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Thank you. I wasn't aware that the 5 had crappy Bluetooth from the factory. I'll go off and see if there's a fix for it (hardware or otherwise).

I'm starting to wish I kept my Nexus 4.

It's pretty much the only downside to the phone, though. I have one and otherwise, it's fantastic.
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sounds like fun

being able to share video games with a close one must be one of the best things ever

Except nowadays it's like...

Want to play this game with your gf? Better buy her the game and the console, because **** local multiplayer, and **** you!
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this is nowhere near new sadly

I know.
Bluetooth on the Nexus 5 is spotty in general. This is across the board with that model phone.

Not saying that's 100% the actual cause of your problems, but just so you know.
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Just pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts III from Amazon for $41. Even though it probably won't come out for a year or two, getting locked in for $20 off the actual price is pretty damn good. Plus, I know I'm going to want it day one anyway.

They're doing preorders for an unfinished game?

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if crunk said his wiener was the key to getting master tier would you believe him ????

Yeah I would stick his wiener in my USB port. Ez game ez life.
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i linked to shit loads of potential fixes

if crunks happened to not work you'd still be screwed he got lucky he picked a good one

But it worked soooooooo

That's like if I had cancer and you pumped me with 1000s of drugs and one of them might have been the right one, but crunk gave me the one that would cure me immediately.
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it's all about dat mute firekeeper

The Anor Londo firekeeper was my Waifu.

Till I accidentally killed her.
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thats totally on the list of things in the link i posted where the **** are my thanks you asshole

You posted a link to the general support site. I ain't got time for that.

Crunk was direct.
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flush dns

ipconfig /flushdns

This totally worked. Thanks a lot man.

Getting a bunch of Adobe Air 0 errors in the store though, but the main stuff seems to work okay.
My LoL gives me the "couldn't connect to PvP" message at login and I have to restart the client and relog about 5 times before it'll actually let me in.

Then chat never loads and I can't open the store.

What do.

Finland indisputably wins.

Also really liked Greece, as predictable as it is.
We've already established that you are Cr1tikal, and he has thousands of subs, so prepare for immediate success.
The average Twitch viewer prefers talking. If you're not present and interacting with them or giving insight into what's happening (or being funny), then they're just watching a gameplay video and unless you're challenger tier, it's going to be uninteresting.

That being said, if you're not trying to be Nightblue or QTPie levels of fame, just do whatever. If you're just streaming for friends it doesn't matter. Ins will lurk your stream whenever you're on, regardless.
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lets all remember Russia has the best sniper.

Finland. He killed Russians.
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The only thing that I didn't like about 4 was that is was dark almost the entire time. It got dreary after a while.

Yeah that part was a bummer, too.
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The best thing to do in Saints Row 4 is leaping into the air right as the chorus to I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing kicks in. It doesn't stop being awesome.

SR4 and SR3 intros both fantastic.

Great games all around, even though 4 was a bit of a mess.
Anyone care to outline the changes to Kat?

In before "removed all her damage, gave her a shield".
Blue Monday is the Monday of the last full week of January.

Wouldn't that make it the 26th??
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I'm waiting for the bit in Metal Gear Solid 5 where you have to get Snake cold enough that his nipples can cut glass, allowing you to infiltrate the enemy base.


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All of it, duh.

BTW, no TSwift-flavored option?

This thread was made before the forums became saturated with cancer.
Yeah, you almost have to kill one before another shows up.
Mobility is normally favored, but I thought the general consensus for the 4 Kings was just tank everything and swing like Jackie Robinson.
I may play League of Legends tonight.

When's Trist rework take effect? I want to play the heck out of her yordly self.
I really like DFG and it's pretty surprising that it's being removed, but I kind of dig it.

If it means less assassins that will 100-0 you instantly with little to no repercussions, then it's all good with me.
I just want a game that will make me feel feelings again. ;_;
I always thought the song St Anger was a pretty good song. Nothing too deep or complex. Just thrashy and angry. I dig it.

Dude in the video has a hell of a Hetfield impersonation. Otherwise, hardly modern production. Still sounds bedroom-produced.
Love all of the stuff in the new patch so far. New Trist looks great. New Jinx skin is baller (including the splash).
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makes me want to play Dark Souls but I suck at it hardcore

I have kissed in twenty fourteen and also twenty fifteen, it's a good couple of years so far!
I got Foxfire Ahri. Good skin for good champ that I never ever play.
Sivir is wonderful. One of my favorite champs and the #1 best champ in ARAM.
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the talos principle

look at that a lot

I keep hearing this game is awesome. I should try it.

Still minimally disappointed that it has nothing to do with Skyrim.