Saw this linked on the front page, great to see you guys are still running this!
I haven't totally disappeared
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But you're the trains/abortion guy lol

Oh wow, i'd not thought of either of those in a while
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I remember you too.


It's really been a while. I don't blame you.
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You're welcome

I wasn't able to make it through three pages of bigotry, thank you.
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If it makes you feel better I came into this thread specfically because I saw your username and thought "holy shit is that who I think it is?"


I wasn't sure if they'd be anyone left who'd recognise me! It's good to be back
So I come to the Pit for the first time in what feels like years and it's turned in to TMZ.

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Hey! Thanks for the response!

Allowing her to receive this scholarship is just a slap in the face for American Citizens and a sign that the illegal immigration problem has truly gotten out of hand. While I do sympathize a little for the girl, she should not be allowed to have the scholarship in all fairness. It is a bad message.

Thanks and let me know if you have any more questions!

You're a Trump supporter, aren't you?

A friend of mine has given me this to refurbish. He says it belonged to his Grandma's brother who used to play in a band back in the day. There's no name or serial number anywhere on the body or headstock as far as I can see.

Does anyone here recognise it?

I'm just gonna leave this here.
It looks like it came from Argos.
My Girlfriend is putting a guitar together for me, she has an MH100 body. We're not sure what neck we could purchase that would fit without any cutting or sanding, from what we've read LTD don't supply necks separately, any ideas? Preferably not official, ideally a 3+3.
My Girlfriend is putting a guitar together for me, she has an MH100 body. We're not sure what neck we could purchase that would fit without any cutting or sanding, from what we've read LTD don't supply necks separately, any ideas?
I do online guitar tuition for all ages and abilities ranging from total beginner to intermediate.

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Definitely looking into the G1on.
Thanks for all your replies guys, definitely given me some food for thought. Definitely won't be using whatever I buy live, I just go straight in to my amp (Bugera 333XL).

As for this, I have £40 to spend.
Thanks for your feedback, but I don't have my own computer at the moment. Since I moved out I'm relying on my phone and tablet solely to use the Internet.
Will look in to the suggestions, any input on what the Zoom G2 is like as far as headphones go?

Edit: As a side note, when I say cheap I mean <£35. Bills are expensive. Second hand is fine.
Thanks, will check it out. Just noticed that this is totally the wrong forum for this, my bad. Shows how often I post here anymore.
Just moved in to my first flat recently, it's a little tight for space and so there's nowhere for my half stack to go. Looking for a piece of gear I can pick up relatively cheap that I can simply use with headphones.

I've looked in to the Amplugs, they don't seem too shabby for the price but it occurred to me that the tonal options are limited and I was reminded of the RP80 I had years back when I was starting out. That had a headphone output that I never used, so I haven't got anything to base an opinion of its practice tones on. What do those of you who have experience in headphone amps have to suggest?
This may have been posted. I've not been here in what feels like centuries.


Got a day of isolation for having a knife found in my bag, also successfully got about 100 students riled up for a fight and then had them all charge around the corridors in an angry mob, kinda got away with that. "Shared responsibility".

Good times.
Think I'll be holding onto this one for a good long while
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I believe your guitar is semi hollow XD

Ha, this is true.

Ibanez AS73-IV

Arrived yesterday, really impressed with it.
Should have been £360 from GAK but after a sale and an Amazon birthday voucher I managed to pick it up for £259, which frankly is a bargain.

It has a really great feel, and has some serious volume when played unplugged. Only got around to plugging it into my amp tonight (Bugera 333XL half), on clean it has a really organic acoustic sound which none of my solid bodies can quite achieve. On the crunch channel it had a really nice Black Keys esque sound but still retains that acoustic hint. I decided to put it through the Lead channel with the metal settings I use with my Charvel just to see if it could handle it and was really pleasantly surprised. I was expecting it to sound messy and overly distorted, it didn't sound anywhere near as heavy as my other guitars but what it did have was a really crisp but dirty blues sound, nothing like what I was expecting. I never thought i'd ever be running it through the lead channel, but it turns out it really works well. It sounds utterly filthy, just what I wanted.
It really has it all and is by far and wide the most versatile guitar I own. It's not quite capable of metal, but that's not what I bought it for. It covers almost anything else I can throw at it with ease, and then some.
As for the playability of it the action is perfect, although the strings it came with need swapping out for something a bit thicker, it currently feels like a standard set of 10s but I'm used to using 10-60s. It has a good weight to it, doesn't feel cheap and nasty and sits well on a strap. The only let down i've found so far is the strap pins, my locks don't fit on them so I'll have to replace them with a proper locking set.

I'd put up more photos but I've not gotten around to taking any, I just snapped this one straight out of the box.

Love it
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Who are you?

I'm from the days of yore.

i cri evritim.
You guys forgot

You don't love me.

Groups warn teenagers warned over 'prinking' craze

7 February 2014 Last updated at 18:43 GMT

More than 100 young people were treated by paramedics for the effects of alcohol and, in some cases drugs, at a concert in Belfast.

It is believed many of them arrived at the venue already drunk, following a new trend called 'prinking' or pre-drinking.

BBC Newsline's Kevin Sharkey reports on how the incident at Belfast's Odyssey Arena on Thursday night was not a one-off.

So apparently pre-drinking is a new trend. As far as i'm aware pre-drinking has been a thing since the beginning of.. well, drinking.
A young mother of three died after she was poisoned by the cannabis she smoked to help her get to sleep.

Gemma Moss, 31, was killed by the level of the drug in her blood, an inquest heard.

The regular churchgoer, who was found dead in her bedroom, is thought to be the first woman in Britain known to have died directly from cannabis poisoning.

Her death was caused by cannabis toxicity, and a coroner recorded a verdict of death by cannabis abuse.

The inquest was told that Miss Moss smoked half a joint a night to help her sleep.

The devout Christian had been a frequent user but stopped for two years before her death last October.

Her family say she started using the drug again to help her sleep after becoming depressed when she split up with her boyfriend.

A female friend told police Miss Moss smoked as much as £60 worth of the drug a week, although her family disputed this.

On the night of October 28 last year Miss Moss, who had two sons, Tyler, 15, and Tessiah, eight, and a daughter who lives abroad, went to bed after rolling a joint.

She was found the following morning by Tyler’s girlfriend who called an ambulance to the flat in Bournemouth.

I wasn't aware this was even possible. Thoughts?
If you're in the UK, TK Maxx have a good selection. Starting at about £90.
I bought two males the other day. They're loads of fun and pretty easy to take care of. One is really affectionate and loves coming out and being played with, the other is shit scared of everything.
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Barney and Ted

Oh, you won, by the way.
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People need to look up what meme means. Those are just pictures with captions at the moment. How can I put it in internet language? When it goes viral - then it's a meme.

A meme is essentially a trend in human behaviour, things like language and clothing and other non-instinctive behaviours are all memes. I don't understand how the word has come to mean 'a picture with a caption'

So much this.
Johnny Cash died more than ten years ago. Jus' sayin'.
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Pinky and The Brain.

This was my suggestion but I was shot down.
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I'll never understand why people want Rats as pets.

This is why.
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This fella is in the girl charmin' bidniz

That I am.
She asked for them.
Got my girlfriend a couple of pet rats for Christmas and we're stuck for names.