Judging from your title, I was expecting a BBE Green Screamer, but that thing is beautiful.
Well, I ended up getting a phase shifter for $40, and the normal retail price was $99. It sounded alright from the demo video, but I haven't gotten a chance to try it out myself quite yet.
Can anyone vouch for Akai's Analog Custom Shop pedals (exluding the Head Rush)? There are some Boxing Day deals on these and I'm wondering if they're worth picking up.
I'm not quite sure how to answer that.

What should I spend this extra $50 on?
Whoa, Gerbe looks like a freaking dwarf compared to Myers.
Goddamnit Mike Gillis. WTF?
Need some more friends to play with, preferably from Canada and the US (Pacific is probably best). Almost pounded my sofa into the floor from raging a few minutes ago.

Ikilledkenny; Ja22 Hands [Xbox]
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lol where i live, t shirts are $30+ and hoodies start out at around $40+ along with jeans. shoes run about $70+ for nice pairs. lol nothing cheap.

Dude, what kind of places sell t-shirts for 30 freaking dollars? Do you exclusively shop at designer stores or something? I do agree about the other clothes though. Those prices are pretty much the general range for Vancouver.

Cheddar and gruyere top my list, but I like most cheeses. American cheese is absolute shit though.
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What if it's a karaoke dinner party?

As long as there's no food in your mouth while you're singing.
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My mum believes that if you catch a bat and rub it on your legs and under your armpits you won't get any body hair there. She's filipino.

My elders said not to sing at the table when eating, not because it's rude, but it was bad luck or something. That bat thing though is just silly, though I'm not surprised.
I'm thinking about getting the Planet Waves capo (I saw it on sale), but I've noticed some other brands have separate models for electric and acoustic due to the tendency of fretboard radius differences. The site says that it fits most radiused guitars, so I'm hoping it'll work for both. My Strat is the standard 9.5", and I'm not sure of my acoustic, though it is flatter. Should I get it?
This is turning out to be a tragic year for the NHL. RIP Wade.
If you're into hiking, go up to Lynn Valley or Grouse Mountain and do the grind.
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death by snoo snoo!

This. Broken pelvises FTW!
There was this book series I used to read when I was younger. It was about a land of talking dinosaurs that a few humans knew about. I think the plots were pre-1940s/50s. That's all I can remember.

EDIT: Also, someone posted a short film here a few months ago. It was the day before the end of the world and this guy breaks up with his girlfriend. Then he meets a stranger and they start getting closer basically.
Celebrating my birthday. Maybe going to watch some fireworks later tonight.
Hey, so I've had this issue with my Strat that I've really just ignored since I got it, mostly because it's pretty insignificant. The low E buzzes only at the 9th fret. I'm guessing it's a saddle problem, but maybe I didn't adjust the bridge right when I changed the stock .09's to .10's. Any clue what's wrong?
So I brought out my acoustic after not touching for about a year. I've never changed the strings since I first got it (shameful, I know). I'm planning on going to get a new pack, but I'm not totally sure about the current string gauge. I'm guessing it's got .12's on since they are pretty thick.

Also, any brand recommendations? I usually stick to D'addarios on my Strat, but I'm open to any suggestions.

One more thing: how do phospor bronze and coated strings compared to plain ones? Thanks in advance.
...Diet butter?

Anyway, I found this on a food blog. Tried it twice. Not too bad either. Might be something for college students to try out.
Sparrow's from around Vancouver, Canada. IIRC, they are built in their factory in Asia and finished here in Canada. I see some floating around Craigslist every so often for pretty decent prices. From what I can tell, people generally like them, though they're probably not quite at the same level as USA Gibsons or MIJ Tokais. It's all personal preference though. Not sure if the build quality is any different betweent the Pro and Boss models, but if Kent Armstrongs aren't your thing, then get the Pro and switch them out for your choice.
Probably not up your alley, but Diana Krall and Michael Buble for some good vocal jazz/pop. There's also Sam Roberts, who may be more to your liking. K-os does mostly rap stuff, but he's got some indie tendencies.
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This is lies. He didn't do it tonight and I was disappoint.

+1. I'm guessing he's sick or something. Pretty cool that Elvis Costello is here though.

The team however, is too complacent. Daniel and Hank are goddamn invisible. Put Hodgson back in.
F**K YEAH!!! Goddamn, that was so close. Kudos to Crawford though, he was probably the best player on the ice.
Taking Psych. I missed a the only practice session for the multiple choice part today cause I was on a field trip and couldn't make it in time T-T. I'm terrible at the written stuff too, but at least I have some time to practice.
TBH I think it was stupid of Torres and I too am a 'Nucks fan. The guy just gets back from a 4-game suspension and pulls that shit? If he doesn't get suspended, he should be scratched at least one. Even if Seabrook put himself in a vulnerable position, Torres should have learned his lesson.
OMG want. I would possibly consider selling away my own Strat for this.
I pity Patrick Eaves so much right now... but damn this little gem is fucking hilarious!
Well, looks like Erhoff's happy with the win.

That's from the Canucks offical FB page btw, but I doubt the real account users put that there themselves cause it's gone now.
Wow, didn't even think of that. So, if I were to get a multi pedal, would it go through the effects loop or can I put directly in front like a distortion/overdrive?
I'm the band for my school's production of Little Shop of Horrors. What I need most is a flanger. The sheet music also mentions tremolo in two songs, and echo and wah in some others, but I'm not sure if the echo is worth getting. I do however, want to include the wah pedal. Also, I'm probably just going to rent these from Long and McQuade (or another store) for a few weeks. Any recommendations?
Is the Icarus track on the EP going to have the same version or a re-recorded one? I prefer Casey's version tbh. He sounds much better at the screaming/growling parts, but I'd also like to hear if Spencer has improved.
Looks like I'm going to have to find a way to sneak off to Abbotsford on a school night...
Gah, just saw Darryl Boyce's nose. That guy got fucked up