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no bloodborne stream apparantly lol

just tried ps4 streaming and its just not happening, theres not even any settings to tweak because its such a poorly implemented app and im not spending a fortune on a capture card any time soon

My PS4 streams just fine.
I do not like that artist, whoever he is, that they've gotten to do all that promo art.

His style just bums me out. Whoever does the splash art should do these.
There should be a >We need wards guy in every game because wards are important.
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What other game is that?
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So, picked up Borderlands 2 GOTY a couple weeks ago. Cant believe I waited so long to try this game. I'm level 24 Commando. with 30 hours of gametime and feel like I barely scratched the surface on this game. So much gear to sort through, side missions I havent even touched, and all the DLC still waiting for me. Loving the art style, the humor, and sheer about of content Ive been sinking so much time into. Best $10 Ive spent in ages.

My question is, how does the Pre-Sequel compare? I've been hearing nothing but bad things. Is it just more the same and thats why people were let down or is it genuinely worse?

BL2 is such a great game.

Haven't played pre-sequel, but I hear its just more of the same. Feels like a DLC.
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You should try it again. When they released Enemy Within they fixed all of the game breaking bugs and most of the others as well as far as I can tell. I assume those fixes were applied to Enemy Within, and not just installed with the expansion.

Hnnnngggg maybe I shall.

I just don't wanna slog through the first half of the game again. It was fun, but not that fun. Plus I have to remember the awesome names that I gave my squad.
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Anyone who doesn't already own XCOM + Enemy Within needs to jump on that shit. Whoever it was that was talking about The Long War mod gave me the itch to play it again, and now i'm remembering why it's my favorite game from last gen.

**** it's just so good.

I got like 30-50% of the way through the game and it decided to crash on me during a certain mission every time, so I could never finish the game.
It's a huge state with lots of different cities, I'm sure you can find something you enjoy there.

I went to Austin once and it's a really cool city. Relatively clean and with some very nice areas. It's not too big though.
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I wanted to play some Kerbal Space Program but I can't get it to launch.

So...what's so great about Arkham Asylum? I'm about 2 hours in and it's solid, but it feels like a real chore to play. Feels like Asscreed with a smaller map.
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More than I get in the UK then Lucky I have simple tastes.

Depends where you live, too. In some of the largest cities, it'll get you a closet in a project.
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Just above $30k.

Out of interest, in the US, how would that translate in terms of standard of living?

A decent apartment or a small house. Pretty comfortable but very modest.
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oh shit, the guy finally released the sequel!

gonna grab it once i have $$$.

anyone ever play the flash game? one of my favorites.

Whooooa I actually do remember playing this one a loooong time ago.
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"It's a machine that'll read your emotions and procedurally generate a compelling digital experience specifically for you."

Final release is an etch-a-sketch.

That's more of an early access alpha setup.

This is Nintendo.

They'll say "our next console is an Etch-a-Sketch". They'll release an Etch-a-Sketch with Mario all over it.

Everyone will love it and it'll be really fun to play.
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Everyone loves Yoko.

I legit want that and I feel dirty for it.

But I do love Yoko.
I'll try to remember when I get home.

I don't play much CSGO anymore, sadly. It's pretty intense and I'm rarely in the mood for something where I can't be paying half-attention.
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I only have 1 friend on Steam who I'm friends with in rl

Same here, but I play LoL, Dota, CSGO, and other stuff with you folks all the time, and it's always fun.
Zed is supposed to be so easy but I just cannot play him with any success whatsoever.
These online multiplayer games are meant to be played with friends, guys. If you're playing with randoms then you are doing it wrong and are going to have a bad time.
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assassins are fine, its free flashes and invisibility combined with the ability to one shot you thats broken

Sounds like someone needs to git gud.
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tried dota for a couple hours

uninstalling now

Sounds like someone needs to git gud.
In ME3 you're viewed as an insane person by the rest of the galaxy, but you've done some cool stuff for people before, so if you scratch the backs of every race in the galaxy, they'll begrudgingly help you out.
Tried Talon during free week. He's pretty fun...and kind of easy. Just pick your time to go in, then E on your target and use all your other moves. Ignite if needed. Enjoy your killing spree.
I used both. AIM mainly but I also had a side hustle on MSN for a few high school qts.
Tfw you played and quit RuneScape before the interface and music updated to what they show in the video so you can't nostalgia.

Pooped my pants on the MSN sound though hnnnngggg
I love tree aghs.
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this is my beauty


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HNNNNGGGGG! Dat Bloodborne

Agree. Day 1 purchase for me.

Anyone know if there is any hope of playing with friends, or is it going to be completely random multiplayer like Dark Souls?

It seems like there's a few PS4 fellows in here so if BB will allow it we could engage in some JOLLY COOPERATION
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i can't stand eating garlic. having it as a flavoring ingredient cooked with many other ingredients can be good, but the pure garlic flavor is just bleh.

I found the vampire guys.
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Be prepared for the worst cutscene graphics since 2006

Fun arcade fighter doe

They're not THAT bad.

Models and textures are a little wonky though.
That shit looks like Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.
The Pacemaker
The Nobel Prize
Celsius temperature measurement
Modern Seatbelts
I have not. They look awfully dull.
Golden Sun is actually a fantastic RPG game, and probably one of my favorites in the genre.

For being on the GBA originally, it looked beautiful.
About Destiny, it's pretty much what everyone is saying. It's exactly like any MMO in that it's really fun when you start playing and start exploring everything there is to offer, but once you get a hang of the game, it becomes nothing but a mindless time sink unless you have a dedicated group of friends.

Good things: Looks fantastic, plays really well, interesting enough premise and world, menus and interface are handled well, classes and skill trees are fairly interesting and fun, PvP is fun for folks that liked Halo multiplayer.

Bad things: There are little to no actual boss battles. Each boss at the end of a big mission is just a bigger version of a regular enemy with an insane amount of HP and damage. The challenge of the game has nothing to do with strategy, and everything to do with time consumption. After the poorly presented story is complete, the game becomes a MASSIVE SLOG. If you want to earn anything, you need to play through the same missions hundreds of times and either hope that RNGsus smiles upon you, or get enough arbitrary tokens to trade in for one item that will just become obsolete when the next paid DLC comes out and ups the level cap on everything.

The game ends up being a mindless exercise in shoot, hide, shoot, melee, hide, grenade, shoot, hide, shoot, hide, SPECIAL MOVE, hide, shoot, melee, hide. And you do this for 15 minutes on one boss which just stands in one spot tanking everything.

Go for it if you want something to play with friends or something to play while watching or listening to something else in the background.
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yfw ignore list has been broken since sigs came back and nobody will listen to me to put it back on

Ugh, this. I really wish it would start working again. Since it's been broken I can't browse UG outside of the GT. :/