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antichamber on the humble store for $2. worth it?

If you like psychological puzzle games like Myst, Portal etc. then yes, absolutely.

I found it very frustrating, but it's really cool, artsy, challenging, and somewhat thought-provoking.
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There's a moment where some sweet music plays and you wander in parts unknown.

That's a good 7 hours in if you play to do everything like me. After that, it's more of the same shit. Game does not get any better.


The game has a great story and really fun and unique characters like any Rockstar title, but getting through it is such a slog.

Don't get me wrong, I have fun with RDR, GTA and such, and I don't think the game's bad by any means...but it's just dealing with boring mission after boring mission, mediocre shooting mechanics, painfully dull minigames...ughhhh.
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I've been replaying Red Dead Redemption on PS3 lately and god damn does it desrve every bit of praise it gets.

It's so good.

I've spent 2/5 hours so far just playing Horseshoes and Poker

Can't wait to get to the point where I can play Liar's Dice. THAT game was fun!

I am about 5 hours into the game, and find it unendingly boring. I don't understand the praise for it (or Rockstar games in general) at all.

Someone please tell me it gets crazy good halfway though. I'm going to finish it either way, so we'll see.
Soooooo is there any Christmas event like Wraith Night this year?
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naix can control units it infests what....

This is actually awesome.
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Don't worry. Injustice is the kind of fighter where you can do cool looking shit with ease. It's a lot of fun. Story is great too, in a dumb multiple reality comic book way.

Agree. Got it from PS+ as well. It gets huge props in my book for being a fighting game with a story, let alone a GOOD one at that. Nearly every fighting game I've played has had a "story" mode which consists of "hey, fight 8 random fighters in a row, followed by the last boss".

Injustice's story is basically a Justice League DVD movie animated in the game's engine. Transitions between fights and cutscenes are almost seamless, and the story is classic DC comics. It's really refreshing.
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i didnt like alistair the first time and i dont like a recycled NPC turned into his character this time either <_<

He's not even close, Alistair was awesome and Cullen is bleh.
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annoying DA:I bug

none of my armor shows up so im always in my undergarments

Yeah I think they confirmed there will be co-op.
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Will only buy this game if the voice acting is guaranteed to be god awful.
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Finally got round to some more Inquisition last night...

Just done the mission where you physically enter the fade with Hawke and Stroud. Despite hating DA2 I couldn't let Hawke die in the end so had to sacrifice Stroud.

I was kinda pissed off that he just left after we escaped from the fade too, I guess that's Bioware's patented 'illusion of choice' though

I just finished that part today too. I chose the same as well. I'm hoping he'll be back, but maybe he won't. He could always make an appearance in a future title as well, so it's not like the choice was 100% pointless.
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alcohol and chivalry is my combination of choice

Chivalry is really the only choice here.

I would love to get a bunch of folks together for some drunk Chivalry.
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He's probably in the preview program, I'm in it and I have about 2 updates a month whereas my friend said he hasn't gotten one in about a month

My girlfriend has an update every time we go to play. Which is about once a week. And every game we play has an update ready as well...
I wonder how the designer of the Wiimote feels knowing that there is an absolutely massive demand for an accessory that will allow people to not have to use the Wiimote.
My phone autocorrects "huehuehuehuehuehuehuehue" to "hue hue budgie hush I shush he". #techfacts
Yeah, I kinda separate 'glitches' and 'bugs', even though I know they're almost synonymous.

Glitches are those goofy things that happen.

Bugs are like...freezes, save deletion, corruption, crashes, completely broken combat, etc.

Bugs suck. I'm okay with taking the bad with the good, though. Probably because I've never really encountered a game breaking bug in my lifetime as of yet.
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Lol Bioware, heard this bug has been going around.

As good as DA:I is it's still totally shitty that it's in such an awful bug ridden state.

I dunno if you guys saw the video I captured of the glitch that happened in my game where my character, after choosing a dialogue option, just stood there and stared into oblivion... Anyway, it's happened like 12 times since then. With other characters doing the same thing back at me as well. It's actually really funny.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't want to live in a world without game glitches. More often than not, they're extremely entertaining if you have any sense of imagination / humor.

I've only laughed at maybe 4 things harder than I laughed at this video the first time I saw it:

Context: In this Mortal Kombat game, there was a glitch where your fighter would perform their fatality move on themselves instead of the enemy.
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Yeah. At first I was kind of pleased because I regretted my original choice, but after about ten minutes it really started to annoy me because it just felt like he'd become a different person.

I like your idea though so I'm just gonna rp it like that's genuinely why it happened

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I used custom appearance for Hawke instead of default and right after doing so the VA of my Inquisitor change to the alternate version.

Took me back a little at first. I initially thought 'why are you putting this voice on while talking to Hawke?'

But it never went away

Really? And you can't change it back at all?

That's kind of a big glitch...

But kind of hilarious to imagine he just started putting on a voice like Batman. Like he immediately doesn't trust Hawke. And then decided he really liked the fake voice so he just puts it on all the time now and his friends just roll with it. Like it's a normal thing for this guy to do.
Of course all you mongs play as female Hawke...I dunno what I expected.
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But you'd have had to play as a human >.<

The concept is plausible though. On the other hand I've not finished Inquisition yet so there could be an important plot point somewhere down the line that will make it seem less so.

I would be fine with Hawke in DA3, as I think he's a fairly likeable character. Nothing outstanding but he's aight, ya know? Except for sarcasm Hawke, who is a total knob.

Bioware was obviously going for a huge game with DA3, so making Hawke the hero and forcing the player into Human only would be completely against that. It's pretty understandable why they would have scrapped that idea, if it was even considered in the first place.

And I'm kind of disappointed with how Hawke looks in DA3. He looks terrible. I don't mind most of the hairpieces in the game like some folks seem to, but god his facial hair is just a disaster.
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the fact varric is around at all makes me think hawke was going to be the herald of andraste originally

why was cassandra interrogating him (i assume) about hawke if not
i never played 2

I'm not too sure, but I'm fairly certain that all of the events of DA2 happened before anything in DA3, meaning that Cassandra was interrogating Varric for her own reasons, and not because of anything related to the events in DA3.
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i got DA:I, so glad Varric is back. i'm hoping we get to bro it up like he and Hawke did in DA2. also, Sera is great.


Varric so far is pretty bro, but feels pretty toned down from DA2. I feel like they should have shaped him into more of a confidant for your character, just because of the relationship the player has with him from previous games. Instead he's kind of distant and is more like..."Hey you know, you should stay away from that red lyrium stuff. Anyway, I can't tell you any more because I'm trying to stay mysterious."

I should say that I'm only maybe 35-40% through the game, and that's a complete guess, as I don't know how long the game is actually supposed to be.
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Then the Negative and the Polaroid spawn after beating mom. Pick one, and you can access the dark room/the chest after Sheol/cathedral.

There's also a hidden super final boss, and a really insane to unlock character.


It's like every time you think you beat the game, there's another level.

Is this Dante's Inferno?
Looks kinda like what I heard Brutal Legend was like. Interesting.
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oh well

have you played overlord?

Know the feel, bro.

Never heard of it. What is it?
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Replace games with girls and like, story of my life

but still I totally know what you mean

I know what you mean, but any game I can buy, run, and play at any time that I like, so missing out on them is purely of my own volition.

Girls are just completely out of the question...
When I see a huge list of games like that, I always wonder which games on there might be fantastic, but I'll never end up playing.

Like one of my favorite games of all time is a pretty unknown title that didn't see many sales or 5 star reviews, so if I hadn't randomly stumbled across it like I did, my life would be completely without that experience.

I wonder what I might be missing...
Dragon Age is my GOTY because I don't think I've played even one other game released this year.

Not to say it's not a good game, because so far it's fantastic.

Edit: Oh, Smash 4 would probably be my #2.

Dunno if anyone cares, but CoD Advanced Warfare wasn't on the big list someone posted.
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Sejuani's going to be broken. I've been playing him as soon as pre-season started (I've always loved her) and now she's much stronger than before. With the buffs she's going to be unstoppable. I'm pretty sure she'll get her ult nerfed or something.

I love her ulti so much. Such a cool moment in any game when she just smashes the entire enemy team with it.
Never had that problem with DAO on PC.

The default tactics needed a little bit of tweaking to keep my party members from just demolishing my stock of potions, and a few moves had to be disabled, but otherwise they were good, and they would autoattack pretty reliably.

There miiiiiight be a setting in there for yourself to autoattack after a spell cast that you can turn off. It might affect your party. Not sure I'm thinking of the right game though.
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If Blackwall was voiced by Sean Bean and had someone better banter he'd be in my all-time Dragon Age team. In terms of usefulness he definitely is, but he can't break up the Morrigan/Alastair banter dream team so would have to be left out (not doubling up on tanks).

Blackwall's VO is really good, though. Sean Bean would be great, just for the sake of knowing that it's Sean Bean.

I hate not being able to double up on some folks. If it were practical, I'd take Cassandra and Blackwall everywhere.
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Killed my first Dragon in Inquisition today.

My plan was for my 2 mages to spam barrier on Blackwall, whilst my rogue did the damage and mages chipped in too.

It worked a treat, Blackwall is just so OP, he never got damaged through the entire fight because of shield wall constantly building guard and having barriers on him the rest of the time

Blackwall is disgusting. Reminds me of my Alistair in Origins. He became unkillable late game.

I also like taking easy fights in open areas by yanking enemies like Spiderman away from their group one at a time with Blackwall's grappling chain and goon squadding them. Their friends almost never notice they're gone if you snag them from max range.
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Target and K-Mart pulled GTAV off their shelves in Australia.

Oh, a lot of people refer to my state as the Land of Oz so I was curious...

Quote by Article
Target Australia will stop selling the R-rated video game Grand Theft Auto 5

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What's everyone's thoughts of GTAV being pulled off shelves in ozland.

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I have not played Destiny, nor do I know anyone who has. Have any of you guys played it? Worth the money?

Most folks in this thread would agree that it was worth the money as a pretty fun distraction, but it gets boring and definitely isn't GOTY material.

That being said, I would say it's not worth it unless you're a big fan of Halo. The PvE is extremely grindy and your rewards are based almost completely on RNG, rather than the amount of time you put into something, or the difficulty of the mission. The PvP, in my opinion, is a miserable Halo/Call of Duty spawn-and-die exercise.

It is probably the prettiest next gen game, though.
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Seriously question - how hot is your computer suppose to get while playing games? All I have is a monitor and no tower. it's also really thin and kinda blows my mind (it's also a mac) but when playing a game like deus ex HR it gets quite hot which makes me nervous.

No tower? So everything's in your monitor? Yeah, that boy's gonna get hot.

It's like sticking 7 sumo wrestlers into a dumbwaiter, things are gonna get sweaty real fast.