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wait so are there any windows for them to get in?
last night, i did a 85 minute non-stop jam with some buddies with me on guitar. when we finished (these guys are 35 years older than me too) we were all speechless. complete musical transcendence.
pee sample cups. 5 of them.
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You know i tunes does this...

It does? Well can you show me how then?
Hey guys, I was looking for a program that is able to transfer music from an Ipod to a computer. It would be awesome if it was free as well. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
i want to see a cover of ballad of a thin man done. by anyone.
All jewish people are good with money.

actually I havent seen this disproven yet, my uncle started losing money 2 months after he converted to catholocism, and every jew i know is pretty good at keeping track of their money.
It's fine, but a soccer ball is usually heavier so you will have to adjust once yo get a real one.
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Yes, yes it has.
you really should have double checked before posting about it.

yes he should. Now close this TS
UG was created when Kensai's lol-causing voice was heard throughout the internet. But this merely created the main portion of UG, the tabs. The pit was caused by /b/ ejaculating into the internet and onto a guitar. Therefore, the pit.
whoa guys

this guy is reported for wrong forum posting.
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just thought I'd share this with ya'll (yes, I'm from the south)

So, my dad was driving on some street. He sees some little boy (3-4 yrs old) crying and running away from some man. Thinking that this doesn't look right, he stops his car and gets out. The little boy runs to my dad screaming "Stranger, stranger!". He then grabs onto my dad's leg. The man the boy was running away from then claims to be his father, and my dad tells him that he's calling the cops (most likely because he boy said stranger stranger), and then the man ran away. When the cops arrive, they somehow find out who the man is, and the man who tried to take this boy is a known sex offender or something like that. So the cops took the boy back to where he belonged and the world is happy again.

I don't have specific details, but you get the jist of it.

Hope you Enjoyed


here's your problem
dont disrespect him and play something cheesy. Play him a song that he loved. Also, RIP Brady.
ok, so I have read through this entire thread, and I have one question. Why the hell are you letting this tap-dancing washer live in solitude instead of letting it go out the window and show it's talent to the world?

I guess what I'm trying to say there a window?
you brang the pit down on you.
When you go to trade it in for new gear and you are told you can get about ten bucks.
TS, I have 4 pairs of skinny jeans, and 12 plain white undershirts. This is all I wear. Does it matter?
robberies are always a good bet.
He says he hasnt played guitar in months before this.
I just got one, but my cheapo parents decided not to register me for internet, email, IM, or MS word; even after I offered to pay too.

But I enjoy it anyways. My record for Sudoku on easy is 4 minutes and 34 seconds.
That's what I like about high school girls: I keep getting older, and they stay the same age!

just cause your such an ass....NO
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Well, I was in a mosh pit and there was a kid in a banana suit.

Was that in Illinois?

And to contribute:

I once saw a mother****ing humvee at the grocery store I work at.

Full on humvee, said "PROPERTY OF US ARMY" on the back and everything.

Earlier that day I saw a tranny crack *****.

I work at a weird store.
I dreamt about Les Claypool deciding he was going to adopt me, and give me all his basses as late birthday presents. Then I woke up and ate fruit loops.
fapped and played guitar.
My friend has a patch of grey hair. Just a patch. He has had it since he has had hair.

And let us not forget Holden Caufield who had half of his hair gray.
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study or I will rape you and kill you're next of kin...

thats quite motivational


also, I am in the same boat as you, TS. I have to write a 5 page paper on the sociological effects of porn, but for some reason I keep getting distracted.
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could be on to something, i also like the youtube idea all good idea guys.

i especially like the dick in a box, maybe i could give that to her over dinner? :P

Probably under dinner would be better, otherwise the entire restaurant would see.
This thread is now about trees.

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My parents just can't stand the sound of a distorted guitar, but it doesn't bother them. However, my mom tried to ban me once of RATM because I left it on and she heard it. Also, she hated Nirvana for awhile because of "Rape Me". It really doesn't bother her that much though. Especially the Nirvana part because she said Kurt Cobain was "cute".
Yes, I am worried as well.

My mom too!

It's creepy, and scares me.

And also, my parents don't care what I listen to anymore. Once when I was 10 I was listening to Blink, and my mom took that cd away. But now, 7 years later, here I am uncensored.
I named first electric Kirk, because I knew it would be a beater guitar, and kirk sounds like the kind of guy who gets in fights every day.
I'm thinking this is a troll, as my troll alarm is going off.
I lost the nut locking block to my floyd rose.

there's 16 bucks down the drain, plus delivery time.
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Hello Bob

thank you for the music

This, assuming you meant dylan.
51 days, 9 hours, 10 minutes, 5 seconds
I apparently attacked my friend with a rake (successfully) when I was 6. Scratched up his arm, leg, and back pretty badly. I don't know why though, but knowing me it was cause I was bored.

Also I once walked into a glass door thinking that it didnt exist, and got a giant bump on my head.

Another time I sat on a glass table and it broke under me.