Using your Guitar amp as a bass amp is really going to **** it up. Hard.
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generally 1 gauge up for each full step down. 9's for E (or drop D), 10's for D (or drop C), etc.

i play in drop C and i use Jeff Healey DR Tite-Fits, .010-.056, amazing strings for drop C.

I got to disagree man, I use .011-.058 because im in A sharp a lot but I still find them comfortable in standard. I really is all about personal preference.
Does anyone remember BayBlade,
that was pretty **** hot back in the day
Or maybe I was just a loser...
Korn - daddy

Most fcuked up song ever,
John Davis talking about his father you rapped him
starts starts screaming and crying at the end of it, real tears.
Its so bad man, I felt sick after hearing it.
You have to know the story though
Framus cobra man, in my opinion is the best thing on the market for tech/dropped metal. Mainly because of the clarity on its distortion channel which is just high gain awesomeness. It has a very crisp clean channel too. But to really get it the the best distortion tone possible you would need to be running a Maxon OD808 through it.

But at the end of the day dude, its about what you want
If you want to be able to describe your distortion as "destructive" check out the framus.
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I think alot of people are just going to say "get a tube amp"

you saved me writing that sentence
you should just dread it mate, dreads look sick
Im assuming that the lights are coming on so its not the power source, so Its probably going to be your wiring. Carefully examine all of the wires inside the box. All wires should be firmly soldered at both ends. If you can see any breaks anywhere some soldering is needed.
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Boss MT-2 No matter what tbh. Its called metal core

the Boss MT-2 is the metal zone

the Boss ML-2 is the metal core

for a very cheap option I rate the metal core over the metal zone.
I wasn't sure if I needed to put this in the "wheres my tab" or the "still waiting" thread, so sorry if this isnt where it belongs.

Basically, I submitted a tab about a day ago, I watched as it go 3 votes for accepting the tab, i've come back today and seen that it now has not votes or comments. Now I did correct this tab after one vote because i saw i'd missed a note but that vote got discounted which I assume in normal after that I got the other 3. The tab is Skynet by The Acacia Strain.

I might just be acting ignorant and if so im very sorry and don't mean to waist anyones time but I find this a little frustrating and am convinced that some error has occurd.

Again sorry if im waisting time.

I've been using 12-56s for a at least over a year now and I haven't come across any problems using standard, as long as you do the standard 1-2 month change then you'll be fine
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Synyster Gates is such a blatant homosexual
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cheers dude, sorry for the time waist
So for the first time in my life I have decided to build my own pedal. I planing on building a clone of a Maxon OD808.
I found the schematics and the transfer the other day

So then I came to my first problem, how the hell do I understand this!
I did basic physics and electronics in school but i've never had experience with this sort of thing.
If anyone could give me a bit of advice or point me in the direction of some learning resources id really appreciate it.

Could you post some better pics of the Randal

The hiss is probably background noise so you'd need a suppressor. The best is the Decimator ProRack G but its around £330 the other option is a Boss Noise Suppressor at around £80 and if you want to go even cheaper the Behringer Noise Suppressor is at about £22.
haha, well they certainly ain't worth the money over here
out of interest the the price on a Deizel in the US?
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Mesa too, its just crazy expensive

Overpriced more like
Mesa Boogie are very over priced; you can get far far better for that money.
I'd suggest looking at a Framus Cobra or the cheaper Framus Dragon. The Framus cobra in my opinion is the best production amp for metal out today; the distortion is far superior and is its crowning factor. However the crisp clean tone you get from is very good as well with a great clarity about it.

Another option would be an Engl Powerball.
If your going for the cheap option then check out the krank distortion pedal (distorus maxamus I think).
Only buy a maxon or ibanez tube screamer if you've already got a tube head as that is what they are intended for; hence the name tube screamer. I've found that their only really a good investment that way.
someone needs to tell me where I can get my hands on one of these pedals!!

I've got good money on its way to me and im willing to pay a decent amount for one
(bearing in mind i do know how much they are worth )

I live in the uk but again i'll pay to have it shiped from pretty much anywhere.
You guy got to help me out; I need a ****ing space station!
emg 85's and 84's
really boost's your tone; especially for metal
I always thought the vocals were the only weak part of this band, sick lyrics though
listening to swan song right now
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thanks for that, were you aware of how much the smoker smoked?

and do lungs regenerate? if they are charred will they unchar after quitting? sounds silly but im curious

It takes about 10 years for you lungs to heal them selfs after any significant period of smoking.

but then again, nobody likes a quitter
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that the black pedal with orange writing right?

no, thats the boss metal zone MT-2

also, buy a krank distortus maximus.
Its really the only good high gain distortion pedal around.
I've been playing around 3 to 4 years, the first song i learned was 94 hours by as i lay dying
the Boss MT-2 has a really nice sound
Im a big fan of drop A Sharp
yeah patience is a big factor but i would say if its your first time, try making a mock body or a practice body first with some cheep wood
Id suggest looking trough the lessons on UG there's plenty of stuff on all kinds of picking.
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annotations of a autopsy "welcome to sludge city"

Dude, that bands is a joke!

Its got to be Entities - Job For A Cowboy
I've played then both and i've got to say, in my opinion, the Ibanez is a lot better.

For me it was more comfortable to to play.
liked it, but the vox sounded strained, (tip) dont use your throat, use your diaphragm