UGH. 0/10 game.

Really though, I loved Far Cry 3 but it bothered the absolute heck out of me to constantly be pointing my gun at everything, even if I was strolling through the jungle or talking to Little always looked like I was mugging him.
I never got an answer to my all-important question about Far Cry 4.

Can you or can you not...holster your weapon?
Happy 2015 all.

Inquisiton for my GOTY by default for being the only 2015 game I played this year.
I was thinking it might be interesting to pick up on Twitch if you're ahead and have some good damage, if the smaller shots gain range equal to his ult while it's active, which last I heard, they do.
I love Runaan's. One of my favorite items. Reminds me of cleave items in Dota which are usually good.

It's a shame I can never build it ever because apparently it's bad.
Idk he capitalized it which makes me think it's a new thing from Pizza Hut or something.

Like the Taco Bell Firey Volcano Taco.

Is it a pizza made with firey volcano sauce?

That sounds horrid. D:
thank mr skeltal
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Tonight will be much better. As a social recluse who doesn't drink alcohol, my night is going to be spent playing Far Cry 4 on one monitor and watching the Twilight Zone marathon on my TV, while eating Explosive Pizza and Queso Fiesta Goldfish and drinking Hawaiian Punch.

Not gonna lie, this sounds like a seriously amazing night.

The heck is explosive pizza though?
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I Do
It's pretty sad that Spoony doesn't submit very often, because this is a pretty good song. I'm not normally a metal guy, but this was really well done and that chorus is amazing. It really sticks in your head, and I think the lyrics help too. I like how the verses and the pre-choruses are a bit different, it really helps the flow of the song. Very carefully produced too.

You melt my heart, good sir. Perhaps some day we shall share a candle light dinner.

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4. Spoony Bard, if I'm not mistaken, is one of the few that I hadn't heard of again. Well, the song is completely not my style, so I can only be really subjective. It is really tightly produced, but the hard guitars and the choir blended together only bring bad memories of bands I really don't like. However I can see why someone who enjoys this style, could really get this song.

The style is completely intentional. My synth track is simply titled "Cheese". I love that type of stuff. Totally understand how it can turn off folks that aren't already into the style.

Sorry I've been pretty much absent from the group (I did do a cover for one of the cover weeks though, if anyone is interested). I have literally zero time for music making (or anything, to be honest) since my shift changed at work. I do really enjoy the pleasant surprise of popping in here from time to time and seeing more kind words about my song(s). It's always been positive, in general, which always feels great.
...but it is we who learn from you.

Lead us, sempai.
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models are 98% computerized as it is already

Yeah, I figure that's what it meant. I was thinking about runway models and such, though.

Perhaps hologram technology will advance quickly in the next few years.
"Models" is at 98%. That's wild.
Okay cool, looks like it hasn't changed.

Been playing Twitch a lot. I love him.
Highlight: Kissed in 2014

Resolution: Kiss in 2015
Somewhat related:

What's the preferred build path for Twitch nowadays?
Merry Christmas kid get shrek'd.

I hope you 360 roundhouse kicked him into space.
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Does anyone have this map?? Please?
I do not play League as much anymore, and if I do, it's with people from work so I am not able to group with you fellows.
But most importantly, is he suggesting that fedoras are not euphoric?
I've been checked out of FF since 10, but this new one looks fantastic. As long as they stay true to what they've displayed in the teaser, that is.
The realistic car and standard old road thing is what confused me a little. FF is supposed to have wild steampunk vehicles. It seems like it's going to be some type of realism/fantasy crossover, which could be interesting I suppose.

Yeah it does look like KH style encounters. Which is kinda awesome.

They mention Nibelheim and the dude in the passenger seat looks like Cloud. Is this FF7-2?
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Rule 63 Cid in FF XV, and omg I hope I can switch the VA to japanese with english sub, it's ****ing terrible. Cid and that brit in the car especially.

WOW that combat.
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It's below the contact name on the screen to the left

Oh, thanks mate. I was pressing that button before but it didn't sound any different. Turns out my girlfriend just talks really quietly.
Hey, since ny Nexus 5 updated to 5.0, I can't find the speakerphone button when I'm on a call. I just use the default phone app. Anyone know where it went?
Soooo just beat Inquisition. Wow, did it end quickly. Great game though.
Yeah I think I'm gonna try the desert ****whacker instead.
It's the Exalted Plains, idk what else to tell ya, lol.

Vivienne asks you to go kill a wyvern and that's the dragon that's sitting on her quest marker. It's a big ol dude with a fancy name, and not a wyvern at all...

I'm on normal too.

Got absolutely shrekt by my first dragon. It's the one in the Exalted Plains in the area that you have to unlock. My dudes are lvl 14-15 but I had to blow all my special moves just to get it to half health. Still got destroyed.
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There's no roundabouts in America? Weaksauce.

There's quite a few in my area of the states. I'd say I hit 1-2 a day. but traffic lights and 4 way stops are still preferred on this side of the pond.

I rather like them, though. They do let traffic flow a bit better.
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or set it in toronto and have the player character be rob ford

I was thinking that too. That would be a great one.

I thought it would be funny to make one in a smaller Canadian city. If you're driving and you try to run someone over, your car will automatically stop before it hits anyone, and your character will yell "Sorry!" in the most stereotypical Canadian accent.
For real, it wasn't my favorite game, but it was quite good...despite the presentation of the story being garbage.

PC not being able to run it is really the only good reason to give up on it so quick.
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tbf gta getting away from the america satire shit wouldnt be the worst thing in the world

like its been 13 years now i need something different from. gta just has this certain charm about it i dont get from other open world games. idk i just like it a lot even though i dont like it that much, if that makes any sense

Let's have a GTA: Saskatoon.
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Git gud scrub

Yep, I bet you'll really like it.

It's no Portal, that's for sure. It's kinda like the indie version though.
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i haven't tried it but i wouldn't be surprised considering every other custom game mode has been ass

would rather they just added winter graphics to existing maps or something

I thought Doom Bots was fun as heck. And of course URF was amazing.

Hexakill and its derivatives were awful, though. Others have been meh.

And this makes me miss Wraith Night...