I ride a bike and public transport  

About half a year ago I became infected with pedal-GAS and now I'm buying, trying and selling pedals for bass guitar whenever I have cash to spend (luckily I have a job). So I was wondering: do you guys use pedals for bass? And if yes, how do you use them and what is your approach to them?
mandelstamdavid Thanks for clearing that up . I still had my hotmail account linked to this account so I couldn't confirm pro membership, but after switching to another e-mail things worked out fine.
mandelstamdavid Thanks for replying. What I meant to say is that I want to search in the tabs requested by other people in order to see if there are requests that I want to fulfill. Right now I can only browse by page, but that takes me ages considering the amount of requested tabs.

Can you also maybe direct me to a page where the concept of 'pro-users' is explained? I've been seeing it pop up here and there but don't know what it is.
Hi, I have some feedback: is it possible to search in all requested tabs and if not, can you make it possible?
mendace thanks for replying, I sent out a message
mendace Hello, I just uploaded a bonanza tab but it was rewarded as if it was a normal chord tab. The submission page says 'Published' but the request is still active.

It's this one:

Can anyone help me clarify what happened? 
The problem seems to have solved itself. Copy/pasting works fine now

I've been getting problems lately when submitting chords tabs. Whenever I copy/paste from a different source (Word for instance) the layout gets messed up. It looks as if there are empty lines (double enters) between the text but when you start typing they disappear. When you copy/paste inside the tab something is adding extra enters in between the lines, even when they are not there in the text you copied. The numbering on the left side of the text field also doesn't seem to match the text itself anymore. 

Link to picture:

Can this be fixed?

Edit: it seems to be getting worse. Using the arrow keys appears to make characters appear and change position. Tabbing is hardly possible atm.
I would like to point out the following things:
 - I miss the feature that a chord played back to you when you hovered over it. Was a useful feature when checking out new tabs without a guitar.
 - I miss the chords being blue. Makes for a more pleasant view
 - I miss the rating bar being on top of the screen. I can understand though why you put it down below, so players can rate after they play. Could it be both on top and below?
 - sometimes when I add a new tab it takes around ten minutes for it to show on my 'my status' bar
 - bonanza tab requests sometimes don't disappear after being completed by others. I then have to wait three days

But apart from that great job   Every change takes some time to get adjusted to and I'm already adjusting  
The Treble Spankers are also a great surf band, from the Netherlands
The thing that always bothered me was that hardcases for guitar and bass never have shoulder straps on them. They only have one handle. If you could make a hardcase you can carry on your back, that would really be a gap in the market IMO.

In other words:
If you could combine this

with the comfort of this

so you have both safety for your instrument and comfort as a touring musician
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Get together with some other people and write with them. You just need another perspective, that's all.


Writing with other people can get you out of your inward spiral of self critique and help you regain freshness in writing stuff. Also, as stated above: all music you can come up with has elements of songs or pieces you've listened to in the past. It's called inspiration.
Intruiging concept, curious to see how it will turn out.
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I just felt like celebrating that somewhere. This was also my favorite tab that I've done.

What's been y'alls favorite tab to make?

Definitely full-song Guitar Pro tabs. Getting a song right down to the details and hearing it back is a great experience.
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guitar_newbie Hello, we fixed account settings on profiles  

an.lebedevsky thank you!

I have a problem with updating my account settings. Whenever I want to change my account settings, I get the error message "wrong timezone" on a white page. When I go back to account settings after this it turns out the settings remain unchanged.

Can this be solved?

A Nice Fender Stratocaster/Jaguar with single coil pick-ups, a Fender Twin Reverb or similar range of vintage tube amp, a spring reverb pedal and an overdrive pedal.

While you're at it, go check out the Treble Spankers. Awesome Dutch instrumental surf band
Hi there UG,

I would love for the contributions page (the one in each of our profiles) to have more navigation options. For those of us with 100+ tabs, it can be kinda tedious to navigate. A search bar would help, and/or the possibility to have another category than popularity pinned when you open your contributions page. I find myself having to click twice on 'Date' in order to view my recent contributions, would be great if I could pin that so it shows up right each time I open my contributions page. And I can imagine other contributors have their own preferences.

guitar_newbie Never mind, the problem appears to have solved itself
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Hey Spinnerweb,

I just uploaded the chords to this song. Might be worth your while:
Another problem, same topic: whenever I start on a new chords tab, all the information of the last submitted chords tab is shown. I have to delete this before I can start with the new one. Anyone else have this?
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guitar_newbie, some users were mistakenly given double or triple points per tab. The bug has been fixed and extra points for tabs were removed

OK thanks for clearing that up .

About that competition: The IQ-scores were just edited and I saw my IQ point total being dropped by 144 points, without explanation. I also saw other contributor's points being dropped. Is this a correction of a previous calculation error or did something else happen? I'm curious to know.
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I never start any threads and i basically never post much. I do still check this site daily. I signed up 10 years ago yesterday. So in a rare maybe never again moment, i decided to actually post something to celebrate the good chunk of my life i spent on this site. So let me ask you guys.

What was you doing 10 years ago?

Damn guy I registered only four days after you, it's my 10 year anniversary in two days

Ten years ago I was fifteen, in high school and in a cover band while learning to play the guitar. Decided to register on UG after about half a year of lurking. Became a tabber soon afterwards.
It's all about metrum. If you're unfamiliar with it look it up. The verses you mention have the same amount of syllables and can therefor be sung interchangeably. To achieve this make sure your verses have the same amount of syllables.
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I don't know much music theory, enough to get me through though. So on guitar if someone says play an Fmaj9 for example you play that Fmaj9 like it aint no shit, but if someone says play an Fmaj9 when you're playing bass, do they mean a scale? Like bass players should know scales and stuff, right? I know my major and minor scales but thats about it. Its just the same pattern and position for all major scales, but you just start on a different note, right? Like if everyones jamming off of Cmaj7, you would stick to the basic rhythm of the drummer and play play from a Cmaj7 scale.

Well hammering away on the rootnotes isn't going to solve everything. It all depends on what genre you are going to play. If it's jazz then you can play a mean walking bass line, if it's punk then you probably won't see maj7 or maj9 chords and can happily hammer those root notes.

The bass is there to lay a foundation for the rest of the band and to connect certain parts of the song. Basically you can play every note there is in a chord. For instance in Fmaj9 you can play F, A, C, E and G. Though it is common for the bass to stay play basic stuff (often only the root note and the fifth in a chord) there are loads of exceptions that can show you the possibilities. Tame Impala for instance is an example of how the bass 'floats' in the music, and doesn't always accentuate the rootnote.
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So I went to UG as usual and noticed, to my surprise, that apparently the new feature of 'achievements' was unrolled. Interesting as it looks, how does it work and what can actually be achieved? Is there some news item on it that I missed?
It is a quite old tab of me, but I only noticed this thread today. I tabbed a song by the infamous duo Simon Garfunkel, which of course should be Simon and Garfunkel . Can you fix this?

Thanks in advance!
I would only marry for the tax benefits. I don't believe in all the symbols and gooey romantic stuff about living happily ever after once you're married. I don't see myself getting married, though my girlfriend probably would like to some day. Eh
About a year ago I went from 2 years and three months older to 1,5 years younger than me.
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It's a really neat accessory, but tbh the last thing this world needs is more guitar-drumming douchebags. No offense to you TS, just my general opinion.

I fully agree. It has nothing to add except 'look at me doing all fancy drumming on a guitar.'
Blood Red Shoes?
Only two days now, can't wait to see how this will end.