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After I stopped masturbation, God gave me a gf, who I can't have sex with or stare at her tits without fear of eternal damnation.

Quite what is the point of having a gf then?

Free cook?
I have an alpaca scarf and a beanie... soft as ****
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were talking old school pokemon, use ones that have their elements and you can get their element as an attack. i.e. like gyrados is fkin useless cuz he has rediculous attack but hes water and flying, so electricity is gonna pwn him. you might as well just use like khangaskhan or whatever. if you can use the birds id say

Blastoise cuz its hard to get a good water type in this game, plus massive def. Jolteon is my fav pkmn, hes a nuke...incredible speed and sp. atk. Alakazam is good cuz even if ur attacking a bug dude whose super ineffective...ur prolly gonna one-shot it. Gengar cuz having a ghost type is good against those people who think machamp is the shit. Dragonite is just a downright beefcake. Arcticuno imho is the best bird, ice and psychic pkmn are very overpowered in the early games.

I just kicked that shit up a notch.

Starmie and Lapras both are better than Blastoise. I wouldn't use Dragonite because of that awful 4x ice weakness. Jolteon isn't that good of a pokemon, but I'll be damned if it doesn't rock my socks off.
The only times I drink straight rum are when it's been aged for at least 15 years. Otherwise, it does taste like ass crack. My stand on rum:coke ratio is to go at least halvsies.
Wikipedia is a great tool, and I use always for initial research, but I don't use it for quotations unless I really don't give a rat's ass about the paper. As said by others, just check wikipedia's sources. Besides your College probably has access to JSTOR and other online sources, which are much more "professional" than wikipedia, though they don't sum up stuff in a few paragraphs like wikipedia does.

Fun fact
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Read "The Wisdom Of Crowds".

It theorizes that a large group of independent people can more accurately calculate/come to a conclusion/handle a task than any single individual. This, along with the advantages of open source makes Wikipedia pretty reliable.

Jimmy Wales, wikipedia's founder, says that it was the austrian economist Friedrich von Hayek's theories on spontaneous orders which made him think about the possibility of something like wikipedia. "The Wisdom of Crowds" is an example of what Hayek calls a spontaneous order.
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Guys, they can't allow yellow because it is rediculously easy to get Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle AND Bulbasaur right away. Just wouldn't be fair to have the powerhouses (excluding Pikachu :P) so easily compared to what the people with blue and red have to go through to get 'em.

Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard are average pokemon in the first generation.
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Pokemon needs to die. Sure it was fun 6 years ago, but I really don't see what the obsession is. *flame shield up*

6 years ago? What are you twelve? Pokemon has been around for about 13 years ago, and it is still fun. n00b

Anyways, onto my advice.

Definitely think about adding Chansey, Gengar or Exeggutor to your team. The only pokemon on your current team I would keep is Alakazam.

If you want more ideas check the pokemons (and their strategies) marked as OU in this page:
I'm pretty sure UG is at least twice as bad as A Clockwork Orange...

but you're parents are morons. Get the movie just to piss them off!
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Anyone got any ideas for a prize?
The best I could think of is renaming the chat thread to, '.... is the king/queen of chat', which is rather lame.

Arrange it so that one of these prizes ends up in the hands of the winner

edit: Oh and I'd like to submit my craptastic attempt too.
I knew bookmarking demotivational posters would one day be useful. This is what you have to aim for:

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1. iPod Commercial
Dress completely in black clothing, wear a black wig or hat, and use black make-up to cover your face, hands and any exposed skin. Carry around an iPod and dance wildly.

This is actually a very good idea
clear your cookies and cache

It's amazing how a thread has gone on this long after the (most probable) solution was suggested in the third post, especially since FF>all
Maybe it isn't your fault. Maybe your just ugly?

Seriously though, I'm 21 and I can't imagine settling down right now.
I picked Bowie from that list, but I would rather spend a day with Scarlett Johansson...


She's indie now.
Yeah, it could simply be a drive failure, in which case the person you wanna punch is Maxtor CEO. Or a random old lady in the street.
Hypothesis: OP just found out that a guitar can be tuned differently.
Did some stuff I'm not proud of for a site called money talks but made about $800 so woo-hoo!
I've been wanting to check How Shadows Chase the Balance since it came out, but no time+ no money have delayed that. I've heard it's quite good
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anything by daniel johnston, i was intimidated too much to buy his whole back catalogue, but do yrself a favour a get "welcome to my world.. the music of daniel johnston" sort of best of thing. You will understand the hype about this guy. Pls dont torrent, he actually could use the money and he is the most underrated/underexposed artist EVER

Yip/Jump Music or Don't Be Scared maybe... great artist btw
Every girl is different, but if she lets you touch her penis she probably likes you.
FV = PV(1+i)^n
Where i is the interest rate. In this case 0.0699, or 6.99%

Good luck
Go for it. In a year everyone's gonna be trying to hit that...
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Spanish is so indie.

ogneT aL oY

oh wait...
I want to feel your boobs.
Uuuh noice mix, I'm familiar with most of these bands but I haven't really heard every song here... anyways I'm enjoying it so far
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What do you mean cd to mp3 copy?

I mean that a cd>mp3 copy will have better sound quality than a cd>mpg4>mp3 copy, so if you can rip the cd yourself or get it from another source quality it will sound better. The difference can only be heard on great stereos, so it isn't really a big deal.
foobar or all2lame would work perfectly, although both involve some setting up... you're better off getting a cd to mp3 copy instead if you care about sound quality anyways.
Very good band, liked both the Glow Pt II and Black Wooden Ceiling.
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i don't really know, it just seemed like wasn't as much of a focus on the lyrics as there had been in previous Magnetic Fields albums.

Maybe, but Too Drunk to Dream has some of the best Magnetic Fields lyrics ever, and that's saying a lot.

One of my favorite bands, although I've found their stuff to be hard to get into for some reason...
Edit: This may be of interest to some:
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Beck's album Sea Change is clearly influenced by Nick Drake, and it has both the barebones songs of Pink Moon and the "baroque pop" of Five Leaves Left. Mostly the latter. Especially the song Round The Bend sounds like something off Five Leaves Left.

Donovan also made similar music, but i'm not familiar enough with his catalogue to recommend a specific album.

You probably already know this, but Beck did a couple of Nick Drake covers a while ago. They're floating in the internet somewhere.
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but if we talk about them then we will be less indie

Unless we talk in indie speak, none but the "in"- crowd will know what we're saying!

!tnemevaP ot netsiL

Alternatively we could speak in spanish.
Wow almost two years to the day I found about ff through this thread... I'd still e-hug you Shine On...
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The mafia?

Not any mafia, the Russian mafia.

And so, the plot thickens....
Spiritualized maybe?
So Skeletal Lamping leaked a few days ago, anyone got it yet? I've found it good, maybe not as consistent as other of Montreal albums. I feel it's a continuation of the second half of Hissing Fauna.
^The Tiranny of Distance, then Hearts of Oak, then Shake the Streets, and finally their newest, Living with the Living.
I think The Greatest is one of her tightest records, I like it a lot.
Oh I should check a lot of the albums listed here!

I don't have a top five defined, but probably Why?, Islands, Quinn Walker and Evangelista would get a spot.

Edit: BTW on the subject of leaks, Broken Social Scene Presents Brendan Canning's album leaked yesterday and it's damn sexy.
Condoms are better than zip loc baggies at storing food. Get a box.