They had that "wisdom teeth are coming in but surgery is still a week away" look. 
Don't think about it too much. It could be your attitude, it could be they're intimidated by you and they feel that you're above what they want/need. 

More than just throwing yourself out there with videos, ask the people you want to be involved with why you were rejected and work on what you may be lacking. 

Take a deep breath, stay humble but keep pride in yourself and keep working hard, it will get easier. 

EDIT: My kids loved my scrambled eggs but I have been turned off of breakfasty eggs after watching them drown them in ketchup the last few years. 
As far as breakfast style eggs I like to blend with cream of tarter, herbs and cheese and put them in the oven in a cast iron until they're fluffy. 

Otherwise give me them boiled, pickled or deviled eggs. 
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I mean I don't relate but good luck with that

Cha33_armstrong and Boss man sitting in a tree
First comes love, then comes marriage
then comes termination due to workplace relationships. 
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Everybody loves a little artist formerly known as Prince
Management: "When can you start?" 

Employee: "Well I'm currently a pizza delivery boy..." 
dannyalcatraz I mean you're supposed to do shots of the stock while cooking it down. 
dannyalcatraz shots shots shots shots shots shots. 
It would be cool if the chat was still up... and we could designate a time where we could all get in and catch up.
"I like what Trump has to say"
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we should all be so lucky

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I'm pretty sure everyone has memories of arguing with me. My personality is easily definable!

I remember arguing with you about mathematics and how I found it difficult, but you found it to be extremely easy. I was pretty jealous of the fact. After finding psychedelics I realized it is quite simple and I over thought it soooooo much...

I never really liked punk rock too much but I spent pretty much every minute I could in the chat room and all of you were pretty great friends to me. Now I mostly listen to Soul, Funk and Psychedelic rock. I thought I liked punk for a while but it really was just a little phase to me.
Sup guys. My room mate and I recorded a weird cover of Capital G by NIN, check 'er on out
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It's a pun on how he doesn't get laid.

That was my first thought.

Mack, I was about to move my life down to Nashville to labor and play bass all day but I have now decided on Denver. What's the job situation like in TN?
You know what's not in the past?

9/11 specials on history channel.
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That's her!

Wahhhhh dude. Thank you for sharing this.
"Stop using unfunny 4chan memes in social situations"
I don't think I'd charge anyone to record in my room. Me and my dudes have been jamming Reggae/Dub and Funk for the past few months and soon i'll be recording a metal band. I've got at least $750 in recording equipment.
Sublime had influences from all around, a lot from Hip Hop. A big part of hip hop was mixing different tracks together to create a new sound, which is what sublime did along with their original ska/rock sound. Some of their work was lazy, some was genius.

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
The Dirty Heads
Stick Figure

^All new awesome reggae bands, I've noticed a lot of reggae coming out of upstate NY lately too.

I've given up on punk rock for the most part though. I listen to some once in a while but other than that it's all Reggae, Hip Hop, Funk, Dance and Folk for me.
So, the RX Bandits are breaking up.

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Well it's apparent that none of you have ever wrestled before. First off, it's the State tournament. Qualifying for State ANYWHERE is a big deal. Now qualifying for State in Iowa is an even bigger deal. Only 16 kids in the state get to say they made it to state that year(In that weight class). So, the girl's really no joke. No, it's not basically holding each other. You gotta get a takedown, score points, escape from bottom, or get the pin. All this while in quite the state of exhaustion.

IMO, forfeiting a match at State in general is idiotic. The probably wouldn't have won 1st with that mentality anyways.

Naw, it's still just holding each other down. Don't try to give it cool names.
It's not like he had to hit her, it's wrestling.

You basically hold each other and the best holder wins.
New York is a really bad place to live unless you're super rich or on welfare.

I want to live on a houseboat on a CLEAN lake in Arizona or southern California.

By clean I mean safe to swim in without getting a disease, bitten by something and no garbage floating around.
He should have done it and got it over with quick.

It was embarrassing for the girl to win without actually finishing the match simply because she's a girl.

Also, Boo's from the crowd? Who the **** boo's at high school sports?
I miss all my punx in the punx chat ^
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My plan is to do as little of what i don't want to do as possible, and contribute as little as i can to the state. I hope i am a drain

edit: The above post is right too, people are selfish and stupid and that's why we are run by horrible people who only care about themselves and their business friends. It seems that the saying 'people get the government (or ruling) they deserve' is true. We are doomed, we're in the death spiral and we'll probably wipe ourselves out within 100 years and it's looking ever more likley that it will be within 5 or 10.

I don't know where you live so I don't know how you're taxed but you'll end up paying the state. There's no way around it but to disconnect yourself from society. You will end up a work-horse somehow. Unless you can manipulate, then you'll probably make a ton of money.

The good thing about working for yourself/farming/hunting/whatnot is that you earn every bit that you work for.

That's why people who grow plants are cool. It's the best way to slow life down if you're living too fast. You organize a seed in the ground and water it just right, you create life that somehow benefits your own well being/livelihood. Having long term satisfaction like growing plants or a healthy hobby will ultimately lead to having a slow and long life. Instant satisfaction will lead to bad health and bad habits, most of the time.
Cool. I don't care if other people die because the earth killed most of us off due to lack of resources. That their own fault for not learning how to live off local resources.

I can hunt, gather, fish, farm, grow vegetables. I live near a bunch of farmers who have plenty of animals to support a community.

There's a few communes in the U.S. that live off of solar and wind power. It's beautiful, what they've created.

So live fast, die young. You never know when we'll run out of resources and have to lower our standard of living.
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Oil is going to run out in the next 20 years, coal in the next 30, same with gas. Unless we go to Nuclear as our main source of energy, we're fucked. Until then we're reliant on resources that are rapidly running out and which are rocketing in price. More humans = more consumers = more consumed fossil fuels = less fossil fuels = higher fossil fuel prices = more expensive energy, then less energy supplies. Now people are stupid and don't like the idea of nuclear power, but like having big families and driving oil-fuelled cars. You can't have it both ways. We're fucked if we keep populating at this rate. If humans don't destroy each other first, we'll destroy the planet and every creature on it. Such rampant, selfish consumerism is disgustingly self-indulgent.

People are afraid of nuclear power because it's potential for hazards and destruction. They have every right to be afraid.

I agree that the planet is on its way to destruction. We develop so much new technology and create all these new chemicals and drugs.

I also agree that we are very self-indulgent. What would life be if we didn't indulge in every pleasure we could though? I believe if you can support yourself, you may indulge in whatever you want. The only people that shouldn't be indulging are those on welfare living off of other peoples taxes.

Everyone feels their own high and low. Those who indulge in food and drugs will feel the effect on their health later on. Consumerism is fine, intelligent men have learned to profit and the convenience of consuming these days is phenomenal.

Last time I checked, I don't eat Coal or Oil (lolol motor oil that is) so why should I worry if it runs out?

Ever heard of a commune? Where people live together and work together for their own livelihoods? It's all about support from other humans and just because we're a technologically advanced species, doesn't mean we can't survive on the basic necessities.

As far as I know the Amish community is GROWING through out PA and NY. They survive off the land and through the support of each other.

and through incest.
Bleed Blue:

I've experienced the effects of Opiate Pharms (Vics, Hydros, OC's) they're all pretty much the same thing. In my opinion these drugs are disgusting and selfish to do.

In my experience, I felt extremely content with the world. I felt that nothing else mattered but myself and my own happiness. I also felt very itchy, when I woke up the mornings after my legs were red from itching so much.

The people I know that are addicted to these drugs are disgusting, they will raid your medicine cabinet and steal from you. They turn their lives over for these drugs.

If you want to try them, do it before you go to bed. If you crave them, you will most likely seek out for more. If you fall asleep on them/nod off you will probably wake up in the morning feeling sick and depressed and never want to touch them again.

This is all my own opinion and every person has the right to disagree with me. I just want to warn you.
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The world is horrendously overpopulated and there aren't enough resources to go around. By having so many children they're only exhacerbating the problem and leaving each of their children with less in the future, and people born in big families tend to have big families and so it continues.

The **** you know about overpopulation? We're definitely not overpopulated and there's PLENTY of resources for us now. It's all about getting those resources to people who need them most.

The point of the human race (just like any other animal) is to **** and re-populate so our species survives.

Each conscience determines its own path on earth. Each one can do whatever it pleases at any given time. If I want to make babies and keep my awesome genes flowing through this beautiful earth then so be it. My babies will most likely kill all the offspring in your shit gene pool in world war 4.
I love Kanye, hate Coldplay and the Beatles are 'meh'.

Kanye probably knows the members of Coldplay personally. He can probably see past the songs that are repeatedly played on pop radio stations by coldplay.

+ this is all coming from something called "The Daily Gossip" and they've probably misconstrued what kanye actually said.
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If you're fat while young your body gets used to it and it becomes almost impossible to get thin in later life. Change your lifestyle now or you'll be fat until you die.

Or smoke some meth, feel good and lose a TON of weight. Talk about living fast.

I'd rather live fast and die young. Life is only an experience and time and age is nothing but something to cut up the years before we die so we feel better about it.

My intentions are to experience every emotion, rush and feeling that I can before I die. If I were to die tomorrow, I'd die happy knowing I've experienced enough to know what earth is about.

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I don't want to grow old. Old people move slow and never laugh.

I leave UG for months and you're STILL here?
I've heard the religion argument so many times. It always ends up the same way, I completely ignore it.

"Yo so I drank like 10 nattys n smoked 2 blunts and I was OUT son!"

f that. I don't care what you did. 1. I've probably outdone that on several occasions 2. idgaf.
Every time I drink I also end up smoking a whole lot of bud. Which means i'll have the spins and eat like a mad man.
I'm once in a while a "stare-er". Sometimes I drift off and stare at the side of someone for a while but if they were to notice I would simply look off into the distance as if it never happened.

Then go on with my life.

If someone's staring at me I give them the "Bro, sup?" head nod. If they don't do it back then you've got yourself a genuine creeper.