Are the drums programmed? What do you use for such good production quality?
**** Me Jesus - Marduk
Darkthrone- Hate Is The Law
Scream Bloody Gore- Death
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I used to like this band, but now I can't stand them.

Ah! Good, I guess you finally realized they've become a bland version of their influences, (Death, Carcass, etc.)
Wages of Sin is the first album with Angela, and in my opinion remains the greatest of Arch Enemy's albums. I dislike the previous two only because of Johan's poor vocals.
Objectively Santolla on The Stench of Redemption was fantastic, period. His soloing was fast but also intelligent. Instead of mindless wankery he emphasized each song in a sensible manner. However I do agree with the comment on the 80's throwback. Some of the atonal aspects in his licks remind me of Death.
I have Acid pro 4 and Fruity Loops. In order to record live guitar tracks you need a preamp that directly imputs into the computer. Your guitar plugs into the preamp and some come with distortion settings/ digital effects so essentially you don't need to bother with your actual amplifier. However you can do that if you want. I recommend a Line6 Toneport because it's simple and delivers a good tone. I use fruity loops only to sequence drum tracks for the music I record in Acid.
Darkthrone- soulside journey
I am personally put off by Watershed, at the moment at least. Lyrically it's less metaphoric than past releases. I thought Akerfelt's past writing was very poetic, with Watershed it's a bit cliche for me. Musically, I hear some tracks with blatent blues influences which surprised me at first, but despite incorperating some very overused modern rock elements ("Bridge of Sighs") I can almost tolerate it. I just didn't expect to hear that coming from Opeth of all bands. Contrarily, the last song "Den Standiga Resan" is simply beautiful, I can't stop listening to it.
Naglfar- into the black
I'm very sorry that this is indeed true. I guess being a female die-hard fan of black and death metal, i'm a rare breed.
Rhapsody- power of the dragonflame
Rock N' Roll Gas Station
Brain Drill- Sadistic Abductive
My first electric was a cheap Ibanez and it was horrible. With instruments, quality is worth every dollar you pay and for a starter guitar don't expect amazing performance from an instrument under $500. That's just my experience. You should invest in a guitar not only for "looks" but for quality as well. Also be careful of knockoffs...
Tom Anderson - Hollow Drop Top $3400
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How bad is the chip?

It's not large but still noticable. My guitar strap fell off and the body swung to hit a chair. Do you know if complicated finishes are repairable? There are pics prior to chipping in my profile. I'm not looking for sympathy as much as help.
This one just happens to be worth $3000 and i'm still crying. Any way to get it repaired? Do you know what this feels like...?
Come Clarity- In Flames
A Matter of Life and Death- Iron Maiden
Rise of the Tyrant- Arch Enemy
Gloria- Disillusion
Michael Matijevic of Steelheart. This band's fame was basically built on his vocals. To my knowledge few metal vocalists surpass Matijevic's massive range and every note is sung cleanly.
some quotes that come to mind are:

"darkness descends, everyone dies." -Dimmu Borgir
"carnivorous Jesus, I need your flesh" -Arch Enemy
"I kiss the strangers, then I watch them die" -Warlock
Since your drummer obviously has down syndrome, you need to let him know the facts of this debate in the simplest way possible. Trivium and the other groups you mentioned are in fact Metalcore. Metalcore is defined as a completely unoriginal waste of human resources. American bands blatently steal material from Swedish melodeath and add a pinch of angsty whining to attract retarded American teenagers. If your drummer still doesn't believe you, punch him in the face and then leave the band.

There's your "core" rant.
starting now.
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Ah but how else would trades work? But yes I do agree, I suppose the mail abroad would cost a good bit.

Oh well

This would have been a fantastic endeavor. The actual trade items would be free but the "buyer" could pay for shipping. However I imagine that keeping track of such a potentially huge business would need a separate website altogether, that's why there's ebay.
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That would be called power metal.

I know, I just felt like insulting it
The only metal I can't stand is progressive fantasy nerd music with Disney princess vocals and guitarists with their heads up their asses. IE Symphony X, Dragonforce, Turisas, *pukes* Otherwise I collect a wide range of genres and listen to all of it.
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Manowar is honestly just 300: The Band

Well I might have to call you a noob for this, but I am also quite drunk at the moment.....
Kings of Metal and Louder Than Hell are classic heavy metal albums. I completely recognize the raging cheese synonymous with Manowar, but I choose to overlook the lyrics and focus on the music instead (which is just as aggressive as Judas Priest). I guess this is one of those bands that you either love or hate.
I'm not into the vocals at all. Apparently they've only been playing their instruments for three years and I think it shows. Overall....below average.
oh my god thank you! This music is beautiful.
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if your saying slipknot isnt metal your wrong......they're classified as new metal you bastard

EDIT* sorry Nu-Metal

prepare to get raped
nu metal isn't metal period.
My mom liked Opeth before I introduced them to her. That's metal.
The Great White Buffalo - Saxon
Indeed they do exist, but have yet to be recognized nearly as much as men. Do you think the issues are gender, musicianship, technical ability (or lack of), etc? Some of the more well known solo artists are:

Lita Ford
The Great Kat
Nori Bucci
Katrina Johanson
Sara Marsh
I love nasty, filthy, gut wrenching, blues with guitar solos so good they make you want to rip your face off with a cheese grater. I have a major appreciation for Zeppelin and most heavy music that's deeply expressive. I listen to virtuoso guitarists (Govan, Petrucci, Vai, etc) and the bands they associate with. Industrial and jazz fusion too.
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Sorry to be an ass but, why do you ask this question? Is there a specific formula for an instant hit that every band searches for like the Holy Grail?

The point is, it doesn't exist. Every band has a different style, like every band writes every song a different way. When you write a piece, you should only put what feels right, if you think it's finished, don't add another Verse. You cannot write a song to a set rule, just go with the flow.

a-la The Mars Volta vs. Oasis.

I agree with you up until here. There are many bands especially in modern rock that do revert to formulas. You hear most of it on the radio from cliche, post grunge, nu metal clones such as Nickleback. They do it because they had one hit and seek to duplicate it repeatedly to maintain record sales. Clearly not the right motives
Dare I say this is better than the original? I was never a fan of Johnson's live performance. You definately know what you're doing and your passion about it is great. That tone is also perfect. You made my day.
My brother insists that music with dropped tuning sounds like a massive fart.
You should have made a thread for the final version instead of the demo. You can sing well but musically it's extremely cliche. I know grunge is a simple and popular genre, therefore it's been beaten to death by every modern rock band in America, so try experimenting more. Make the song structure more dynamic which doesn't necessarily mean add more stuff. Try opening up the chords a bit like you did in the bridge. Vary the percussion and have the other instruments interact with it. Those are just some suggestions...