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Bloodborne is too hard so I'm gonna play League which is easy

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cue EndTheRapture fanboy post.

Haven't played, but people are raving pretty hard about it.

One person.

One person is raving about it.
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Bandai Namco/Namco Bandai/whatever they call themselves did a livestream of Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin today, and they announced the release date and price points.

On Xbone and PS4 it's coming on April 7th, at $50


This is a $50 DLC??
I didn't even use the music box. Like, I had it, but I didn't even think it was a usable item.
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Yeah, you bastards!!

Just kidding, I don't have a PS4 and don't plan on getting one anytime soon.

Well, people like Carpi were asking us not to spoil stuff and we're just naming off bosses all over the place. I know the name doesn't tell you much, but I can see how our talk can really ruin the mystery / discovery sense of parts of the game.
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I'm on the 2nd boss, I have the elevator unlocked, I really just haven't gotten to play it much, but the 2nd boss is seriously hard.

Father Gascoigne?

That fight is so wicked cool.

Guys, we should really put boss names and stuff in spoiler tags. I feel like it's ruining stuff for folks who don't have it yet.
There's no kick in BB. You're supposed to use your gun as an interrupt.

And yeah, so far there's just the one super weak dude with a wooden shield that blocks, and he drops it after one attack.
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So, I got BB and played for about several hours. Holy shit, the game is epic. Combat feels like a cross between playing a samurai and a cowboy. I've played and beat both the Dark Souls titles, but this one feels alot harder.

I do not understand this at all. Lots of players and reviewers have been saying it and I just don't see it.

The game is literally Dark Souls 3.

Removed: Shield, Fantasy Setting.
Added: Grimdark setting, Quick Dodge, Gun, Trick Weapons.

Almost identical in feel, gameplay, and difficulty otherwise.
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I beat the first boss on my first try, using the good old get right up in his ass souls technique.

Yeah, that always seems to be the best way to do it.

Your character in BB is so fast, too. Mashing O makes you almost invulnerable.
What a filthy fokkin casul.

Beat the first boss on my 2nd try.
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i killed 5 bosses but i feel like i made no progress towards actually beating the game

like its not like im not having fun but im in a perpetual state of "well now what"

I'm having the same feeling as well, but tbh it's kind of fun. I definitely think it's intentional, since the way the world is set up, everything is interconnected. It's just one big city and you're there to uncover the secret or whatever...idk I'm only maybe 20% through it.
3D on a 3DS makes me nauseous after 30 seconds.
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Will get getting the game later Too hyped yo. Will be reporting in later.

Also, I'm surprised more people aren't commenting in this thread, considering the souls popularity on this forum. Maybe one of the mods can add a bloodborne tag onto the thread title to direct the souls players from the gaming thread to this one?

Most of the BB talk is in the gaming thread. I think if you put a BB tag on this thread, folks wouldn't really migrate.

Anyway, I'm about 8 hours into the game and have just now picked up the Co-op item. I guess it makes it so you can't just co-op right out of the gate, but it's a bummer that I have to wait till friends and/or you guys get so far into the game before we can party up.
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I do like these kind of videos as a counterpoint to people saying that the Souls games aren't cheap and only punish you for your mistakes.

I went back to that area and it's something that's supposed to happen, apparently. It's basically a trap chest, and you can get out of the way pretty easily.

I just thought it was a really weird series of events. Like wtf is that thing and why am I in the air and oh god now I'm dead.
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I dunno how anyone gets through silent hills games man. Watching an LP of that demo was scary af. Pretty amazing tho

The previous games are not as scary as that demo was.
Oh man, so you can continue??

Incoming fists only no-death speedruns.
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Anime Weather Thread Mk. 1 - Impending Yurricane

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Finally got the game. I managed to kill that wolf at the beginning with my bare hands and now I feel like mother****ing Willie from the Simpsons.

Dang, nice one mate. I tried to punch the wolf to death but I mixed my quick and strong attacks and got rekt.

...yeah, what does happen if you kill it? Do you just go to the Dream the next time you die?
Bloodborne is fun, and I don't find it any harder or easier than Dark Souls. Feels about the same to me. Still punishing as hell, but I beat the first boss on my 2nd try, and beat the 2nd boss on my 4th try I think. I've only been playing it for about 5 hours.

The hardest part is trying to figure out where you're supposed to be going. I'm trying not to use a guide, but it's hard not to...
Not sure, I haven't played either yet. Might not ever.

The Oddworld one is called New N' Tasty. It might be a remake of Abe's, or it might be new.
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It's free on Xbox One atm, presumably on PS4 too? It's the 'Game with Gold' this month.

Not on PS4.

We got CounterSpy and Oddworld.
Stores aren't doing midnight releases for BB.

That means that I have to pick it up...

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Runescape really was terrible.
But it was a (mostly) free MMORPG that was browser-based so you could play it in school and places like the public library without having to download anything.
In the era of shit flash games it was quite nice.


I think that's the reason we all played it. Browser-based. Free. Somewhat social.

I played so many browser games in class in high school it's ridiculous.
Real talk tho, Runescape is a terrible game.
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I remember when I played some runescape in high school. I remember some dude took me for a pleasant walk and then murdered me. Don't think I've got over it

That happened to me too. ;_;
It looks great. It's totally reskinned DS though. Not a bad thing.
Tons of BB streams live on Twitch now with actual non-developer gameplay.
I go to shows alone all the time. It's actually great. I recommend it.
Or tune into the Spoonfest tomorrow.
BB reviews came out today, btw. It has a 94/100 on Metacritic.

Reviews are all quite favorable and in agreement on nearly everything. Haven't seen anything less than 80%.

Biggest complaint is extremely long load times after dying (which happens a lot). A day 1 patch is expected.
It's Japanese. There will be lolis.

I was planning on streaming it if that helps any (I know it doesn't).
Oh okay. I don't care all that much, it's just a pain to set up OBS again. If it's a site-wide thing then I'm not worried. Just wanted to know if I was targeted or something.
I'll play BB jolly co-op with any of you dudes. I plan on getting it tomorrow night. Add me if you want (and if the game allows it).

PSN: Spoony_Bard

Also, I apparently got a trophy in Binding of Isaac on March 6th. I haven't played the game since January...
Yo, did any of you Twitch folks get an email from Twitch saying that your account information may have been compromised?

Trying to see if this is just me or if it's a site-wide thing.