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Ins, I think you might be addicted to Twitch chat...
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I think "trolling potential" shouldn't be a big deal because players don't need cool ally-affecting things to ruin games. I mean, I'd be surprised if no one purposely messes up some fights when Bard gets released, but I don't think it'll be a common thing after a week or so. My bigger worry is messing up his ult once and your team spamming "troll brad reprot"

I agree. People gonna troll either way. I'd rather have really interesting mechanics in the game.

Besides, if you're playing with randoms on your team, you're insane and deserve the misery.
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They are probably causing more damage than I think but I've honestly gone to the dentist twice in my life. Once when I was 14 and got the typical cleaning, removing of plague, having to wear that cardboard thing with gunk sticking to my teeth and couldn't eat or drink for 12 hours.

I like that Riot is implementing more stuff that will affect your teammates as well as enemies. It does have troll potential, but in [other games], it's normally really interesting.
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Check the year

Damn, you deleted it.

I don't know what you're talking about sir...

(Should have quoted it. Now you just look crazy. )
Do we know the free PS+ games for March yet?
Dee fokkin Antvorddd
Gonna have to try Bastion now after this. I hear it's even better.
Dudes I finally got around to playing Transistor. I might be in love.

The ****ing L1 button man...
Just read it and came in here to comment. Seriously can't believe it...

His small roles on the show were some of the best parts.
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Really an in-person appearance will make a big impression, and it's important to show that you really are interested in the job. However, a lot of those really big companies will require an online app. A suggestion might be to apply online then show up a couple of days later, up to a week, then ask about the application or something. Really seeming proactive without seeming desperate goes a long way in an interview process.

This is pretty good advice for any high-school level job applications.

Fast food REALLY sucks though, man. You sure you wanna get into that?
I have never seen that art before in my life. I think it's a sign that I barely play league anymore.
And this entire thread.

What is that, the Chinese art or something?
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but he looks like donte from DmC in that
thats not dark soulsy at all


(Invalid img)

I want dat Dark Souls Sivir hnnnnngggg
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So I only recently found out that Star Fox is a rail shooter. Like just last month or maybe even earlier this month. I went this long thinking that it was a proper game and it turns out that it's a goddamn rail shooter. I'm still stunned.

Yeah, it never really felt like one, so I never considered it, but technically it is a rail shooter. For the most part. Like Duke said, there are 3-4 free-fly missions in each game, and those ones are usually the most fun.

There are ways that you can influence the direction of the game, even in the rail shooter parts. Shoot this specific to the left in this section, etc. Depending on your choices it'll send you to a completely different set of levels.

Classic series, really.
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Nah, if you pick the life ring as your starting gear, get the ring from the way of blue guy, and have 22 vigor, you can survive the Majula pit drop while naked, so you can run and get the Fragrant Branch at the end of The Gutter without killing anything.

To someone that hasn't played Dark Souls 2, this sounds like the insane ramblings of either the most uber of D&D nerds, or a mental patient.
It was a little weird. She looked like a doll.

The pose and the background were great though.
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Definitely, though for streaming it'd be a bit weird.
You wouldn't be able to see chat or your stream preview to know if everything looks fine or if you start dropping frames or anything like that.

I streamed on a laptop and had my stream chat open on my phone. It's a real kludge but it works. Plus you get to boost your live viewers.

You could also play the game windowed and put popout chat on the other side of your screen, but I know pretty much everyone here will forcefully void their bowel at the idea of playing any game in windowed mode.
Nice job, Canti.

One of my favorite bands liked a cover I did of one of their songs and asked me to play it with them on stage. It was awesome.

That was about 4 years ago, though. I haven't done anything really awesome since.
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I like it, but she was definitely not the most in need of a new one

Yeah, her old one wasn't bad, though her face did look a little weird.

I really like the quality and detail of the newer splashes, but they always have this tendency to put the character in a really weird pose or angle that makes the character look like a deformed Tim Burton character. It especially hurts the in-game profile picture/map icon.

Lee Sin's new art is the worst offender. Great art. Decent picture. Horrible as a splash.

Shen's is my favorite of the new ones though. When you consider the improvement from his old one to his new one, it's pretty drastic. It's a little dark, though.
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There needs to be an MMO where grinding isn't a slog a la PSO

Slog and MMO are synonyms though.
What's the name of it again? I totally forgot...
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this needs to be in every game ever

On the following scale, how complex is that game?

Minecraft - Garry's Mod - Kerbal Space Program - Space Engineers - Eve Online
Drove through Oklahoma once. There was a lot of road construction and a few armadillos. Otherwise, pretty boring.

There were some pretty neat mountains in the southern part of the state, though.

Pretty chill state, though. Doesn't really cause any problems, so I'm OK with it.
I've experienced most of these awesome moments in games as well, and agree with most of them. Half Life 2, Fallout 3, Oblivion, all amazing moments.

Also, "All Ghillied Up" is legend status as far as game levels go.

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then there was Shadow of the Colossus. which very well might be my favorite game of all time. need to play it again soon.

SotC is incredible. Almost flawless.
I really like all the China skins. Will probably get at least Jinx.
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I don't understand why you all don't use the mute button

I use it all the time. If I'm in a pub game, as soon as I see even the slightest hint of a voice chat icon on the side of my screen, I will insta-mute everyone on my team.

Some rage is hilarious, though, so I let it happen. But it is rare. Mute happens almost always.
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denying it is even more fun at that situation

Oh man, you're right. I don't think I knew you could do that back then, though.
Confirmed: Hardline is Crazy Taxi.
Those players are everywhere in my experience.

Although none have been as legendary as the Magnus I played with once who participated in all of that special brand of flaming, but on open mic...for the entire game. Including regular use of the N word. You could also tell very clearly from his voice that he was quite overweight.

Me and him were running from mid to bot through the river and a DD rune had spawned there. I was just a little bit ahead of him and, just as predicted, he started yelling on mic, "DON'T ****ING TAKE THAT RUNE, GIVE IT TO ME, DON'T ****ING TAKE IT".

So I took it. Have never been more satisfied with a decision in my life. The abject rage that he spewed over mic was just delicious. Whole team was lol'ing so hard. Really bummed that I didn't record it.
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yea i got him easily after learning that you can interrupt it.
made it to manus before i stopped for the day. i didn't actually go in the door, i died to some enemy before it, but i did have some spoilers one day and knew that it was his area lol.

I had a lot of trouble with Manus for some reason. He's pretty fast and has really long reach. You can summon baby Sif to help you out but his summon sign is right in the middle of the boss arena so trying to summon while Manus is grabbing at you is really difficult.

I never ever buy DLC for any game, but the PC version of the game came with it, and I'm glad it did. It's got to be one of the best DLC's available for any game.
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went in the dark souls DLC for the first time. was very easy up until artorias.

artorias is so ****ing cool though!

One of the best bosses of all time, in my opinion, and in the opinion of many others as well. Just so cool, and such a fun fight.

Yeah, you can interrupt his buff channeling. That's why it takes so long. You have to run at him and do so much damage and it'll stop it. If you don't immediately get up on him when he starts, you'll pay for it, though.