Damn, I want GTA but I can't run it. :/

Mediocre computer problems.
Vic on a scale of Potato to NASA, how good is your computer?
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Should Elite Dangerous be bought

Boycott this game for the sole reason that they chose the dumbest name possible.
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Who remembers the Internet before it was how it is today? Who remembers being into something relatively obscure and having to go to fansites hosted on angelfire, geocities, and tripod? Crappy amateur html websites with image backgrounds and hard to read fonts and animated gifs everywhere? An innocent mistake could land you in a smut fic. Any mistake for the rest of your life would forevermore be devoid of innocence. Remember downloading midis of popular songs because mp3 files were too big, or just didn't even exist yet? Remember AOL? Remember spam mails that would defile your virgin eyes?

I remember all of these things. Although the technology did suck, I still look back on it very fondly.

I remember my very first time ever using the internet. It was in early 1996. We had just gotten a dial-up modem installed and my parents had to get it all started up so I could go online. After waiting 10 minutes and listening to the classic symphony of bleeps and bloops and bzzzzzz, I was finally on.

I wanted to watch a minute long movie trailer. It took 40 MINUTES to download fully. I watched it and it was awesome, but it had taken so long to download, that my computer time was up and I had to go to bed.

I didn't use the internet too much until we got high speed a year or so later, I think. Until then, I just stuck with my old school offline games.
Anyone know if Witcher 3 is going to be decent on consoles? My PC wouldn't be able to run it. It struggled with 2.
Spooky scary skeletons.
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the incredible machine was the shit back when i was young

Can confirm. Played The Incredible Machine on a DOS computer in the early 90s. Was awesome.
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nah. they were watching Qwark's crotchitiser commercial.

the games do use a lot of film tropes, but just how safe and kiddy they've taken the series plus the fact it's being produced by the studio that makes the direct-to-video barbie films has me not feeling good about it.

The R&C trailer, at least last time I saw it, actually looked really solid.

The Sly Cooper trailer looks great too. His VA might not be the original guy but the one they got is awesome. The only thing is Sly's face looks really weird...
For real, I've never played a Deus Ex game and I'm hard as a diamond right now.
What is Lothar's? o.o
Here, now all you nerds can play Bloodborne like it's Resident Evil:
I played Dota all week.
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Apparently there's an issue with Bloodborne where, if you play for too long or if you just keep the game running for too long, the bosses glitch out and don't use the majority of their moveset. I usually play in one or two hour chunks, so I haven't had this happen. Anyone here notice something like this?

I normally play for like 6 hours at a time. Haven't had any problems. I think the 2nd day I had the game I played for 12 hours straight as well.

I have had another big glitch with the game though...
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what are the requirements to co-op bloodborne anyway i cant seem to find a solid answer online

i wanna play with you guys but if we need to be within a level range or some other trivial bullshit idk if i can be bothered

You can both put in the same password and if you're both in the same area you'll be matched. I co-oped with the same dude for like 4 hours today, it was fun.

Wish people would play with me.
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Well yeah, if you're just doing the main quest that seems reasonable. There's a lot more stuff to be found if you look around.

Going through just the main storyline, you're missing 50% of the game, easily. There are so many fully fleshed out new areas with new bosses that you never even have to go to. I haven't even touched the chalice stuff yet.
It was a pre-emptive request. If you're gonna go into details, please spoiler.

So far no harm done.
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I was playing Bloodborne the other day and this happened.

That's great.

I had something just like that happen to me last night. I recorded it because it was hilarious. I'll upload it later.
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I think the only exclusives the Xbone really has are Sunset Overdrive and the Halo collection. Neither of them look like they're worth playing.

No one ever remembers Titanfall...
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saturated market

But my loyal followers should return.

I'm fully aware no new people are going to show up.
No but blood is seeping from my ear and i adfff llsl aoxzppppp
I got like 15-20 strangers to follow me while I was streaming Dark Souls.

Now I'm streaming BB and no one could give less of a hoot.
1. Stewart's Orange and Cream
2. Crush
3. Sunkist

9999. Fanta
I started FFVI but I can't get into it. :/
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It's only like 3 months into the year though

Exactly. That's how much I'm enjoying it.

And I'm a big fan of MGS. MGSV is going to have to be damn good to beat out BB.

I'm also extremely proud of myself for making it through the game so far without looking at a guide or a video or asking around online on what to do next. The game is very vague and seemingly directionless, but if you look at what you're given and do some exploration, you'll find what you need. I like that about the game.
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The Forbidden Woods take forever in Bloodborne. Sure I've opened up a lot of shortcuts but give me a lantern or something zzz...

They were a real pain for me as well, but it's actually not too bad. I never even found one of the shortcuts and I was able to get a clear path to the boss area.

Srsly though this game just keeps getting better. I'm about 70% of the way through and it's easily GOTY. Can't see anything being more addicting or compelling.
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Managed to finish BB.

That was actually, really good.

Damn dude, you musta played a ton.

I played literally 12 hours yesterday and am maybe at 70% if I had to guess.

The game just keeps getting better though, goddamn.
I'm having so much trouble on

Amelia and the Darkbeast. Although Amelia is like the coolest boss ever.

Every time I summon, either my partner is useless, or I stand around for 10 min waiting for someone and no one shows up.

One time I used the bell and it said that it had to reconnect to BB servers and restart the game. When it did, I was back in the same spot with 1 less insight.
I think Cardbored said he killed the wolf at the start with his fists.
Okay now I'm seriously pissed at BB. After I died, I got sent to this prison full of big guys that 1 shot you from a mile away. Come on...
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Ah right, I'll see how long it looks like its going to take before deciding. How is the character customisation?

Same as previous DS or Bioware titles.

Although literally none of it matters because your guy ends up being covered head to toe in armor, and even puts a bandana over his face.

The stats part matters a little, though.
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Hint (click if you dare)
Hunter's Dream

Where at? The beckoning bell and the silencing thing are the ones I have right now.

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makes sense, being a souls game, that it would be item based


i just hope they aren't consumables

There's a system like Humanity called Insight. You have to use 1 insight to summon someone. You don't lose it if you die, though, which is nice.
There is a password system, yes. But you have to have some of the co-op items.

There's one item that lets you search for nearby people or people with your password. Then there's another item (I think) that lets you join someone's game. I still haven't found that one, so right now, people can only join my game.
I'm playing BB right now and for the next few hours if anyone would like to spend an hour trying to party up.