brettsanace its just annoying that the website worked so well, id visit it everyday but now im legit trying to find a better website to use if it isn't fixed. I know its sounding rant like but it's just irritating that I can use a key feature of the website and I don't know how to use the new feature, it would be nice if they just told us what the new number system meant in terms of the new systrem? like 4 bars filled means +4 speed or something. 
brettsanace it works fine on google chrome but not Firefox, so now i'm missing out on a feature due to my browser choice, great!!! 
brettsanace just tried that and i can't get it to work, maybe I'm just being stupid but I started the auto scroll, clicked the tab and then pressed the +/- buttons and still didn't work, tried pressing them with Alt, with Shift, with Control, nothing. 
The auto scroll change is so stupid, i hate it, i cant change it with my mouse and i use a laptop that doesn't have a number pad and my + and - buttons don't work with the feature so i have to go and grab a keyboard, plug it into my laptop just to adjust the speeds of the auto scroll, which i can't gauge the speed of anymore, I know its a first world problem but common, the website in my opinion was perfect the way it was. 
On my laptop I dont have a number pad so i cant adjust the speed that way so i had to plug in a secondary keyboard just to adjust the speed and now I have no idea of how to gauge how fast the auto scroll goes, the old system was so much better and less complicated. Can we just get an option to go back to the old format? I know i sound like an old man but this new format is confusing and the bar at the bottom just clutters the screen.