If you don't have Red, get it!
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I think it is possible to play FLAC in Windows Media Player with a plugin, but I personally prefer using a separate player altogether. I use this.

I have foobar, but I always used Winamp instead (I think because foobar doesn't play .shn)
Oh dear...

1. You haven't listened to every album ever made and therefore cannot make that statement, all you can say for sure is that it is the best album you have ever heard.

2. Musical taste is subjective, otherwise people wouldn't listen to a lot of the music which comes out nowadays and I consider to be rubbish. Therefore even if you were to use my revised statement from above it would be nothing more than your opinion, which is fine but you can't claim it as absolute truth.

3. Just because somebody can't prove something isn't true that doesn't mean that it is true. Or do you think there are space teapots orbiting the sun?
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I'm listening to The Wall all the way through for the first time in a year or so. Very good.

You kind of need to listen to it all the way through...the individual songs (apart from a few) don't really stand alone.

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I was there too, right up front and everything. Got hit by a brick when the Wall fell. It was deadly.

I thought they fell awfully close to the crowd. I was just stoked to see the flying inflatable pig
I seen Roger's show on Tuesday in Dublin and it was spectactular! The singing wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and the projections, oh the projections...
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I have five comments on this video:

1. The projections on the wall look incredible. Roger breaking the grey into pieces to reveal color is just awesome.

You can say that again, cannot wait to see them all next Tuesday

2. Gilmour is rusty. While he still sounds good, I think he doesn't seem as precise and in control as usual. Granted, this was a one off performance and he would probably sound better if he were to tour again.
3. For the first time in recorded history, I don't think his guitar tone is that great either.

True, but he's still better than the guy who does it for Roger normally...what's his name?

4. A DVD of this current Wall tour is cool and all, but that just means we have to wait longer for the original 1980-81 show to be released on DVD. Maybe with the renewed interest in the Wall due to this huge tour and those massive re-releases coming up Roger will finally give in and professionally remaster and release the original show. Matter of fact, the video from the original show should be included in the immersion box set to begin with.

He should definitely include the original video in the DVD, that would probebly be the only reason I would get it

5. I really, REALLY wish Gilmour would tour again.

Me too
Seen them last Thursday, amazing show. I still haven't gotten over it . . .
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I signed up for it and downloaded everything. But I can't figure out how to use it.

Get winamp, then download the .shn plugin and you'll be able to hear them...most of the stuff is either .shn or .flac
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Hey can one of you regulars get me started on bootlegs? Thanks.

Just get onto the echoeshub...anything you could ever get is there
I think I need to get reverb and chorus pedals next, any suggestions? Though I'm badly in need of a better amp because the one I have is quite frankly cheap rubbish, so if i get one with a decent reverb setting I'd be sorted on that front, again any suggestions?
^Someone give this guy a gold star...

...but this could go into the Off Topic Discussion

I'm surprised that anyone could possibly think that the 2012 olympics will be anything other than the worst (as far as ceremony is concerned) for this century to come. It will definitely have nothing on what the Chinese managed, and London has Boris Johnson to contend with (though that is their own fault).

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Why can't you just leave early?


The Wall wasn't played with any encores originally, and it is pretty long anyway, so you should be safe enough
Does anybody else really wish they had the $6115 for one of the Custom Gibson Les Pauls?
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Woot, I just got an e-mail that I can buy tickets for the Roger Waters show for 5 euros beneath the original price

So that's like €95, great!
^Sorrow, and Terminal Frost...I'm, not saying they make up for all the other stuff on there, but still.

UmmaGumma does have Grachester Meadows and Narrow Way 3, but the rest is dismal
I'd recommend getting Meddle and Piper at the Gates of Dawn first then moving on to Obscured by Clouds and Atom Heart Mother, they're all excellent albums in their own way. If you're feeling expansive there is also More, Relics, Saucerful of Secrets and Zabriskie Point, but for heavens sake avoid UmmaGumma's studio part like the plague!
As Money starts off the second half of the album if you listen to it in it's original state (ie on vinyl), it is impractical to let the album flow into it as easily as the rest of the songs...personally I wouldn't change a thing about the album
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What is this "hold" feature anyhow? What do you use it for?

You play for a bit and it will repeat what you played continuously, useful
^The only Boss pedals I have are the DD7 and the BD2...the BD2 is a bit of a let down because it seems to make my tone a bit too sharp, so I improved it greatly by purchasing an OCD. I don't have any problems with the DD7 though, and the hold feature is very useful
I quite like Interstellar Overdrive...and I think there's a nice bit at the end of Pow R Toc H, in fact if you skip the intro it's all quite good. Flaming is a brilliant song.

Off the topic of PATGOD, The Embryo Live is amazing
^Please do, I've been meaning to look into thinking about possibly getting that book maybe and I'd like to know if it'd be worth it. I got the soundtrack to Zabriskie Point and I think The Country Song is amazing, everyone should hear this song.

Good news everyone...I'm still going to see The Wall Live in May

(I know, but it's been slow here recently)
^There were standing tickets going for the Dublin show, but I know what you mean...
There was this wonderful thread we had here a while ago with a list of Blues Rock musicians and their recommended albums...can't seem to put my finger on what it was calle....oh wait Official Classic Rock Recommendation Thread

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Rory Gallagher - Loanshark Blues, In Your Town, Crest of A Wave, They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore

Great list, but this bit needs expanding...

Bullfrog Blues, Bought and Sold, Edged in Blue, Barley and Grape Rag...and those are just some I cannot leave unmentioned
It's official, I am now definitely going to see Roger and his performance of The Wall...cannot wait until May the 24th!
I'll be amazed if this stays open...but on topic Geddy Lee FTW!!!
^I think so, it's an extension of the Time Machine Tour
Rush are extending their Time Machine Tour to Europe...I have been waiting for this news all year
Does anyone else actually know of the existence of this song?

(I know, REM thread but I didn't feel like looking through the search list to revive a thread which would die again in a week...)
^Well, he is supposed to be playing Comfortably Numb once on Roger's tour...though I thought that'd more likely be on one of the London shows
More is an amazing album, but I do stop listening after Ibiza Bar. I'm sure the instrumentals aren't that bad, but I don't bother
^You want the classic rock reccommendation thread 1, it's got every conceivable genre of cl;assic rock along with reccommendations for each artist...check it out
^It's not too difficult, but getting the tuning right could cost you a few strings
^Understatement of the century...

I can't help but feel that it wont be as good as the 1980 shows were, but I still want to go
Only Pink Floyd Thread there's a reason why it's there
^No bands have exactly the same vibe to them as Floyd, but you might like some prog rock...Yes, King Crimson, Rush, that sort of thing
^Fourth Best...

I'm, feeling quite comfortable not knowing who this Drake person is
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Okay okay, so here's what just happened to me. I broke a D string the other day, so today I went and got a set of the Dean Markley vintage strings. I asked for 10s, but he gave me 9s by mistake. I didn't see any other strings for the same price in 10s, so I just took the 9s rather than being difficult. My strings weren't that old, but I decided to change them all. So I got them all on there and tuned it up, played a little bluesy lick... AND THE HIGH E STRING BROKE. I seriously played 1 full step bend on that string, which was perfectly in tune and it broke.

Considering what little amount of money I have, I'm not too stoked to be buying another set tomorrow. Especially since we won't be out near where I got those strings (which were $5), and the closer place charges $8.50 a set.

Gah. I'm done ranting, but I figured you guys would understand my rage.

You should go for super slinkys...with a 21 fret guitar i can play the really high bends on Money
Ah...that's ok, there I was thinking another existence awaited me elsewhere

You'd think after yet more successful orbits of the sun people would get less impressed...turns out the opposite is true