Hi everyone, I'm Scott Kraus and I'm releasing my solo album for free via my newsletter/reverbnation profile later in the year.

The digital version will be absolutely free, so why not sign up? I'm not an annoying spammer btw.

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Also I don't mind comments obviously, because I love attention.
Hey everyone, I'd like a bit of criticism if you please.

I'd like to hear opinions on "Languor State", "Wealth and Splendor" and "Short Handed a Hostage"
Hey guys! I've been working on this song for little bit and thought you'd enjoy it.

Desperate Desperado, on my profile.
Title, maybe "I'm"? Or "I am"

Pretty simple and it doesn't say much but those titles don't give away to much of the song or pigeonhole the meaning.

Also the music is fantastic. Very cool. You are quite consistent on the cool factor.
I added you man. You got some great tunes. Everything you do really works with yourself. Nothing seems forced or pointless. Good taste as well. I'm sorry I don't have any criticism. Maybe try making some not so mellow songs just to expand your horizons?

Try mine?
Hello all! I want to tell you about my upcoming CD being recorded this month. On December 30th I will have it uploaded to my profile in the nifty album section. If you would like a short preview of what it might be like you can check out my impromptu songs at

These are all demos and a cover of one of my favorite Warren Zevon songs.

News: Desperate Desperado is almost finished! It's gonna be smooth sailing after that folks. Comment this if you want a nude photograph of myself as the album art.
Warren Zevon.

If you don't know why just listen to any of his songs.
Thank you very much! You don't have any music up though, do you?
I'm really likin your stuff man. It's quality. The only thing I don't like is how you don't got other people behind you. You need a band to start jammin with man.
Well by the end of December I'm gonna have a whole bunch of songs properly recorded so I can have a bunch of tracks with that flavor for ya to work with if you'd like.
I really do like this. You can make people dance to this. I think the "awful organ" isn't bad at all. In fact the dichotomy between it and the rather rip roarin don't care about nothin guitar solo represents to me the dichotomy found between two potential lovers maybe? The organ is very straightly played while the guitar never says the same thing twice (or seems to.) It's a good yin yang type deal.

You see me staring at you
But you don't care
You just walk away from me
Do you know how that feels?
Feels like a shot in the heart

Why can't you see
I'm in love with you
You don't care about me
And I'll be here waiting for you

Love me feel me I love you

I love your hair
Your eyes are beautiful
You make me smile
When I look at you
I like your face
I like you legs
But I don't like your personality
You make me mad
but I still love you
I don't know why
Please explain it to me
Why did I even like you
All you did was hurt me
you're just a stupid selfish bitch
Now you make me mad when I look at you
You ashame me now

I took the liberty to write out the lyrics here. In the part where there is a description of the girl and what the actor finds attractive I felt like it was hugely cliche until you said how you hate her "personality." I think this part can potentially be gold. You just need to play around with the wording to give the song it's own flesh and blood rather than the words you chose which seem a little rough. Basically I think the meaning behind the song and how you chose to express it has a lot of potential.

The error in this poll is the fact that they surveyed people going to the dentist and since British folk don't go to the dentist they won by default.

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I'm gonna tell ya what I like but I'm not gonna expatiate because you don't need it. You take care with your lyrics, you pay good respect to the melody in the vocals against the chords (there are times when you can finger them more solid but damnit it's good enough), and you play fantastic.

One criticism. Dynamics. That's all. Just because you are playin soft rock on an acoustic doesn't mean you can't put a lot of gusto in certain portions of the song. Really let your emotions envelop you and bring the passion out and in someones face.

If you don't mind...
This is a very nice part for a song. It is simple yet strong. The drums carried it well too. But that's about as far as I can go with my critique because it is as I said before just a little piece. I suggest obviously writing more parts. These parts I imagine could contrast with what you have at this point. Since you only have a few chords and a simple eighth note pattern I suggest the other parts should have either many chords or a different pattern. It's a very simple suggestion and you can take it or leave it as an artist. It's very possible you can make this idea the entire song to illustrate a point. Like the song "Dear God" (covered) by Sarah McLachlan it can be a relatively simple chord progression on the guitar but you can have the bass or another instrument doing trippy things over it to heighten the tension and mystique. But that's just me. Overall nothing to complain about other than I'd like it fleshed out.

If you have the time to critique my post it would be appreciated
Hey all! It's been awhile since I've been here. Anyways I have a few songs for ya and I'd like to know what you think. You can listen to either both or neither or just one.

Walkin' Blues

Ok it's obvious I didn't write this one. I did however write the lines "Ain't going to no playground or no zoo. I'm going to the cemetery where they buried everybody that I knew," on the spot. I was pretty proud haha

Lady, You're Gonna Kill

This is a song about Lady Gaga. There is melodic reference to Bad Romance at the beginning and end for kicks.

Enjoy if you please.
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