No, the rule is that you should use the correct sharps or flats for the key.
It may well have been me that corrected your tab. You should leave it because, well it's a correction, it's making the tab better, not worse.
Generally if a tab moderator changes something in your tab it's for a reason.
By using a PC, not a mobile phone. And using the website directly, not an App.
You'll need to look on desktop, not mobile, I guess.
All sounds very good, especially being able to see all the ratings for a particular tab; I think occasionally a notification for a rating goes missing.
Are we going to have the number of corrections and strumming patterns rejected as well as approved? Wouldn't want brettsanace to be getting too pleased with himself
Ah, that's good, I wanted that back.
Note, you have to hover over, then you get "All posts" and "All Threads" (inconsistently capitalised). The number of posts is also not well aligned with the heading "Forum:".
/\ getahed - "timing is wrong. what u have as the first beat of the bar is actually the 4th beat so the first G note (5th fret on D string) is beat 1. this makes the transitions between chords correct. listen to the original."
Comment is correct.

You should fix the file, then ask him to reconsider his rating.
Seconded (and mentioned it before), very much agree.
Just posting here again because frans.vanuytv is still having problems getting shut out of the site, 4th time now. What's the cause, is his IP address being banned because too much activity from it has been detected? I know this has happened with other people. Or could it be something like what was happening with mendace where she said she would get blocked after about an hour working in the queue? How was that resolved?

Also he has 72 messages in the "UG-mailbox", what are these, ones like the one above? Does he get sent one every time he has a tab approved?
You know what the left menu panel really needs (as there's so much empty space there) ? A logout button.
Yeah, I think it's supposed to be updated twice a day, and sometimes it might seem like it's a little longer before a tab can be found, but it'll be in there soon enough.
I found it
It was only approved a day (or so) ago and the title was changed more recently than that, so it's probably just a case of the database needing to catch up.
Just the person you quote. So there's that way, or using Reply, or you can use the @ symbol, start typing a name and you'll get a list of user names to choose from.
But we're going a bit off topic here.

I've seen it thanks, you don't need to put it twice (quoting someone sends a notification anyway).
I like to give mendace something to do, from time to time
It's because the request has the wrong artist name, The Strangers instead of De Strangers.
The tab is here
The artist listing still needs fixing to De Strangers, not de strangers.
mendace this one has been done
but the request has the wrong artist name.
(And they still have to fix it to De Strangers.)
ok, for the first file there, you need to switch tracks. The intro is with clean guitar, track 1, then it switches to distortion in other tracks, 2 and 3. And you'll finally find the solo in track 3!
mikeyalucard11 UltimateGuizar
I can see all of the file in tab so it seems like some sort of bug. You have [pro] so you should be able to see it all.
Have you tried downloading the file (button at the end of the page)? You can use the free player TuxGuitar to play it if you don't have Guitar Pro.
Little 'bug' here, on the front page, where the Bonanza is shown, you have "Read more". That link doesn't go to the right post, it goes to #65 by UGMKZ , when it should go to #64 by h0spid (or ).
It's the third track, not counting the percussion, but it's been tabbed with a 6 string tuning so that's why it looks like a guitar part. But the tuning is an octave lower than the two guitar tracks.
Roj Vincent
There was a bug but they seem to have just fixed it. Click on the number beside "Tabs:", it should work now.
No, there's 20 odd that I'm following but I'm apparently not, if you see what I mean, then the 3 creepers.
We're pretty sure they haven't 'turned on' the notifications about people you are following or got them working yet. Don't recall there ever being anything about receiving notifications about what your friends posted.
Oh yeah, I've got an extra 3 followers above the number that I'm following, that's a bit creepy.
And not all of my 'former friends' are marked as being followed by me, whether I look under the 'followers' or 'following' list. For instance apparently I'm not following you or mendace or brettsanace.
There are 4 versions here already (well, 3 proper ones)
Won't one of those do?
mendace You can probably figure out how badly this is misspelt / titled ...
Oh, there was also this message he received by email, not sure what that's all about.


We've checked your new tab for Zjef Vanuytsel - De Massa and noticed a few things that could be improved. You can find this info in a comment below the tab. Please make corrections so we can add your tab to the site.

Сorrect Tab (link )


P.S. If you have any ideas or suggestions, just reply to this email. We read them all.
Posting here on behalf of frans.vanuytv
He's again got locked out of the site. Was working on a tab, then got the message "Unable to save changes, will try again in a few seconds", and then nothing works.
Has his IP address got blocked somehow? Has he been submitting 'too many' tabs??
Shouldn't have to search for it, it should be on the main page, should be at the top of every forum page, etc ...
Yeah, that's the best thing to do, look for a user who makes those kind of tabs. sergey.kaminari is another one.
Haha, I just added "Test" to the My Stats page and now it appears on my Profile as well. And least the Save button works on the profiles ... but yeah, just get rid of it from the My Stats page. (Oh, it's actually "My stats", some headings have all words capitalised, others only the first words.)
I was able to do it. It seems like the Save button doesn't work but I refreshed the page and the text changed.
No, it can't be that bad if you felt you had to remove the video.
Yep, and don't put anything under just Stevie Ray Vaughan because they're all under Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
They have said somewhere that they're going to add the links to forum posts back.
Please just put a logout button on the main page of the site, or better yet at the top of all normal pages, the same as every other website does!!
The small numbered note is a grace note. It basically lasts no time at all, you play it then the large numbered note immediately afterwards - you can't tell for sure from the file but it must be hammered on. Play 9, hammer on immediately to 11.