too much.

Skill build has actually been the most fun for me. First guy was strength. Started cane and now have Blade of Mercy.

If you're going skill build, you might want to at least look up how to get Blade of Mercy on a wiki, because it's easy to miss and after a certain point in the game, you can't get it.
Hey BTS/anyone else who does Skyrim modding:

I'm looking to give it another try. I know you guys had some mods that were absolutely necessary and/or really good...I was wondering if you could list em. Just the names, I can find them online. I remember you guys talking about one in particular that made the NPCs feel very real, and I'd be interested in trying that.

My computer is mid-tier so I don't think I can run any crazy ENBs, but if you know of any good ones let me know.
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Wow that quitter mentality

I average single digit fps in Final Fantasy 13-2 but you better bet that I'm gonna finish that game

That sounds like hell.
I shouldn't say I can't run it. I meet the minimum specs, but not the recommended. I could probably put everything at low and get solid 30fps, but that's no way to play.
I'm wondering who Luke is talking to in the trailer. Is it Poe Dameron? Is he going to be a Jedi?

Hype and speculation abounds.