As much as I loved DBZ, when I first saw this awhile back it saddened me to think how much it's probably going to be ruined by this movie.

I love that word.

Aurora is rather nice as well.
I have every state quarter except 1 or 2. And I keep my ticket stubs from shows but that's kind of common.
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Do it on the toilet.

I heard somewhere that it's really unhealthy to even attempt to start screaming before like 16 or 17 but I have no idea if that's true or not. Just heard it somewhere....
to get your icons back you can try to open task manager. click on run and then type in the program


and hopefully you're icon and start bar will reappear.
Wow I find this really kind of weird. But strangely amazing. I'd really like to shake your hand TS...actually no I don't, a nod of recognition will have to suffice.
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I ride a bike without a helmet. That is all.

I lol'd quite a bit
Oh my his guitar fell...

To be honest I enjoyed the video simply for the fact with how smoothly he handle all that from the spider on the mic to his guitar falling and getting a new one. Didn't get flustered or anything.
I know most of Hey There Delilah I guess and then Umbrella (All Time Low version). I'm not really embarrassed though, I thought it was funny.
I have like an almost 2 cm scar starting on the top of my lip and going up. Some girls have told me it's attractive i guess but I get the 'How did that happen" a lot more.

Stupid hockey sticks while not having your helmet on very tight -.-
Happened to my old band.

Key word there was 'old'.
They always have seemed really really light green to me.
7 feet tall?? He's going to have a lot of reach on the other guy I'd think. I guess I didn't check either of their reaches but....yeah..
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Put into your address bar. If you know your administrator name + password, it'll be in their under security settings. If you haven't changed the admin name/password hopefully it will be:



Try them and see.

This, or some you might just need to put in Admin and no password or just leave both options blank.
umm last i filled it up was 1.78 i believe here in north dakota.
In Transformers on the scene where his car breaks down with megan fox. Right when she starts walking away Shia is standing in front of the car with the hood up (I think the hood is still up) and both driver's and passenger's doors open. It shows Megan Fox then when it goes back Shia is closing the hood and the only door open is the driver side door.
Well if the girl that you kissed likes you....and that's kind of an asshole move leading her on and not doing anything with it...

I've done the same thing =P

Edit: I did say sorry though because I felt bad and she really really liked me >.<
I thought it seemed like he kind of dropped off and left us hanging. I mean yeah, we can pretty much guess what is going to happen in some aspect but it would have been nice to find out a few other things. And he could have kept on with the story a lot longer then he did.
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I have both of those kinds of hats....
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*proceeds to try and make that face*


That was my first reaction as well.
Aww man I love the old disney movies and still watch them a lot too, the new disney movies though are kind of lame. However I saw Bolt tonight and I thought it was one of the better movies i'd seen in awhile. I'd recommend watching it.

I still love Peter Pan, Toy Story 1 & 2, The Aristocats, The Lion King, The Beauty and The Beast, and they're is definitely more in there. Actually pretty much all the old ones were golden.
I personally think the books and movie appear to have terrible plots (and action for the movie) and really have no desire to read/see them. However, every girl in my school seems to be in love with the series and I'd like to read at least the first one to see if they're actually worth the hype. Can never find it in the library though between all the girls checking it out -.-
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It has been my observation that more kids drink because of the thrill of getting away with it and part of giving themselves this badass image. And part of it is to just get drunk, but I can guarantee that if the age is lowered then alcohol abuse rates among kids in the 17, 18, 19 year old range will go down significantly

well your area is lucky, I got busted for drinking 2 beers 3 hours before the cops showed up, blew a .02 and got a citation for underage drinking. It sucks. I can guarantee I wont drink again 'til 21, but I'm a rare case, most kids get busted and continue to drink underage.

For the top part, I know some kids that drink around here just to get that badass image and say they drink.

As for the bottom part yes we're rather fortunate. However, they're are some cops that don't care how much it is and will bust you but a majority don't make a huge issue of it. I don't drink that often but I was at a small party one time that got busted and the cops just took the alcohol and sent us home. However, I had a friend that got pulled over and the cops noticed some alcohol in his car. He hadn't been drinking but the cop gave him a minor in possession >.<
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When you make something illegal, you create a dangerous environment with no limits for them to drink in because one beer is just as illegal, in the eyes of the law, as 12.

True, but it doesn't help when they do get caught drinking and a majority of them can't even stand up or form a sentence. People see that and they take it as a reason why teenagers shouldn't be allowed to drink because they abuse it. The cops around here are pretty lenient on kids that have been drinking a bit and just have a buzz. Usually just take their beer and send them home as long as they're not doing other stuff (like vandalizing or causing other problems), however they're pretty tough on kids they find that can barely stand and what not.

Plus I hate when I'm about to crawl into my warm cozy bed for the night and get a phone call from someone too drunk to drive
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You should try going to public school over here in america. Alcohol is Satan reincarnated. They demonize alcohol from a very young age, so young most kids probably can't even comprehend what drugs and alcohol are. America still has this fear of alcohol which is made worse by pressure groups like MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). That group in itself is BS b/c I don't know who is in favor of drunk driving, all MADD is is a prohibitionist group who wont be satisfied until drinking is outlawed again. They want the drinking age RAISED in America. Thats why I love Europe b/c they laugh at the US for its fear and inability to handle alcohol.

Well the teenagers around here prove that they are completely incapable of consuming alcohol at a mature and responsible level.
Can't say I have and I can say I don't plan on it. I do enjoy pot though >.<
I was 14, i'd been playing guitar for about 2 years. We were actually together for about 2 or 2 1/2 years before we called it quits just was we were starting to get real familiar with each other and writing decent stuff. We actually had a decent following in the local scene too. Then we got back together after 6 months or so, played for about another 6 months and just decided to move on to different projects.
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You don't have to be in a military to own a sniper riffle that could kill him from half a mile away.

Yeah, but you have to be good enough to hit him from half a mile away.
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So...I am feeling that if you post about "Who is your favorite band" or "Do you like to fap" or "What id the size of your wiener" are going to get a "searchbar" beatdown. I can totally dig that. Again, I am new, and I have not seen all of the annoying questions that can come up in the Pit.

There's a lot of them.
You would think they would have better things to spend money on then chasing down someone who ran a red light at 11:30pm with no one around.
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Whoa I'm sober and that melted my brain

me too too
wasn't there just a thread on this a week or so ago?
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And actually, I'm not, considering I am of Northern European and Asian ancestry, not South American native.

I'm pretty sure the South Americans came from Asia...
Sleep with her mom. Her sister, if she has one, will work too.
I don't really have much problem using other people's electrics but I find someone else's acoustic usually hard as hell to play.
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i just copied what the teacher wrote on the board and i cant udnerstand what the hell is going on in the steps

Analyze better.
KFC Gravy

sooo good *goes back to eating*

Edit: Burn The Priest was Lamb of Gods old name or well a bunch of LoG members were in it.
Donnie Darko

I never pictured it to be how the movie actually was.
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LOL, well that clears it up

first three responses,
-she hates you
-she wants you
-she likes you, but only as a friend

i read that 5 minutes ago and i'm burst out laughing when i read it.