go and try each and every one of em out
then decide for yourself
a yugioh game boxset.
from wb13 sweepstakes

the old days.
George Benson.
Оно мати Russia' благословение s, как с много других.
In my opinion, fast shredding can have feeling in them.
But I play both
Psalm of Lydia - Nevermore
Altitudes - Jason Becker
Glass Prison - Dream Theater
Serrana - Jason Becker
Emo Village Pillage - Shane Gibson
Prelude - Joe Stump (cant find tabs for this)

listed by difficulty
not bad
The trend in Korea is divided by age groups.

Up to senior year of high school:
There really isn't a 'trend.' Most kids here are just students studying under enforced school rules that disallows them to follow a 'trend.' In Korea, students can be shaved, punished physically, and etc. on campus from the faculty.

Senior + College kids and up:
The trend starts here. Koreans of this age, if following a trend, will follow famous artists and celebrities. The hairstyles of Korea, distinct from Japan, can be researched and looked up in various hairstylist websites such as Bombhead (google this).
The clothing trend however, is best organized into types of kids. There are those who are indifferent, and those who are stylish. Stylish kids will go after prep-ish clothing as worn by famous artists (Se7en) and celebrities.
schecter $400 isnt any different from the $800 in quality

imo, if u want a schecter, it should be ur 1st or 2nd guitar

if u want a $800 guitar, it should be ur 2nd or 3rd
for $800 shred guitar you could go for an Ibanez
they have low action, 24 frets, a real thin neck for fast playing

im setting my eyes on RG2550 or RG2570
both about $750-850 i think
I would go toward the thicker strings for rhythm because thin strings are more for the

Rhythm is more about chords and rhythms and such not soloing as much. Unless ur talking rhythm for racer X material, i would say:
Beefy Slinky
Not even a slinky
Power slinky
have fun with that list heh
Technical Difficulties by Racer X (the solo is hard but fun)
Scarified by Racer X (harder than technical imo)
Scit Scat Wah by Racer X (lots of string skipping)
Air by Jason Becker (sort of classical; lots of slow sweep arps and such)
Mabel's Fatal Fable by Jason Becker (there's everything here: sweeps, legatos, fast alt pick)
Serrana by Jason Becker (one of the ultimate sweep arpeggios)
Blitzkrieg by Yngwie Malmsteen (probably harder than all of the above)
Far Beyond the Sun by Yngwie Malmsteen (famous solo)

None of these are easy

oh and the hardest of em all...
Giant Steps by Coltraine LOL
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hopefully it would.

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I suggest, considering you are a guitarnoob, you buy a guitar that is better than the standard beginner set (one of those ibanez RG's that cost 200 bucks) or a schecter. As for the amp, get a 10-30 watt for the time being like a roland cube.

You will progress and as you do, you will develop a sense of tone and feel in a guitar that you will seek. Until then, you should get those guitars as they are more durable and better in quality than those standard 150 bucks beginner set.
I'd say rather than keeping a strict schedule of how much time you will spend to practice, practice as much as you can on the things you need practice on - not forgetting the ones you already have down. Keep in mind, it's the quality of practice that matters.
Alrite, I did the math...
1. Divide number by 12...
2. Round the quotient down to the nearest whole number
3. Write out the division and find the remainder
4. From your first note, go up a note for each remainder you have.

Take 233.
Divide by 12 = 19.4167...
Round down = 19
233/12 = 19 r5
Since your tonerow thing starts from C, go up 5 steps.
Fibonacci # 233 = F natural

In short: find the remainder and go up however many notes the remainder happens to be.

This however does not work on any fibonacci number under 12.
If not, try getting your prep group or ur hip hop crew or whatever and break them up into groups. Have the minor characters judge and stuff. Also, you could write scripts where the minor characters are friends or something and they are gossiping until one of the crew's pride gets hurt.
something like that
How about a battle of the bands type of skit
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if you draw a line through the centre of a circle and then choose another point on the rim, you always get a right triangle with 90° at the rim

But you cant state that a segment connecting the 2 supplementary points of the parallelogram will pass through the centerpoint.

I got something like:
- the two intercepted arcs cover the whole circle (is this given?)
- the two opposite angles are congruent and supplementary so it must be 90 degrees (what conjecture/ property is this?)
- consecutive angles of a parallelogram are supplementary (property of parallelogram)
- parallelogram is a rectangle
You are given a circle with a parallelogram inscribed in it.
You have to prove that the parallelogram is a rectangle.

How would you prove it?
-If you're an alternate picker like me, start with an upstroke? or play two down strokes first.
-Start slowly [muscle memory etc]
-Be hard on yourself about intonation [how you sound - beautiful? or crap?]
-Can you pick everything? If not, take it slower.
-Take your time
No this orchestra piece was around for a long time...
This is yngwie's guitar composition to this song but what is the original?
Does anyone know who the composer is and the orchestra song name played by Yngwie in Icarus Dream Suite?
like something not rock based
What are some songs in minor tonality that resembles songs like
love story
speak softly love
romance d'amour
harmonic tapping i think, it's like u do a pinch harmonic 12 frets higher [an octave] where your finger is. The rest is tapping.
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watever floats all ya'lls boat

strats are mehhhh. i don't really care for them.
not like ' OMG he has an american strat !!! '
really, i don't really care unless he has a prestige ibanez

I concur.
To counter this or maybe add, I dislike LPs
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Wiser words have never been spoken.

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down on 12 or the second 13?
How would you pick
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Well start of in D major scale following this pattern.


Start really slow, but use a metronome to keep the rythm constant, it wont work if you lay the first 3 notes fast and the middle ones slow and then fast again, now play it as fast as you can with ALL the notes on time and sounding clean, now play it at that exact same speed 15 times and try playing it faster and faster.


i mean like when to pick up and down in sweeps. I think my picking is wrong, but i want to check
lol, anyone got sweep exercises? - especially on ones you can correct your picking for sweeps?
Anyone got exercises, if so post em!
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get some thinner ones for shreddy, fast stuff. as for stuff like grunge, alternative etc go for heavier picks.

exact opposite of what he said.
thicker picks for faster picking.